Manic Mondays…

Such a busy and tiring weekend, but so much fun. Spent all day with a new Model and Makeup Artist, for my new The Secret Garden Shoot, five hours for hair and makeup, and no, none of the hair, makeup or body paint is photoshopped! Seriously cool and creepy, but more on that soon…here’s a sneak peek


Then on Sunday, I had another private Workshop in the home studio, Workshop #4 for home this year, Dark and Moody Fruit was the theme of the day; so popular this year.DSC_3274

With so much happening, I still need to edit all of these. Moth is having surgery on Wednesday for his knee so I will be playing nurse maid 🙂

On Saturday the Pixel Sisters have our very first big studio workshop, so exciting I can’t believe it is only a few days away! Sunday is a planning day; with costumes, hair, and makeup for the big Concept Shoot happening the following weekend. Lots happening.

I’m back at work for just two days this week, but so much to do………I hope you all have an amazing week. Sorry about the short post, I will make it up. 🙂

~ Julz

Manic Mondays

Yes folks, Manic Mondays are back, this last week has been crazy, but so much fun. I must confess to being stiff, sore and tired this morning.

Julie Powell_Spring Beckons

Spring Beckons – with Ally Xu

So Thursday, after picking my daughter up from the airport I had another photo shoot with the lovely Ally Xu, this time I went in with a plan. I roughly knew what, where and how I wanted the shots, last time we just winged it. I have a few images still to edit, will do another post with more pics soon.


Workshop #3 – Dark and Moody Fruit

Saturday I had another Still Life/Food Photography workshop in the home studio, second last for the year, all future ones will hopefully be in the new studio with Desley and Pixel Sisters Studio.

5 newbies and one repeat offender (lol, she knows I’m joking), but it is great to see some new faces. Wonderful to teach them some light sculpting and styling and guide them through a few shots and then stand back and let them be creative……it is such a buzz.

Sunday…………well Hayley is finally back and we got to working on our Monachopsis project again, more images, more metaphors, same styling. Sorry, no edited images yet. Life was beckoning and I had to attend to other home duties…………ahh Sunday’s when you have to go to work the next day  😦

This week………..another whirlwind, some more exciting things in the future, I have another Birds of Prey shoot on Sunday, as well as lots of fun stuff over at Pixel Sisters Studio IG and Facebook. Spots are also filling for the workshops. If you have not been to our Blog, check it out, we have challenges too!

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~Julz, xo


Monday’s Musings…

Had such a wonderful week last week, although the weather is turning much colder and there has been fog and even dew on the lawns in the mornings, and the leaves have all turned lovely shades of red, gold and orange; Autumn really is here. All too quickly it will be gone and Winter will settle in. I had such a busy weekend; Friday evening we attended the opening of my latest gallery exhibit, to which I have already sold one piece and a friend of mine won an Honorable Mention, with such a great piece too. Ran into a few familiar faces, checked out all the fabulous art then headed into Lygon Street for Pizza.

I then had not one, but two shoots on Saturday……

Kyle Donovan

JuliePowell_Quinn's Circus-1

Honestly could they be any different? But such large personalities and expressive faces. Young Master Quinn, had fun in a circus styled shoot, but we threw in some other fun stuff as well; There be pirates……..ARRRRRRGGGGGG! (Yes I will do a post for each of these shoots, more so one than the other).

JuliePowell_Pirate Quinn-1

Sunday was Mother’s Day, I did not get the requirement of Breakfast and coffee in bed, alas……but I was awake and up early anyway, so I got my own coffee! 🙂 I did get some lovely flowers and chocolates from my daughter…..need to do something with those flowers! ~ where is my camera lol

We then went to visit with my parents, had lunch and chatted about all sorts of stuff, as you usually do.  Spent the rest of the afternoon in editing mode, so much work. This weekend coming up is free and already my mind is wondering what to do. I still have not caught any real Autumn colour and a few spots have been calling out to me, is there time for a day trip? However there is plenty to be done around the house as well. Sigh.

