Wow another really big week for me, opening of my third exhibit this week, while my 2nd one draws to a close; and it’s only June!

I won 6th place overall in the Photography Category for Light, Space and Time ‘Animal’ competition, with my Kestrel, plus also got an Honorary Mention for my Barn Owl.

This is following on from my two Special Merits I also received in the Figure Competition recently.

I have recently won 9 Gold Awards on Foto Arte II, for two images and won banner pics as well, I will also be in July issue of Fine Eye Magazine.


I was also just recently had a few pics in Artists Down Under Magazine, that’s their third issue now and each one just gets better and better. Check it out it’s free online.

There is also more exciting things happening, but can’t spill the beans on them; just yet! Oh My this year is such a whirlwind, I’m finding it difficult to catch my breath. But then if I did, this snowball might stall………..push, push, push. All these exhibitions, awards and prizes are due to a LOT of hard work, so yay me!

~ Julz



Monday’s Musings

OK So yes this is another scheduled post, I promise the last one for awhile, next week I will be back on deck. Today while you are reading this I am hosting a workshop for my Photoshop Artistry Group big Australian and NZ meet up.

So some exciting news to share; over the past few weeks I have had another image published in Living the Photo Artistic Life, page 99.

JuliePowell_Silence from within

Silence from Within

Was featured in the Gallery of Fine art Spring edition

alice 3

Won a Special Merit for these two images, Light, Space and Time ‘Figurative’ exhibition. So excited first ever Photographic competition! OK So I wasn’t the only one with a Special merit, but still exciting. 🙂

Julie Powell_Quieting the storms from within


Roses – Original Photo by Gabriel Olude

And now the highlight of my week……………….drum roll please! I received an email from Photoshop Creative to feature one of my images in their magazine! Woohoo.


Longing for the Fog to Lift

To say I’m buzzing is an understatement, some much as happened in the past few weeks, my head is spinning. Need to get back to earth and buckle down to work! Travel is over and I have lots of raw material to work with, plus I have loads of shoots set up for the month ahead.

Thank you for all of you who cheer me on, it means the world to me my friends 🙂

~ Julz, xo

Fabulous Fridays…

Ahhh, Fridays……so much to offer, a wonderful weekend ahead and the signal of another working week over (well for me anyway). I had two more images published yesterday in the Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine


So that is always exciting, honestly every month it just gets more and more amazing, grab a cuppa and skim the pages, I promise you it is worth it.

Also announcing here that I hope to start up a new project very soon working with survivors of Domestic Violence, which after a prompt from my Kaizen Project group, we are to each pick a charity to work with; mine is called Safe Steps…….but more on that later. The next two images are very special and were created with the a wonderful young woman, her self a survivor.

JuliePowell_Seeking Answers

Seeking Answers

JuliePowell_Silence from within

Silence from Within

Both of the images, along with others I hope convey hope that these women and children (and yes men as well) can now see after the horrible, ugly and anxious periods of their life. I hope to bring a little bit of hope, fun and beauty to their world again, or perhaps for the first time…..sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, I know I have so much planned, but more on that Monday…….

~ Julz


Another published piece…

OMG, OMG, OMG, I just love it every month when the the Living Artistic Magazine comes out; and it’s even better when I get a piece published, and bloody awesome when I get two!


Australian Gothic, Page 19

A big thank you to my wonderful hubby, without him this series would not be the success it has been and a BIG shout out to the wonderful Suzanne Balding, without you my dear this shot would never have happened XOX. Actually there are a number of people who need to be thanked, in making this series happen……..Bev and Dee – thank you too!

The next image is from my New Artist Group Kaizen, a select group of digital artist working together on group Projects, this is Ride On…..we were creating art, and images for websites, posters and promotional material for a Skate Shop working with underprivileged kids in the States, can’t say much more at this point. I am sure you will be hearing more about Kaizen as we turn out a different project every month for different avenues. This one was WAY out of my comfit zone and genre, but hey you have to go with the flow on certain jobs; right? It is exciting to be pushed beyond your limits to see what can be achieved.


