Share Your World – 30th May, 2017

What is the most famous landmark or building you have ever seen? Tricky…how famous? I’ve been to Ayers Rock (Uluru) twice, I have seen the real Eiffel Tower, Coliseum, Pantheon, Leaning Tower of Pisa, London Bridge and heaps of stuff in UK and Europe (when I was a kid), I have seen Flinders Street Station loads of times, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Great Ocean Road……I’m not sure which is more famous?

Do you like long vacation or lots of mini-vacations? Both, love longer ones, but they cost more money so I don’t get them very often, but the shorter ones are great and of late we have been doing lots of them, just this year I have had a few mini vacations already 🙂

What is your favorite National or State Park? I don’t really have one, National Parks in Australia seem to be a little different from other countries, they don’t actually seem to like to get people to visit, sounds strange I know but one way to keep a park pristine is to keep everyone out! I do visit the Mornington Peninsula National Park a lot, so I guess that would be one and I loved Mungo Park.


What is your fantasy vacation? A Caribbean Cruise. My daughter had an assignment at school to design a holiday with a huge budget, so we planned this really cool holiday to USA Miami, Disney World and then this Caribbean Cruise that stopped at all the islands, I always thought it looked amazing, I would love to stay at Atlantis Resort………looks so cool,

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

Actually last week I am very grateful for my Hubby and my Friends, who kept me sane during a trying week, nothing major just a lot of little annoyance which could have kept me side tracked. I did have a lot of good things happen as well. I had a few pieces m=nominated and winning awards on various Facebook Art Groups, so that is always nice, I got banner pic twice on Foto Arte II.

I had a fantastic Workshop on Sunday the first of many for this year, and hopefully they will all be just as good. I did have one mishap, just after everybody left I was cleaning up and putting everything on this one table, I must have overloaded it and one end collapsed and dumped everything on the floor……….fruit and broken glass and knifes all thrown around………….fortunately my camera was not on there too, something else to be grateful for.

I have some very big plans for workshops this year and I am finally getting some specifics nailed down, so that is VERY exciting. I have another new model coming this weekend, I hope it ends better than the last one. Who BTW was back on that same website asking for work? Never has answered my question of why she never turned up? Go figure some people are so RUDE!

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz

Victorian Lighthouses – Cape Liptrap

In 2015 and 2016 I embarked on a voyage of learning and adventure by following the Victorian Coast looking for both Lighthouses and shipwrecks and have written many a post. We have been from Wonthaggi all the way to the South Australian border (and beyond). Victoria’s coastline is often rugged and exceptionally beautiful, the fertile soil and hidden gems (gold and precious metals) made these journeys into such dangerous territory, high sea adventure in the extreme during the 1700, 1800 and 1900s. So many vessels and souls lost on that rocky coastline.

This year we picked up that trail again, this time on the South Eastern coastline, as we travelled to Inverloch. We visited the Cape Liptrap Lighthouse.


Cape Liptrap stands upon a rocky cliff top, on a solitary part of the South Gippsland coastline, warning ships of the rocks in treacherous Bass Strait.

LOCATION: Latitude 38° 54′ 5″ S, Longitude 145° 55′ 4″ E (Map)
OPERATOR: Australian Maritime Safety Authority
CHARACTER: Flashing 3 every 15 seconds
INTENSITY: 40,000 Candelas
ELEVATION: 93.6 Metres
RANGE: 18 Nautical Mile
HEIGHT: 9.75 Metres

~ Lighthouses of Victoria

The first Cape Liptrap lighthouse was established in 1913. It was a 2.1 metre steel tower with an acetylene light. As a keeper was never stationed at Cape Liptrap, it is really the first automatic Commonwealth funded light to be put into service. The current lighthouse was built in 1951 in cast concrete, and is octagonal in shape. It was converted to mains power in 1970.

True it is not the prettiest Lighthouse we have seen, but the area surrounding it is stunning and on a clear day you can see for miles. It is also one with a great view of just how rocky and dangerous the shores can be and that vessels coming too close at great risk.

We only have a few left lighthouses left to see along the Victorian Coastline, this time we need to be travelling up towards the NSW border, hopefully we can get them all done one day. Perhaps another week meandering the coast, like we did last time.

~ Julz

Our Coastal Adventure – Inverloch, Day 2

My Post title probably should read Walkverille, we spent so much time here; such a beautiful place. So we rose at 5am and drove back to Warratah Bay, I was so taken with this spot, I knew I wanted to shoot a sunrise there and this day may be my only chance on this trip. So we drove in the quiet, calm of pre-dawn and found ourselves on the beach with a few early fishermen, taking their boats out.