Last week was quite and exciting week, between the exhibit and my interview, I found it difficult to settle, not to mention the busy weekend. I have most of my editing under control now and can spend this week playing, I have a few more competitions I need to create for as well. So a quiet weekend is not such a bad idea.

Not much else to say, I hope you have a brilliant week and happy snapping…

~ Julz


Manic Mondays…

You know that saying “Make Hay while the sun shines?” well I have been so busy making Hay, it’s becoming a wee bit………manic! Don’t get me wrong I am loving every minute, and I know I have to take offers as they come in, it’s just some times I wish things could sort themselves out a little me.


All ready and pieces pretty printed and framed, done my artist bio and statement, made the invites, you did get yours didn’t you? Had a few dramas with the framing…….picked up all the frames and then found out one was damaged. Too it back and when they went through their stock quite a few were damaged, finally found the correct size, colour etc (I want them matching) that was undamaged. Also I went into a bit of a panic as I had not written an Artist Bio and Statement before………..thankfully I have access to some wonderful, people in my Kaizen and Awake groups who steered me in the right direction.


I have been asked by the wonderful people at to review the Portrait Perfection Photoshop Actions Collection…….no money for it, but I did get the Actions for free, and quite frankly they are pretty good. Hopefully I might get asked to do more?

Read my full review here if you missed it yesterday


Other Stuff

I spent all weekend pretty much working, had to finish up my projects/assessments for Kaizen Group, still working on my latest two concept shoots, will post soon I promise. I finished off and submitted my Shiftart submission for January, plus I am taking part in Brooke Shaden’s 20 Day Portfolio Challenge……..was doing great til Friday, now I am behind again 😦 …………no panic, no stress there. I have also been approached to do some still life shots for a web catalogue/ Blog thing…….still sussing that one out, more on that later.

Out and About

On Saturday we had a 21st for my Nephew and then met some friends in the city for a lovely evening out finished off with Papa Gino’s Pizza in Lygon St………BEST pizza! Yummo. We also did another shoot at Princes Pier……..I swear we are cursed with that damn pier, all afternoon had been beautiful blue skies and just a hint of cloud, perfect for sunset right? Get to Princes Pier, wind, wind and more wind, then cloud and it was cold (it’s Summer here remember)……….oh man, it’s just not fair lol. Also the sunset was pretty mediocre; one day, just one day at Princes Pier and I will happily give up!


Finally after all the work, the food shopping, laundry and insanely inane house keeping duties were done I finally managed to get into the studio to play with some new finds at the thrift store (Pewter Milk Jug and tea cups)and some luscious summer fruits.

I am sure I have not covered everything, but it is enough for now………the rest will all come out in the wash. Til next time I hope you have a truly fabulous week and happy snapping…

~ Julz



Monday Musings…

A bit of a mixed bag this week, picked up some tummy bug and spent a few days in bed, then was too tired to do much. I also didn’t go to Alowyn Gardens, which I was planning on doing Friday, but will go in a few weeks, once the wisteria is all in bloom, however I did potter in the studio and gardens for a little bit. Then Saturday was the Aussie Rules AFL Football Grand Final; for the record I have ZERO interest. Tradition dictates we attend a BBQ at a friend’s house every year. So off we went.


It was a good catch up with friends, a good feed and then the game starts, Sting as the pre game entertainment was good, but I have a blocked ear, so had trouble hearing him, plus he only sang like three songs 😦 Anyway someone won…….Bulldogs apparently I sat there on my phone checking out Social Media from places where no one knew about the game. Then I started flicking through album, after album of my friends holiday snaps from a recent trip to Turkey, Greece, France etc, etc. (P.S. lovely destinations she travelled too, very jealous).

Eventually came home and vegged on the couch and watched Dirty Grandpa…..quite funny actually. Sunday was back to work in the studio again, this time it was the new backdrop rig, a trip to the hardware store (actually I bought everything! shocking I know) and Hubby spent the afternoon putting it all up.


