Creating a Photo Series

With my Victorian Shipwrecks and Lighthouses series coming to an end, I have been wanting to create a photo series, or project – just for fun, just for me; on a single idea or theme; but was not sure where to start. I guess you start at the beginning and write down a list of things that interest you; even the most boring subject could be made into a fun photo series, project or essay. I once did a photo essay on our new bathroom, honestly on the surface not very exciting but hopefully the way I shot them made it more artistic and interesting.

Then I started looking around on the web, there are some truly amazing photo series out there for inspiration;

But you don’t have to go this far, or this extreme; simple household items are probably the easiest to start with. I have an affinity for art, paintings in general, I really like Monet, Degas, Renoir; I love impressionist and of course the Masters. They often started with the basics so I thought I would too; fruit and flowers. A simple study of light, shadow, shape and form. This project is to be artistic, but fun and a learning challenge for myself.

I came up with three general ideas, and then worked out a mud map of sorts for how I wanted each to look and feel. I plan for each to be only one month long to start with, but as I fine tune things I will extend on some, and drop others; perhaps I will extend all three. But there is no real sense of urgency on this. Perhaps I should concentrate on one idea at a time? Have you ever started a Photographic Project like this? I know of some other friends who are working on the Alphabet, A is for Abandon, B is for Broken etc…… is quite moody and dramatic. But so far the pictures are excellent.

DSC_4093The Flower Series

I want to try colour, B&W, Toned & Analog shoots and edits. Predominantly using only 50mm lens for clarity. I want to shoot from different angles, low, high, level, side on and up close. I want to shoot at different times of the day, different lighting elements. I want to shoot real and possibly even painted flowers (like the painted flowers on this porcelain teacup that belonged to my Grandmother), and to cover the lifespan of the real flowers as well; fresh is beautiful, true, but wilted and dying can create such intense imagery and story. So each week I will get a bunch of fresh flowers and set up a shoot and try and leave it there for a whole week without moving it. That can be a challenge too.

DSC_4115-EditThe Fruit Series

Pretty much the same as the Flower Series, but with fruit, however I don’t think I want to get into wilted, moldy fruit, granted it could net interesting photos, but it’s the smell I’m worried about (and the flies and maggots – eewww). I have been inspired by still life paintings by such artists as ; Paul Cezanne, Francisco de Zurbaran, Vincent van Gogh.


DSC_3518The Mask Series

I have already started this series, on the masks we use to hide behind, it is a narrative idea I have shot as an introspection of life in general through imagery. Physical masks worn and by themselves, as beautiful and mysterious; what are they hiding? Even though I have already started on this one, I need need to grab a few more masks. I am predominantly using mardi gras/ burlesque style masks. I also want to shoot at different angles, colour, B&W, High Key, Low Key. Then of course, some of these masks are just plain beautiful by themselves.

I’m sure you get the idea, so for the next few weeks I will be doing an artistic post on one of the above topics. I hope you enjoy my artistic efforts, as I will be playing with various different techniques to see what I can create.

Til next time, happy snapping……….





Creative B&W Photography

Angel of LightI was playing around in the studio with a friend’s daughter, who had graciously agreed to help me out on a little project. I wanted to play around with some different lighting styles and effects.

We kept it very simple, a full moon backdrop, and then just the simple brick wall of the studio. A softbox and a light with umbrella, as well as a reflector (my daughter was my assistant), no flash. Obviously I had my camera on a tripod. It was a pleasant way to spend a morning with the girls.


Granted not all are B&W, but some are so desaturated there is almost no colour left. I wanted a dramatic, moody, low key effect. The lantern shots were actually the most challenging, we tried using the little tea light as the only light source, but Caity found it difficult to hold still……..hence the pencil sketch effect. The final image I used Photoshop to add the glow in.



I was sort of going for old 50’s police line up/gangster style Hollywood; I know weird combination. Lost, forlorn, dramatic, artistic. I was quite happy with my shots………after spending the rest of the hot summer afternoon in the AC on the PC!


Imagecraft Bootcamp – Low Key

So last week we explored High Key images in Imagecraft Bootcamp, this week we delve into Low Key Images. Each Week we are encouraged to explore our creative side with some more advanced photographic concepts.

Here is version 1

Here is version 2

I think I actually prefer High Key softness in retrospect. However I can see where Low key can have it’s advantages in certain situations. It gives a lovely gloomy feel to an image. Not quite sure if I have pushed the ‘envelope’ enough on this one. However if I pushed it any further I really lost most of the detail.