Weekly Photo Challenge – Friends

Over the years I had a few fur babies and constant companions, mostly four legged and mostly cat or dog, a few horses and birds thrown in, I also now have turtles. As far as friends go, personally I don’t think you can beat a dog…..faithful, loyal and unquestioning, unconditional ALWAYS by your side, and extremely emphatic; they just know when something is wrong or you are unwell. I know mine do, they become quiet and patient and just sit by your side (or on your lap). Cats on the other hand, some care (when it suits them) others don’t care about anything but themselves 🙂

These are our current bunch of Furbabies……Chloe the Small white Pomeranian X Maltese, is my Baby…each animal has their own Human, but I am Mum to all.


Oh and yes! Ted does have one green eye and one blue, for those who picked up on it.

Chloe is the Matriarch of the boys, and all were born within a eight month period, From June 2006 – Feb 2007; Buddy is the Baby. Each friend leaves an indelible mark on your heart, but these group have touched my heart in extra special ways.

What do you Friends mean to you? This week’s WPC

~ Julz

Early Evening Geraniums…

I decided to take the new Olympus Camera out for a spin in the gardens, it was early evening, twilight almost and the crickets were singing. Sitting in the back corner of the garden, enjoying a cuppa, I picked and placed some geraniums for the pop of colour. Of course my girl Chloe was there to keep me company.

I love Summer evenings and wish they would never end. So the camera performed adequately in low light, hand held on F/2.0 aperture. I think I am starting to get the hang of it…..still very different from my big Nikon DSLR, and the images are a little grainy. I certainly would not use it for a Wedding or Newborn shoot, but I think for things like still life and holiday snaps it is actually quite good.

I hope you have an amazing weekend…

~ Julz

Furbaby Friday…

Well it has been awhile and I thought I would give an update. All Fur Babies are good, buddyBuddy is several months post op from his ruptured ACL and he is doing really well, the surgeon is super pleased and so are we. It was an ordeal to go through (for all of us) but now that we are on the other side we are so glad he had the surgery. He has a small limp, which may resolve in time, but he is pain free and such a happy boy again. Now to just keep him off the furniture, as he is not allowed to climb or jump on and off things anymore (I don’t think he got the memo!) He can now walk up to 30 minutes at a time before he tires out; we still need to build up the muscle mass he lost from not being allowed to walk for 5 weeks.


Chloe has finally figure out she is no longer a pup, and she is slowly started to slow down. Her eyes are still bothering her at times and she startles easily and then gets snappy, but they said there is nothing that can be done; it’s not like cataracts or anything. Eventually she may or may not go blind and we will deal with that when it happens. While she is still happy and healthy, we just deal with her ‘grumpy’ moods and warn people not to grab at her.

real life-1-4

Zorro has been banned from playing in the backyard as he finally discovered a way to escape and we have a 24 hour cat curfew, besides I am terrified he will get on the road……don’t like to think about that!But he is still trim and healthy, but not very happy; no food and no outside makes for a very grumpy black cat. I need to get Hubby to fix that part of the fence to stop him roaming and then both cats can enjoy the outside again……hopefully before Winter.


Teddy has his good days and bad days, he has never enjoyed the good health that the other three had, a rescue cat with health issues; is going to need special care, we knew it and love him anyway. He has a huge heart and a huge attitude; but sometimes we just have to leave him be when he is having a bad day. He often struggles to keep food down, and the arthritis in his spine, hips and tail make getting around difficult some days, but not others. We have looked at getting his tail amputated but after Buddy’s surgery it’s not a path I am going to undertake lightly and only has a last resort. When his bad days start overtaking his good days we may need to make a difficult decision, but for now he is mostly happy.

All my babies are over 10 years old and while they all have lot of good life ahead of them, I see them starting to slow down and worry that their best years are behind them. As much as I love having animals, this will be the hardest bunch to deal with yet and having all of them the same age will probably make it even harder.

The turtles on the other hand will outlive both of us! Sheldon is huge (nearly 20cm from nose to tail) and needs both hands to hold him now and he is only 2! Crush, while he was stressed and being eaten and bullied by Sheldon was so small and often sick and we were in danger of losing him……..now he is in his own tank is rapidly gaining weight and has doubled his size (approx 15cm) over the last few months, still a little way to catch Sheldon, but he is getting there. He is also not as timid and is becoming more curious again. We got them new feeding tanks a little while again, so no more escapes, well at least for the moment. Sheldon sulks that he has no one to bully apart from his fish, which he chases occasionally but never seems to catch. When we consider they were barely 3cm when we got them 2 years ago. Read about when we first got them and see photos here


Sheldon (the orange blur is a fish)

That’s it, we still have all the fish inside and out, as well as the varied wildlife that call our gardens home, and while I love to watch them, I am not so attached.

~ Julz


Furbaby Friday…

Wow had has been a tumultuous couple of weeks with my Fur Babies, where to start, perhaps with the dogs;

real life-1-3


real life-1-2


My Eldest daughter is currently in the US on holiday and they are both sulking and missing her terribly, she is their second Mum. Buddy has been responding really well to a new (miracle) drug Cartrophen for his arthritis, he has gone from a cripple to climbing onto table tops like a naughty puppy. They tell me it doesn’t work for every animal (we put our cat Teddy on it and did not work as well), but Buddy is the poster child. Except on the way home from his latest vert check he launched out of the back of the SUV and now has hurt his back/ back leg…….I am watching him some times he is fine and other times not; but he is known for really hamming things up to get more attention and with my daughter away he is after LOTS more attention. Chloe’s eyes are gradually getting a little worse as she gets a little older, nothing can be done, but she is mostly happy; just startles easily.

real life-1-4


Wow, Zorro is at his sleekest he has ever been and back to sneaking out of the house and property when the chance is taken. Still a big sook, but standing up for himself these days. That includes beaten up on the other cat and dogs. Often he gets a timeout and is locked up in the laundry. We use a cat pheromone spray to help keep him calm; works well.

Real Life-1-5

Ted E Bear

Teddy was born with a busted up tail which never healed properly, by the time we rescued him there was not much we could do, either amputate or leave it and see what happens; we took the latter. What happened was arthritis….we tried the Cartrophen drug, but he has bad side effects and it puts him off his food, also it is not helping as much as we would like. He is in pain as his tail will not bend and it is difficult to sit down and even use the kitty litter. So an extended visit with the vet, we have had a blood test taken to check his liver and kidneys are all OK to do an anaesthetic for X-rays. Found elevated kidney proteins, needed a urine sample! A urine sample from a cat, seriously…………..oh my 22 hours that cat held on while locked in a laundry with an empty litter tray and a bowl of water, just to entice him to ‘go’. Urine sample showed evidence of infection. So a course of antibiotics is required, only one thing worse than giving a cat tablets, is giving a cat tablets that hates you for locking him in the laundry for 22 hours so you could collect a urine sample with NO cat litter………….so we opted for a more expensive injection, still had to catch him and take him the the vet for his shot. We still need another urine sample in 2 weeks and we still have not even done the X-rays yet! If it was not so expensive and painful, it would be hilarious.

Next is the turtles……..Sheldon is big and strong and weighs 178 grams and is 15cm in diameter and you need two hands to hold him, considering he was no bigger than a 50 cent piece when we bought them home; Sheldon is thriving.Crush unfortunately is not doing so well, a month or so ago he cut his leg, turtles are cold blooded so they do not fight infection as well as normal pets, so oral antibiotics and antiseptic baths. Only thing harder than giving a cat tablets, is giving a baby turtles drops! My Children thought it was hilarious, it was a nightly battle that took two people. Honestly he is half the size of Sheldon and ALL Attitude (aarrgghh!) All cleared up after a few weeks. Then he started getting funny marks on his back feet, it looked like something was chewing his feet……..after a few vet visits and more drops and more anti fungal creams and baths, we discovered the root of the problem – Sheldon was eating him! OH MY GOD! Seriously?  Apparently turtles get cannibalistic tendencies when they think they are threatened or don’t have enough space. So now they both have their own tank, Crush who was not eating and was losing weight, was so stressed out and in so much pain, poor little bugger, but now in his own big boy tank he will hopefully thrive like Sheldon is doing. Even after a few days in his new tank he is again eating and seems so much happier and his feet are healing; he will probably never be whole, but with us looking after him and keeping him away from Sheldon, he will hopefully now live a long happy life.


So that has been my very expensive, tortuous and stressful couple of weeks, thank goodness I have my art and photography, otherwise I would be freaking out.

~ Julz


Furbaby Friday…

I was going through some old photos and found this one of Teddy (aka Ted E Bear), oh my it’s almost luminous; just had to share (original photo had a slight orton Effect added to it maybe 30-40%).


I used to take so many photos of the animals, and then they got sick of me and hide when I grab the camera. So I moved onto other subjects!

Here’s hoping you have a brilliant weekend and happy snapping…

~ Julz


Furbaby Friday

It’s been such a long time since I featured my Fur Kids……..we were enjoying the Autumn sunshine, late one afternoon after work; my ME TIME, I had my camera and the kids were enjoying the Autumn sunshine as well, and the company. None of them really posed as such, they are all relaxed natural positions. The late afternoon light is just gorgeous in my spot.

Here’s to a great weekend my friends, til next time, happy snapping…


Cees Black and White Photo Challenge – Pets

Cee’s B&W Challenge this week is Pets, I have a menagerie full; cats, dogs, turtles, fish, 2 children and a husband! But I thought this week I would just cover off my Furbabies………..besides it’s been awhile since I featured them.

So here are my Furbabies from left to right Chloe, Zorro (Top), Buddy (bottom) and Ted.E.Bear

Til Next time, everyone give their pets an extra hug (just coz it feels good!) and happy snapping………..




This is our boy Buddy, cute isn’t he, he is also huge for a Cavvy and has a strange kind of whine/bark…………..but we love him



This is Obi, we met him recently on one of our adventures, same size, same shape, same whine/bark………..doppelgänger or relation? I had to make sure Buddy hadn’t escaped, it was really very strange.



Furbabies and their distant relations (or maybe not so distant?)

Til next time, happy snapping……..


Furbaby Friday – The Many Faces of Chloe

It’s been quite a while since I did a furbaby post………..they are all happy, healthy and taking life casually (as well fed, spoilt home animals often do), the turtles Sheldon and Crush are growing so much, they have already outgrown their hatchling feeding tank (you don’t want to feed turtles in the everyday tank, they make so much mess when they eat, we put them in a feeding tank – they need water to eat their food).

I found these pictures of Miss Chloe (My Number 1 Furbaby – just ask her) from the last few years, and even looking back on them I notice just how old she is getting, not that 9 is THAT old, but it does remind me she is no longer a young pup with her whole life ahead of her. She is not quite as quick, or nimble and is getting grumpy, she is also starting to loose a little of her eyesight; they think she may eventually go blind 😦

So here are a few in her glory days, excuse me I think it’s time for another cuddle……..