Then I tidied up and put everything away, will need to take some pics next time I have it all set up again………which wont be long. As you can see Miss Chloe, was perfectly content to let us do all the work.

Not much more to tell, Monday and back to work again. Here’s hoping for a more enjoyable week.

~ Julz

P.S. Daylight Savings kicked in Sunday Morning, so more available daylight for walks and shooting!

Monday Musings

Wow, such an amazing weekend, with so much happening. Friday we spent setting up for our awesome Vintage Circus shoot. Weeks of planning had brought us to here. The set up took hours, but so worth it.


This is the behind the scenes shots. I will post more soon.This is a group shot, minus our Ring Master. The three photographers and 2 of our wonderful models, we had 4 in total on the day.


We then went in a private bird experience on Saturday, where I discovered I am no bird photographer. Sure, I can get some lovely shots while they are still, but once they take off………..hopeless!

Bird 1

Wedgetail Eagle

Bird 2

Nankeen Kestrel

And of course Sunday we spent shooting out Vintage Circus……..started hair and Make up at 9am and finally left about 7pm after the shoot (and dismantle) – one long day!

Sorry there isn’t much more for today, I am running behind, with shoots, editing……..oh the work has finally finished on the studio and I am ready to move in, but have had no time. I am taking this weekend off from everything to try and get it all sorted out and finished; ready to shoot again.

Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz

Manic Mondays

I survived! Yes people I’m back after a few days completely off the grid, no internet, no mobile phones, just me, Moth, 20 Tog friends and Betty Boo (our AWD). We took Friday off and drove up through the Victorian Alpine National Forest for a few days camping……..yes camping. I will need a few days to go through all the pictures and tell you all about it.

We stayed at two very remote cattlemen’s huts, one in the valley and one in the high country near Mount Stirling. We shot sunset, sunrise and by a full moon, we froze, took the car on some real 4X4 tracks and cooked on a open fire (and gas stove). Had breakfast with kookaburras and even saw a bridal shoot on top of a Mountain, who took the easy route and caught a helicopter up there! More stories to come.

It was quite an experience of which I will fill you all in shortly. For now I need to finish unpacking, going through photos and sleeping! Here is a gallery of photos from my phone.

Here’s hoping you all have a great week, til next time happy snapping…



Manic Mondays

Just when I think I am getting my life back on track, scheduled and calm… runs slightly off the rails again. It’s OK, it’s all good, just trying to cram so much into life, occasionally something has to give. Next weekend is our big camping trip………yeah, yeah, camping (even the word is ugly lol). We were going to rough it for one night and sleep in the car, Moth convinced me we needed a tent, and then of course something to sleep on (I put my foot down and got a THICK air mattress), then of course our sleeping bags are old and useless, so there was two new sleeping bags. Then of course the powered pump to blow it up. We already have our camping chairs (for our astro shoots) and of course the big car fridge, so we are somewhere near ready. Then there is all the other incidentals; thermal under garments, I need a new coat (it is over 30 years old and threadbare and falling apart – so it has done me well). Got new boots last year, so they are good. We have no lamps, nothing to cook on or with (not sure what to do there, live on vodka, chips, dips, kabana and cheese – we do have the fridge).

So it was a frantic last minute dash to get everything organised, plus we had arranged to meet friends for a tour of the Botanic Gardens and another couple for dinner on Saturday evening. Sunday was spent rehearsing putting up tent and camp bed, making sure everything would pack into the car. Now of course that we have all this gear, Moth is planning on doing more glamping……..oops I mean camping.

Not to mention I am running behind on Be Still 52, Awake and Open2Study………really need to put my foot down this week and get some work done.

Oh and pray to the weather Gods, for phenomenal weather this weekend! For I can get more sunsets (like above) and sunrises


Manic Mondays


Soar – Original Composite Image

Another week down and Autumn seems to be quickly turning to Winter, and much too soon. We had some cooler days this last week and quite cold nights; had me looking for woollen jumpers and scarves! Still, we have some sunshine during the shorter days. After spending the last 2 weeks on my own Still Life Project I figured it was time to turn my attention to other things.