The water was almost at High Tide, and I used my stick from my sunset shoot


Sunset from last evening

It wasn’t the worlds most amazing sunrise, but I felt calm and energised, these photos cannot convey just how stunning this spot is.

We headed over to the Bird Rock track (the promontory on the right on the images) and climbed down to visit this side of the bay – OMG! What a goat track, so steep and so difficult. We couldn’t access too much at High Tide…….looks like we need another visit.

The weather was closing in on us a little bit, so we thought we would head inland; we visited Toora, Fish Creek and Foster and then out to Agnes Falls. Agnes Falls are reportedly Victoria’s Highest Falls; whether by actual height or altitude I am not sure. It is a 200m walk from the car park, but again quite steep and my legs really sore from yesterday and this morning’s visit to Bird Rock. Of course by the time we made it to the falls the sun came out and made shooting difficult. I was also having focus issues and some of my long exposure shots did not work 😦

Due to the trees and position of the safety rail, we could not see (nor get down) to the bottom of the falls, a little disappointing, but such a pretty spot. We then headed back off toward Inverloch and stopped at Toora for a lovely breakfast and met my new friend Wilbur the travelling Wombat. The idea is to take photos of Wilbur all over the pace and use the hashtag #Visitpromcountry, I use #Wilbur as well. I might need to set up his own IG Account?

By now the tide was almost out at Warratah Bay…… off we went again! Did I mention we were really taken with this spot? 🙂 We still had not explore the Lime Kiln remnants on the beach.

P.S. I just received a message from the Visit the Prom people that my image of Wilbur at Eagles Nest won their April competition and they are sending me a prize! Cool.

Fascinating, we then walked pretty much from one side of the bay back around to Bird Rock again along the beach at low tide (there was no way known in hell I was climbing back up that Bird Rock track again!).

We spent a lovely afternoon pottering around the beach and rock pools, we watched a guy bog not only his 4WD, but his boat trailer as well, that was at least an hour of entertainment right there, various other 4WD attempted to drag him out, he got out the 4WD at one point and then went back again for the trailer and bogged himself again!

We finally gave up and left, I assume he got out eventually 🙂 . We drove back to the motel and had a rest and shower before an early dinner, which was a very ordinary pizza 😦 and then, because it had been such a long day, a very early night….aka passed out while watching TV!

~ Julz

Read all about Day 1 here




Our Coastal Adventure – Inverloch, Day 1

It felt like we had barely been home from our Outback Adventure and we are off again. We left Melbourne in pleasant sunshine as we headed off down toward Gippsland and the Surf Coast; not so far to travel this time, only about one hour from home. Once we arrived in Inverloch we headed into Main Street for a wander; a fairly decent sized and busy little seaside town. First stop was the Information Desk (we usually have an Information Booth/ Visitor Desk in most towns across Victoria, great for tourists) for some local maps and info from the very helpful guides there, then lunch at Paul the Pieman, wonderful sausage roll and coffee; they even made Gluten Free bacon and eggs for Moth (no toast, lol). Our first port of call was Eagles Nest in between Inverloch and Cape Paterson and spent a few hours there at low tide. This spot has been on my local bucket list for some time, and it was wonderful, however even at low tide, was treacherous to walk out too (I’m a clutz, remember), no incidents today, but no long exposure shots either, the thought of walking up all those steps just to get the tripod? No Thanks. Actually everything along here is lots of steps and steep tracks. We then headed to Cape Paterson and checked out the surf beach, lots of lovely rock pools to explore. We started to scout out the lay of the land; stopping at The Oaks, Twin Reefs and Shack Bay….all quite pretty and all with LOTS of stairs to climb down to get to the beach, so as much as my camera may have wished to visit, my knees and hips did not. Shack Bay did have lovely views of Eagles Nest in the distance. We also climbed down for The Caves, but the tide was turning and you really need the low tide to visit, so we took a few pictures and vowed to come back at low tide (although we never did). The Caves also had much easier access to the beach, but still plenty of stairs; I was going to regret all those stairs in the coming days. We found this cool little marsupial mouse like creature, they were everywhere called Antechinus, resembling a mouse or shrew.

We then left this area and decided to check out our Hotel, a gorgeous little Boutique Hotel and so luxurious. Headed back into town for a late lunch at Inlet Pizza and Fish and Chips….lovely chips and gravy. We then headed out to Tarwin Lower to visit Cape Liptrap. This area is stunning and we spent a lot of time here over our short visit. First stop the Cape Liptrap Light House; yes folks I found another Light House! We arrived as the sun was just starting to get low, and the glow from the lighthouse was lovely. True, it’s not the prettiest lighthouse we have seen; but such a lovely spot and easy access with a short 500m (approx) walk on flat gravel track from the car park, heaven!

