Kat got Your Tongue – Sleep

Kat got your tongue, Sleep Challenge, I have been strolling down memory lane lately, going through a gazillion old photos and scanning them into the computer, quite the challenge I can tell you. But back to the challenge.

Let sleeping Dogs (or babies) lie…………….I remember the days, when you would just get an infant off the sleep, precious sleep, you would do anything not to wake that child for a few hours of peace. Time to have a shower, get dressed, quietly do some housework, or just to sit and have a coffee!

Sleep was a blessing. We love our children, but sometimes Parents need a time out too! PS the babe in this photo is now in her 20’s and didn’t seem to grow up with any major flaws, thanks to my parenting skills………….lets face it none of them come with an instruction manual. It could have gone either way! IMG_0001

Love you baby girl ‘K’.

– Julz

Kat Got Your Tongue- Focus

Kat Got Your Tongue- Focus

Focus, Focus?????????????? Are you kidding my mind is on 100 different things at once, the eternal turmoil of the creative! Pick up one thing and then get distracted by something else, physically and /or psychologically.

But when I have to focus, I mean really focus I try this;

Go outside, or somewhere quiet (I don’t mean go for a long walk or drive, just somewhere close), take 3 deep breaths and in my head work out what really needs my attention, then make a quick mental list of a few things associated with it.

For Instance; who is it for? Is there a deadline? Is there anything I need before I can start? etc etc.

Also handy are lists………….I tend to write things down that I need and the prioritize them. Get the big jobs out of the way, then the smaller ones don’t seem so hard. Or if i have limited time i might do 2-3 smaller jobs, depending on their urgency.

People tell me I am so organised it makes them think i’m a little obsessive, but if they knew what was going on in my mind they might begin to understand the notes, lists and messages I leave for myself!!

– Julz


Kat Got Your Tongue Challenge- Theme Song

11/3/14 Prompt- “What would the theme song to your life be?”

One theme song, just one? Oh so difficult, it changes day to day;

  • Fragile – Sting
  • Hey Jude – The Beatles
  • Beam Me Up – Pink
  • Teenagers Scare the Shit out of Me – My Chemical Romance
  • Uprising – Muse
  • Thanks for the memories – Fallout Boy
  • Don’t Let the Sun go Down on Me – Elton John

My life has had so many twists and turns and so many ups and downs, but most of the time it is really very hum drum boring!! Most of the songs listed about have had special meaning to me on a very personal level, but I wish my theme song was;



Let’s get the party started or So What? both by Pink!

– Julz