Another photography outing with my new Victorian Awake buddies, had us doing a newborn and toddler shoot. Something new for some of them, and some more play time for myself. We agreed that a studio shoot would be better for the bubs, and as I am the only one with a studio set up, it was decided to be at my place; and I have my gardens for the toddlers. As there were several photographers I set the studio up, but also a secondary mobile studio on the back deck, it has lovely soft natural light out there in the mornings and it can be enclosed and heated.

On Sunday we Hosted another MPE Shoot at Healesville Animal Sanctuary, wonderful day spent with Togs and then we headed off to do our own thing. That is all I seem to be doing lately, my own thing………not that I am complaining, it’s been truly wonderful – but it does not pay the bills (hence why I still have a day job!). This is a Helmeted Honeyeater, and as you can see……..not shy around cameras; however trying to take your own shots was cumbersome with a bird on the lens!

We ventured off to Warburton to find the ancient Redwood Forest, GPS took us on a magical mystery tour and we went the long scenic route, what should have been a 20 minute drive took over an hour! Finally we found it and I managed to get some more images for my Mask collection………more on that later.

DSC_5258-EditMy Still Life Study has been wonderful and I am thrilled with the direction it is heading, and I have learnt so much, I am doing a conceptual art class later this month, so no doubt that will take me in yet another direction. I set out to learn this year and I can hardly believe just how far I have already come. My photos and composition have improved dramatically, but so has my digital artwork. And as much, as I love exploring and shooting landscapes (City or seascapes) I have learned that I adore Still Life and Portraits…………especially creative portraits, I knew I always enjoyed portraits, but now I know. The whole wedding, big family thing not so much; individuals, kids and babies sure, especially if they let me be creative with the images. But I am adoring the conceptual art, but still have such a long way to go with that.

Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…..






Manic Monday

Actually it’s been a fairly cruisy week, not much stress and not much on. Work was work! Nothing new there and I currently don’t have any portrait shoots booked. This allowed me to spend as much time as I wanted on my own projects. I am really getting into my Still Life shoots and instead of making them look like paintings or drawings I have now been focusing on making the photo the art. I Started another online course, this time with Kim Klassen; Be Still 52, she has others as well. I am kind of glad it is self paced, as it is a little slow, in one week I have 26 sessions……granted I have not done all the challenges for each, some of the sessions have no challenge, it’s just watch and learn. It has opened my eyes to a softer, dreamier view on my art.Gave me time to plan what I wanted to do, get some props and drops as Kim calls them to set up quite a few shots and then spend ages doing a whole heap of them – heaven.


I must say I love it, I will do a post on it later this week with some more pics.Kim also is big on simple, easy, relaxed shoots as a form of mediatation; it’s actually kind of cool. It is possibly just what I need. Slow down, relax, take time, have patience…

We have a few overnight photo trips coming up this month, as well some more concept shoots. It is an exciting, albeit a little nervous month ahead. Nervous, you ask? One spot we are going to is so remote it is 4WD access only (really test out Betty Boo) and there is NO HOTEL! We have no camping gear, so we will be sleeping in the car; Yikes! My overwhelming need to shoot in this spectacular spot is the only thing currently stopping me from chickening out. It’s in an Alpine area and even though it is still Autumn they are expecting early snow next week already, how cold will it be in a few weeks?

Actually I have spent a few days mapping out the month ahead, we have lots planned. Isn’t funny, sometimes you have no plans and can just potter about doing your own thing, then the next weekend you are so busy. We have a whole month like this. But it should be lots of fun.

I have finally managed to finish off my images from my Hosier Lane fashion shoot and will post them soon, as well as the usual challenges and stuff. I am continuing my 1 & 5 posts; I do hope you are enjoying them. And of course I will go into more of my Still Life project, I really love the new direction it has taken me.

Til next time, peace, chill, safe travel and happy snapping…