We saw a sign that mentioned Lime Kilns at Walkerville, the lady at the Information Desk mentioned we might like Walkerville for photography too; so that was our next stop. We ended up at a secluded little cove called Warratah Bay; what a slice of heaven – stunning. I decided to stop here and do some long exposure shots on the beach as the sun got even lower and then a reverse sunset (sunset was behind me) but the light and colour reflected in the clouds was gorgeous. So still, calm and pretty, we needed a low tide to explore more; we would be back.

We then headed back to the room at dusk, we only saw one black wallaby and a few wombats and foxes that had been hit by cars, but not much other wildlife. We grabbed a coffee and changed and then headed back out for dinner, at the Invy Espy Pub; amazing food but a very long 1.5 hour wait for our food, this place was busy! Eventually walked back to the rooms for an early night………we planned to be up early for sunrise back at Warratah Bay! But more on that next post.

~ Julz

Monday’s Musings…

I am writing this from our hotel in Inverloch, grabbing a quick rest after a very long day. We were up at 5am to shoot sunrise back at Warratah Bay….paradise. We acually visited this spot 3 times in 4 days.

We have been visting this little stretch of coastline for three days and still two days to go. I hope the weather holds out. 

I am exhausted and sore, so many stairs, everywhere we go. Steep slopes and stairs 😣 my legs are so sore. But what an amazing area. Will post more soon. 

Until next time…happy snapping


Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth

With Earth day coming up on April 22, our theme for this week’s WPC is Earth. I have just spent eight days in the Australian Outback, where I had no signal, nor internet for at least three of those days and more often than not; little to none on the rest of those days. I can’t say I went without any tech; I had my car, my camera and my tunes…but I did spend a week getting back to nature.


Day Dream Mine

Autumn is a magical time of the year in the Outback, days are wonderful and the nights not too cold, tru Spring often has wild flowers, but there is something about this time of year…..the light: the sunrises, sunsets and the evening sky – all magic

~ Julz

Our Outback Adventure, Day 5

Broken Hill – Silverton – Mundi Mundi Plains, 24 kms

We allowed ourselves the luxury of a sleep in this morning, as we had a free morning to ourselves, we did however miss a fabulous sunrise. We went to Bells Cafe for morning tea, it’s a retro 1960s cafe filled to the brim with retro goodies and decor. I got a lactose free Cherry Ripe Milkshake……yummo!

We then headed back out to the Line of the Load memorial for some more photos.

Next was the Royal Flying Doctor Service, a vital medical service which covers a majority of outback Australia, for which without, there would be no clinics or emergency services.  We did a tour of the facilities and had everything explained from changes in the last few decades due to technology and how operations work. We even saw the hangar where they house the air-planes.

We then wandered around Town for a bit, looking at some of the historic buildings, had some lunch at Thyme Cafe (delicious) and then met the others to head off to Day Dream Mine. Some ventured on the underground mine tour, I had read it was quite rigorous so I stayed above ground.  There is the remains of the old township and smelter, but it is quite dangerous and had to stay on the dirt road….the ground still has many open mine shafts which you could fall into, as well as some of the slag heaps still contain cyanide, arsenic and lead and disturbing them is ill-advised! The ones who did the mine tour all complained how stiff & sore they were from the cramped and difficult conditions they endured down there, for days! So glad I stayed up top. On and no I did not try the fresh scones 🙂

After carefully exploring the area we headed off again to Silverton. This area was used to shoot several Mad Max films, although they had to shoot the last one in Mongolia or something as the area broke out in a sudden case of Spring after some rains and wild flowers dotted the landscape………so very un Mad Max lol.

We wandered around this now ghost town, but as we arrived quite late we could not visit the many galleries dotted around the small town, nor the Mad Max Museum. We did photograph many of the abandoned houses and buildings, we met donkeys and horses, goats and some kangaroos. We then drove out to Mundi Mundi Plains for the most stunning sunset overlooking what could have been the edge of the world. So flat and barren and untamed, not a soul in sight except for ourselves.

We drove back (carefully dodging kangaroos, horses and donkeys) back to Silverton Pub for a lovely dinner, with loads of stories and laughs.

After dinner we went back out to one of the abandoned houses for some light painting in the ruins. No flaming steel wool tonight, too dangerous. True there is not alot left to burn down, but I am sure any damage would not be appreciated.

Some of us were so tired and still had the drive back to Broken Hill in the dark, so we didn’t play all night, even if I wanted to, I had some new ideas I had wanted to try. Oh well, can’t be greedy! Eventually made it back to the hotel safe and sound and that is where I will leave day 5…

~ Julz

Day 4 | Day 6

Our Outback Adventure, Day 1

We rose early, packed the car and headed off on the start of our Outback Adventure, we were not meeting the others in the group for two days, but we had decided to slowly make our way to the meeting point and stop off throughout Gold Country on our way up; making our trip a 9 day adventure.

Our first stop was Macedon, as there are several lovely gardens to visit as well as Hanging Rock, it is only about one hour from Melbourne. I didn’t realise it was also ‘Run the Rock’ marathon weekend and the whole area was packed, making parking and photography quite difficult. Also the leaves have not started to turn colour as yet… we thought we may come back in a few weeks, it is only an hour or so from Melbourne. Our next stop was Woodend and it was Market Day, a rather large event as it turns out……the town was so packed we could not move here either; our week was not off to a great start! We had no real plans, so it was not a major issue and we continued onto to Mount Macedon. This is snow country and the day we visited was 7C and the wind blowing fiercely making it seem even colder. We visited the Memorial Cross at the summit, this imposing structure stands 21 metres high and commemorates all those who served in wars. We also wandered the gardens, grabbed a hot coffee and then continued on our way.

There were a few old wheat Mills and old Farm yards to visit between Kyneton and Carlsruhe and we got very lucky that Windmill Farm; which is a private property and  was having an open day, due to it being sold. This Farm has used in a few films and can usually only be seen from the road. I got cheeky and asked if we could take photos, the real estate agents thought it was OK… we did! We also shot around the old bridge, such a fabulous area.

We then went looking for old viaducts and train bridges around the Taradale and Malmsbury area. We found an abandoned house in Malmsbury which was a delight to shoot, opposite the Juvenile Detention Centre.

Eventually as the sun was getting low, we headed off to Maldon, where we had booked a B&B for the night. After check in we headed into the town (or what is left of it) for a lovely dinner at the Spotted Cow Restaurant.

After dinner we drove out to Mount Tarrengower Tower to see if it was open and a good spot for Sunrise. We dodged kangaroos all the way up and down the mountain, it was quite scary in spots. Eventually made our way back to the B&B for bed……we planned an early morning.

I will leave Day 1 here and continue Day 2 in another post.


Day 2


Monday’s Musings

Hi Everyone……..I’m back. Firstly, let me start by saying I am sorry I have missed everything that you wrote and every picture you posted. I started trying to read everything I missed while I was away……but it is just too hard. So just assume I loved everything, as I follow you for a reason 🙂 Same goes with Social Media……so many messages and comments I will try to get through them all, but most of the week was spent without any internet at all, so this week I will catch up where I can, and just let the rest fall by the wayside. If there is anything important, send me a new message.

So………we are back from our Outback Adventure; 2,490kms from Melbourne to Silverton and back. 16 Intredpid travellers, eight vehicles and one caravan. We picked up some part way through and lost others along the way……no one hurt or anything; just car problems or people just not continuing on. I have done these roads before as a child and tweenager, but most I can barely remember.

April is the perfect time to go, the rains from up North (currently QLD and Northern NSW are completely flooded) have not arrived, the days are much cooler (average 25C) and the nights not too cold (avg 12-15C). The roads are all open and they are in good condition. September is also a great time to visit the Outback, for similar reasons, although the rains have been and some roads may still be closed. In fact one year (many years ago) we did a similar trip, we were stuck in Broken Hill due to roads were all closed and flooded.

Outback Group Shot

Group shot taken in Broken Hill – 2 people missing

Apart from the caravan jack-knifing and damaging itself and the car, there were no other issues and the trip mostly went smoothly. The car and caravan met us and stayed in Broken Hill, they slowly limped back down to Mildura, however towing a caravan, this couple knew they could not keep up with the faster 4WD and cars in the rough terrain (some of the cars had to take things slowly as well), so this was always their plan. Some roads were great, but many were just dirt tracks


We saw many sunrises and sunsets, most very fabulous, some were average. We had a crescent moon, to start the week, so not much good for Astro Photography. We did see, but not capture shooting stars in Silverton.

So these images are just a tiny sample of some of the spots we visited; Maldon, Mildura, Broken Hill, Silverton, Mungo, Swan Hill and more. The images have not even been processed and we have already started discussing our trip for 2018, as this was such a huge success.

We came home a day early, hoping to beat a big storm front hitting Melbourne, but only just made it in time. Spent yesterday emptying the car, food shopping, laundry and just getting stuff organised. Back to work today, before a break for Easter. Hopefully I can get through a few photos before then. I will break the posts down for this trip day by day.

Til then, I hope you all have a fantastic week…