Ride On Kaizen Group Project, Page 67

I was hoping for something a bit more ethereal with this piece, flying high and all that, but my Muse had other ideas.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend and if you get a few moments, perhaps with a coffee, check out the amazing talent in the Mag, it’s free. Living the Photo Artistic Life

~ Julz

Monday Musings…

Hello everyone and welcome to another week, I had such an exciting week last week, where to even start………obviously the whole Featured Artist in Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine; Cover and 4 page spread inside, featuring some of my wonderful artwork. If you have seen the Magazine yet, please do check it out the online digital copy is free and full of wonderful artists with such inspiring work!

I have just re launched my new look website juliepowellphotography.com or juliepowellphoto.com, please visit and let me know what you think. I have also got some freebies to download for my artistic friends, Textures, Lightroom Presets and some custom brushes. I will eventually had more items for sale, as well as my artwork to purchase.

I have also got my artwork listed in a gallery with ArtBoja (means colour)…so many wonderful artists here as well.

OK So that’s enough of the promotions stuff, but please do check them out and let me know what you think.


I did another Fine Art Nude workshop with Chey Anne……this time with some Photoshop Artistry buddies, this time was very artistic, and all about creative lighting, and natural textures………and whole load of fun; above is just a sneak peek.

I also started work on a new concept shoot yesterday, my new model cancelled, so my daughters stepped up and modelled for me, such champs.

I have another Still Life/ Product workshop on Saturday and another concept shoot on Sunday (if the weather holds); so busy, busy week.

So here’s hoping you all have a fantastic week, and happy snapping…



Drum roll please…

OK, so over the last few weeks I have been hinting at some very exciting things happening in my life…finally I am able to publicly announce to the world…


  1. I am the featured guest artist in August Issue of Living the Photo Artistic Life.…yes that’s my pic on the cover well my image, not me)!!! Plus not 1, but two double page spreads! Woohoo, colour me excited. I was approached several weeks ago by Sebastian Michaels to be the next featured artist, I could not believe it…….ME? That then brought of a flurry of activity, I had to come up with all new images, good images..so that meant shoot after shoot. Thankfully I have a whole notebook full of ideas, so that was never a problem; actually coming up with the ideas is never the problem, the issue I have is figuring out HOW to shoot them! I then spent hours editing, re editing and then re editing again…we are our own worst enemies right? Many sleepless nights spent over the computer, and then after I had sent them to Sebastian’s Assistant…more sleepless nights worrying about which images they would pick and which would go on the front cover. Of course there are SO many fabulous artists featured in this month’s issue, the best ever I think (maybe I am a little biased?). Check it out here & hard copy prints are available for order too.
  2. My Artwork is now also featuring on Art Boja (Colour) Galleries, you can visit me here, the for sale link is not active as yet, but they tell me soon. If you wish to order a print you can contact me direct; julie.powell@outlook.com

    Art Boja


    3. I have been collaborating with a fellow blogger to create words and pictures in Adobe Spark presentations, you may have seen the first one here


4. So I have been working on another collaboration with another writer as well……..sorry back to more secrets on that for the moment, but it is very different from the lovely Poems Leslie has been writing for me, more of a short story based around a series of images……but sshh on that one for now!

So My life, has been blessed, but hectic and I am over the moon.

~ Julz


Exciting News

Yay! some exciting news, I have just found out I have had another piece of digital art published in Living the Photo Artistic Life Issue 13, page 44

Grass is greener_Sm

The Grass is Greener is a piece I did a while back that got such a great response I submitted it and here it is in full glorious colour. OK so it’s not an Oscar, Emmy or whatever…………but to me it is very exciting and builds my self confidence.

That makes three images published in the last four issues. Sadly nothing in the Special B&W issue.


To sell or not to sell, and other questions

Grass is greener_SmWhen you create art, whether that be a photograph, fine art print, digital art, painting, sculpture, clothing, poetry even………..etc. Do we do it to fulfil our own internal desire for creation, or do we create to fulfil our desire to be acknowledged? Sensitive subject, true, but let’s be honest most of us get a real kick out of everyone telling us that piece is amazing; don’t we?

