Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – After

Hugh’s weekly challenge this week is After, I adored his double rainbow, from After the rain……..very cool. And it got me thinking, of course there is the fairy-tale happily ever after….but what else, well after it snows you build a snowman, right? And then I thought about the before and after from some recent renovations.


Happily ever After


After the snow


Before Renovations


After Renovations

We love this new back deck, especially on balmy summer evenings, shame it’s currently Winter 😦

Til next time, happy snapping…


Hugh’s Weekly Photos Challenge – Glorious

This week Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge, asks us for our interpretation of Glorious; should be interesting as everyone surely sees things in a different way when they think of this word and what it means to them.

I like Hugh’s vision with sunshine, water and boats, especially the water. I love a grand sweeping vistas as well, a few dramatic clouds is always good too. And who doesn’t love an amazing sunset? Now THAT is Glorious to me.

I love her jewel-sea

12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road


Port Nepean from the Narrows


Sunset at Blairgowrie Back Beach

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…



Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Vintage

This week’s challenge is something vintage, I like vintage, I have a collection of old vintage things from various Antique and /or Junk shops, plus stuff found when cleaning out Nan’s Apartment, things I have inherited.  I really enjoy using them in my still life images.


Replica (probably) Antique large keys, old apple crate and reproduction Windmill Blade


Same Keys, plus very old Cobblers shoe rack


This Royal Doulton Cup and Saucer belonged to my Grandmother (Nan)


These books are my mother’s from when she was a child

Great challenge this week, til next time, happy snapping…


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Distance

It was so lovely to be featured on Hugh’s wall this week, as well as some other terrific posts. This week’s Theme is Distance.I have been taking some many mid and macro shots lately, I have to go on the hunt for these……but not too far (get it, distance lol)

The first image is the bridge over the Lake at Bonnie Doon (in the distance), this whole area is a lake……..drought affected rural Victoria (AUS) at it’s Worst.


My Hubby (AKA Moth) modelling in a giants birds nest (why? Because I told him too!) at Warburton Giant Redwood Forest, VIC.DSC_5984

Looking across the Valley (in the distance)from Mount Donna Buang, VIC


Til next time, have a great week, safe travels and happy snapping…


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Music

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week is Music, sadly my entire family is pretty much tone death and no one plays a musical instrument, neither do any of our friends….we are all creative in other ways. So no wonderful musical instruments for you today, instead a slightly different take on the theme.

AC/DC Lane in Melbourne, named of course after the legendary rock band AC/DC, full of really cool music related graffiti and street art (well mostly)


A miniature advertising sign (replica) for Victor “His Master’s Voice” appearing on a wonderful train set. Cloude Hill Gardens

And of course what is dance without music? This is Megan who is such a wonderful and gracious dancer, I took liberties with making this image a little more abstract.Megan_4

Til next time, happy snapping…


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Hats

Hugh’s weekly photo challenge this week focus on hats. Personally I’m not a big hat person, I don’t own that many, apart from wollen hats to keep my ears from freezing off. I am a fan however, of using hats with some of my photography subjects, especially my Mask Series.

And then there are these guys, just for fun, they are all wearing hats.


Til next time, happy snapping…


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Season

According to Hugh’s post this week, has Hugh been abducted by Aliens and Ronovan stepped in, excuse my ignorance not sure who or what Ronovan is? Anyway Ronovan has set a theme for this week’s challenge: Season. So what is it a season for?

Well I live in Melbourne, Australia…that means Australian Rules Football season. Let me start by saying I am not a fan; in Melbourne it is probably sacrilegious to admit that, but it’s true. Also I have no photos!

But it is Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, so that means the leaves are turning reds and golds and starting to fall, it is also mushroom season! Not a huge fan of eating mushrooms, nor picking them, but love to photograph them!

William Ricketts-Park-7-2Park-5-2


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Group

This week’s challenge on Hugh’s WPC is Group, and my mind was immediately drawn to these pictures. They were all requests for a wedding I did last, I was so thrilled when they asked if the first two could be done and really happy with the finished products, we did so many run throughs I did two different version, I love the King Kong one.


Remember, don’t take life too seriously……… never get out alive anyway!


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

I made the cut and was featured on Hugh’s Weekly Photo challenge, showcase. Actually there are some fabulous images listed there, go check them out.

This week’s theme is Fresh, when I hear Fresh I think of fresh baked cookies, fresh fruit; especially summer berries, and of course fresh flower; I love lotus blossoms.

Milk and Cookies-1DSC_5511-EditDSC_3082DSC_3073

What does fresh mean to you?