I mostly create art for the fun of it, not every piece of it is that great. The ones I really hate never see the light of day, and I guess that is normal. Sometimes, the ones I am not sure about I offer up for Constructive Criticism by peers. Every now and then I create something I am so inspired by, I can’t wait to show everyone, anyone. I mostly started doing portraits as a way to learn, then because I truly enjoy taking portraits. I started a portrait studio as a way to make a bit of money to buy more gear, each sitting I did I bought new stuff; lenses, backdrops, props, lighting, speedlights etc.One of the courses I am doing states that if you create something, anything then you are an artist, whether it is sold commercially or not. I create, therefore I am.

Message in a bottle

If it’s good enough to get published (So far I have had two pieces published in Photo Artistic Life Magazine), is it good enough to sell commercially? And if it is good enough, where or what to sell? There is the likes or Zazzle and RedBubble where your work can be printed on T-Shirts, Phone cases and gift cards. Or do you stick to your guns and only sell prints? Where do you sell them? I know of some photographers who print heaps of images and sell at markets, but that involves a cash layout and quite a bit of time, with no guaranteed results. Selling online does not guarantee results either, but it is less time consuming, open to a potentially larger audience and does not require large financial outlay.

Perhaps I am overreaching, there are various different camera clubs, groups and associate member groups for advice, mentoring and peers; AIPP (Accredited Professional Photographer), for instance. I have deemed 2016 the year of learning and have already come so far, between the Photoshop Artistry, Creative B&W and Awake Courses. I have also enrolled in a University Certificate in Photography program. Does this mean I should not endeavour to sell my digital art? Because I am still really learning my art? Do we ever truly stop learning? Or will that give me an outlet and incentive to create more?

Artistic Self

I am not kidding myself here either, there is no real money in art for most of us; very few hit the jackpot. Many of us can achieve respect and recognition, but very few make enough money to life on. I don’t see myself as being the exception to the rule, but if I can make a little to help pay for my hobby, then isn’t that realistic? Or is selling a means to keep score? The more people buy your art the more they like it? Or is it only selling because it is quirky? I have seen art I believe to be absolute rubbish, but people pay exorbitant amounts of money for it, and others which were so beautiful I felt like weeping, as they sold for almost nothing.

Which then brings on the question, how much is too much? A piece of art is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it, but HOW do you know? There is a supposedly simple formula to work out how much it cost; time x material costs x production costs x 2 or 5 or whatever (well something like that). How much do I charge for labour? $10 an hour, $100 an hour. Working on that theory a 1 hour photo shoot, with a 2 hour edit time, and 1/2 hour set up, (at $50 an hour), 20 6×4 images (@ $0.15 cents each), a USB Stick (@$5.00 each), maybe throw in $5.00 for electricity and PC usage etc. and I am at $188.00 and I usually charge $100.00 for a 1 hour shoot (plus more for travel and larger photo sizes). So I am already behind in the rent. There are people out there charges $50.00 for basic shoots (under cutting everybody) and people complaining I am undercutting them. And that is just for Portrait sittings, not works of art! If you truly ask for much more than that, you don’t get any work. Most people are happy with the snapshots off their smart phone and don’t want proper portraits.I used to offer free sitting to build my port folio, now I am charger slightly more with gradually increasing recognition.

Many artists work on a theme, a single subject, a catalogue or gallery of sorts, most of my art does centre around the beach and people, but not all. Many have a fantasy element, and are often dark and moody. Perhaps I should strife to make a themed exhibit……….B&W body imagery? Light and shadow and shapes? I’m just not sure what. Or is this perhaps because I am still on my journey I don’t have a ‘THING’ as yet?

Well I think I have babbled on enough on this topic……..what are your thoughts, do you sell, if yes where? Do you create just for you? Do you participate in any peer groups or Affiliate Programs in your State or Country? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear