Monday’s Musings…

I am writing this from our hotel in Inverloch, grabbing a quick rest after a very long day. We were up at 5am to shoot sunrise back at Warratah Bay….paradise. We acually visited this spot 3 times in 4 days.

We have been visting this little stretch of coastline for three days and still two days to go. I hope the weather holds out. 

I am exhausted and sore, so many stairs, everywhere we go. Steep slopes and stairs 😣 my legs are so sore. But what an amazing area. Will post more soon. 

Until next time…happy snapping


Monday Musings…

Easter Monday…….so the weekend is still on a roll, but that’s OK we are home this weekend and such a lovely relaxing weekend. Good Friday was spent with family, such a lovely day, both my girls and my Son in Law, my Parents dropped in for a visit and we have a debacle of a roast dinner………I can cook, but I think my oven in not working properly, 2.5 hours to cook a 1kg lamb roast? mmmmmm I see a problem happening here. Anyway we carried on, and feasted on Easter chocolate and alcohol 🙂 Oh and then played Monopoly……….have you played the new version with credit card? Weird…oh and it was the Australian version as well……double weird. But loads of fun………I didn’t loose exactly but I came close 🙂

Saturday………oh wow what can I say? Desley Jane and I had a wonderful day together, lunch and shopping at the Rose Street Artist market, I didn’t need to mortgage the house; but I did spend a little something $$. We then wandered the streets of Fitzroy, such a hipster paradise, fun people, cool characters and street art; so much happening everywhere you looked. We both did our Regular Random shoot, quite funny actually………be interesting to see each others pictures, as we shared the same subject!


I think the highlight of our day (apart from spending time together) we went to the movies…..we had both desperately wanted  to see Beauty and the Beast. OMG such a wonderful re-make…….good thing we had some vacant seats around us, I think we were both singing in spots and laughing…it WAS wonderful. But over all too soon. Eventually I had to make my way home, I had animals to feed and things to do, plus had not see Hubby all day.

Yesterday was spent in editing mode, plus trying to sort out my Photo catalogue; it is such a mess and so big…….I just have to do it. Food shopping, car washing (still had not been cleaned from our trip last week) and general household chores (I know… boring and mundane, but they never seem to do themselves!).

That leaves me with today……Easter Monday, no plans just relax………I think it will be that kind of day. We are off again on the weekend, so that will be wonderful, in the meantime, back to work tomorrow.

I hope you all had a pleasant and safe Easter and have a fantastic week…

~ Julz



Monday’s Musings

While you read this I am 100’s of miles from home, probably pulled up in the side of the road taking photos of something amazing; possibly even something like this.


Uluru Resort (Ayers Rock)

I don’t think the dirt will be quite this red where we are going but we are heading in that direction! I would have spent a wonderful weekend exploring rural Victoria, with gold mining towns, historic homesteads and mysterious giant granite boulders of Hanging Rock at Macedon. I’ll try and stop by every now and then with a pic or two!

The first pic is Forst Creek mine in Castlemaine and the other is sunrise in Maldon 


Monday’s Musings…

I can’t believe in just a few days we will be on another adventure, our first of many this month; we head off into the Australian Outback, stopping at many iconic places along the way. The town names may not mean anything to most of you, but these places have appeared in many movies; Mad Max, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Red Dog, Wolf Creek and so many more. Red Dust, blue skies, flies, mozzies (Mosquitoes) and the open road; flat open land as far as the eye can see, so flat in sport you can see the curvature of the horizon. I don’t even know if I will be able to post, so I may be a bit quiet. I will schedule a few bits and pieces.

But for now I need to pack and get things organised and wait. I spent this weekend doing mostly boring household chores, but I did manage to get a few videos done for the YouTube channel……..check it outYouTube channel……..check it out, I’ll wait 🙂

I also got to play in the studio for a little bit, I feel like I have not done any still life in so long…..almost feel I am loosing my Mojo a bit. But I feel a real sense of being ALIVE when I shoot my conceptual portraits……I am adoring the latest Alice Series……still working on it and each piece, just gets better and better.


JuliePowell_Alice in the clouds

Sunday we had a big BBQ with hubby side of the family……enjoyable but still exhausting. Honestly there is nothing as exhausting as sitting around, eating, drinking and talking….why is that?

Well that’s about it from me, nothing much to really report, just counting down…happy snapping.

~ Julz

Monday Musings…

Such a fabulous weekend, of late Indian Summer weather, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with friends at the RSL (Returned Serviceman’s League), good food, good friends, great music and got to see a friend perform on stage with her Irish Dancing.

Saturday I had such an amazing day, working with a new Make-up Artist Micaela and the wonderful Jess Ami on a Alice in Wonderland/ Through the Looking Glass concept shoot.

JuliePowell_Through the Looking Glass

Still going through all the images, will run a separate post on this, you can catch some on my Facebook Page. Spent a quiet night watching TV with hubby, while the girls were both out, even had an early night. Spent Sunday editing and catching up on a few odd jobs around the house, even did a tidy up on the studio…… me it needed it. This week, is tying up a few loose ends before we start getting ready for our Outback Adventure; yes folks we are off again! This time it’s a convoy of photographers (I think there is about 30 of us), going out in the outback, Broken Hill, Silverton, Mungo and Swan Hill……several other places as well, days of deserts and gold mining towns, desolate buildings and farm land, the great Australian Outback, sunrise, sunsets and night time astro shooting…….should be a hoot, exhausting, but fun! So much to get organised and I have not really done anything!

I hopefully have another shoot on Saturday and then a big family get together on Sunday……..and then it is all back to Monday again.

I hope you all have a fabulous week and happy snapping…

~ Julz

Monday’s Musings…

A wonderful week last week, followed by a wonderful weekend…had my first stab at underwater shoot……….learnt, that there is a lot to learn 🙂


There is plenty to love in my marvellous Melbourne at this time of year, good weather and the multitude of public holidays……we have another long weekend right now, today is Labour Day and this weekend has been the Moomba Festival. Now don’t get me wrong I am sure it is loads of fun, Melbourne festivals always are………..but so many people, so instead we hit the Western Port Bay; Lara, You Yangs and Leopold.

We drive this road all the time, we have relatives in Geelong, but we rarely deviate from it, so today we went on the discovery path, headed out to Little River and went to the YouYangs…….yep kind of a funny name, even by Australia’s standards, but a lovely day for a drive. Mountain Bikes everywhere and there are dozens of Bike tracks, as well as AWD tracks, a bit bumpy in spots; but great views of giant granite boulders.

Then taking the scenic route  via Lara, found a tumbled down house or two, then off to stay at my Aunt’s in Leopold……..not much to say but we had a lovely catch up, went out to dinner with one of my Cousins and her daughters. Out plant was to get up early and shoot sunrise at Clifton Springs Jetty. Honestly what is it about me and sunrise? We went to bed relatively early and set the alarms for 5am……..woke up and all we could hear was rain…….YES! Rain! So we rolled over and went back to sleep. Slept in as it were and woke to crystal blue skies and high fluffy clouds…… the time we got organised it was almost midday, not the best time for long exposure, but we took some anyway! Played with the crystal ball a bit and then off for more adventure…….we drove out to Lara again, this time to Pirra Homestead, but locked up tight, no trespassers allowed kind of thing 😦 damn!

This time we went off to Serendip Sanctuary…….lovely grasslands and bush lands and wet lands Sanctuary for Australian animals, saw some emus, a few lizards, lots of birds, a Tawny Frog Mouth owl and some wallabies. Took too many photos (what’s new?) and then finally decided to make the long drive back home. Yes Monday is another day off, but things to do and people to see……..literally I had a planning day arranged with fellow artist Tony Stephenson for an upcoming workshop…more on that later.

So that’s about it the rest of this long weekend will be spent in editing and doing boring household chores………..yukk! I hope everyone has a fantastic week. You know I’ll write posts about each stop eventually, until then happy snapping…

~ Julz


Monday’s Musings…

Isn’t funny how things happen? I just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic and she thinks that when karma, kismet or whatever it is happens, it’s Big Magic….and maybe she is right. When creativity, muse, divine intervention throws an idea at you, you need to be ready to catch and run with it, or it might just move onto someone else.

As you all know I am taking BRAVE-R to the edge this year, I also believe in trying not to say NO (Unless of course it is something that I really don’t want to do), so I got a message from a fellow photography asking me if I wanted to work with a new model……sure why not, if it’s free then I am interested. A few messages were exchanged and a date set for Saturday just gone.  I am still going through a real Brooke Shaden phase and many of the images I set up with fantasy, but dark, with hope and light on the edges, if that makes sense.

I had many ideas set up and notes taken, I had only seen a few photos of this girl. What I did not know about this girl…well woman actually, she is a survivor of domestic violence. I spent the morning with her, chatting away about stuff I honestly knew nothing about; it set fire to my creative soul……I wanted to bring beauty and fun and fantasy to her life.

My Kaizen Project group this month we are working with a charity, any charity…….can’t say much more about it yet, when I read this I cringed….really? A charity, who, The Lost Dog’s Home, Children’s Hospital, Red Cross………what could I possibly create for them that was inspiring and unique. Now don’t get me wrong, these are all good and worthy charities, but they didn’t excite me creatively; and then I met Hayley…….wow – KISMET!


Time to see what the future holds

So we had a wonderful few hours together, such a lovely, courageous young woman, who started modelling to build her confidence back up…………..WOW, kudos to her.

I am still editing those, but I did manage to sneak in a little Still Life, a Regular Random for this week, food shopping and cleaning, and even sat down and watched a movie – call me super woman! lol.


This weekend we are heading away for a few days, the weekend just gone Moth was on call, so we really cannot plan on anything, it is frustrating, but we are used to it after so many years. So the next few weeks we have loads planned, trying to fit is some Conceptual Portraits this month as next month is crazy.

Anyway I hope you have an amazing week, til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz


Monday’s Musings

After a fairly crappy week last week; feeling a little sorry for myself, as things didn’t go my way and a few comments that bit deep………….I decided it was time to get of my butt and do something fun. The weather was glorious for a day or two of shooting. we headed out to Werribee Park Zoo (part way between Melbourne and Geelong) as the new lion cubs were put on exhibit this week. Sadly, we should have gotten there earlier as the cubs were all played out, by the time we finally got there…….but still oh so cute.


This Zoo is an African themed Zoo and most of the animals are African, but no Elephants?  Oh, but there are Hippos……….Oh I love me a hippo!


So we spent a wondrous afternoon, walking from one end to the other, and back again. We then drove home for a cat nap, dinner and we were out again, this time to the other ends of the earth to the Mornington Peninsula as it was a great night for some astro photography


This is a three shot Panorama………that’s the Milky Way, well the Southern part of it anyway.

Sunday was a big sleep in, we got home so very late. Did a few things pottering around the house, then started dying some cheesecloth I got, with natural ingredients like coffee, green tea and pomegranates. Learning, learning always learning. Will do a post later on this DIY.

I hope you all have a great week…

~ Julz

Monday Musings…

You would think it was no longer Summer in Melbourne, while NSW and QLD are suffering the hottest Summer ever recorded, we in Melbourne have pulled out the jeans and jumpers again. It is cold and wet and windy, no exploring for me. We actually had our White Night Festival on Saturday night, but the expected 750,000 people kept me away, I am not good with crowds, long wait and even longer walks. My fellow Tog friends who endured it are all complaining how much pain they are in today.

I spent Saturday in a whirlwind of activity, I finally got into the studio to start the long awaited new series..The Tarot, with a relatively new model Meelissa Jade, she is considered a plus size model (yeah right), but is voluptuous and buxom and has long red hair, perfect for my Wicca style shoot. I have a few images loaded on my Facebook Page here for a sneek peak, but I will post some images eventually. Here is a couple (not from the Tarot group), that we shot for my Kaizen Group Project


Butterfly Kisses


And this one for her Portfolio. I then spent most of the weekend editing………I mean the weather is awful, so why not. Also spent a few hours on the couch with hubby, catching up on some Grimm (TV Show).

This week will be a bit up and down too I guess………not much on, but I am sure that will change by the weekend.

I hope you all have a brilliant week…

~ Julz

Monday Musings

I have two bucket lists; one is for big ticket items and one is for smaller things. The big ticket items are often travel related and require time, money, other people etc. Then there is the other bucket list; stuff I would like to do, no hurry, just stuff I need to get out and do. I managed to tick two things off that list this weekend. Montsalvat and Twilight at the Old Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

I have been offered a solo exhibit at Montsalvat (fairly big deal for me) for my Dapper Rabbit series for 2018 (so long time to get ready and finish this series lol). I was invited down there for a look, so we decided to bite the bullet and just do it. Such a lovely place, the exhibition space is perfect for my Rabbit, small and intimate, with lots of foot traffic.

Isn’t it just dreamy and wonderful? I will do a post later with more images. There was even a wedding party to stalk and some peacocks. The weather was just beautiful as well.

We then headed out into the city later Saturday Evening for a twilight shoot at the old exhibition buildings in Melbourne; just the outside, not the inside.

So that’s two off the bucket list. Unfortunately one of the other items was an underwater photoshoot, which I thought was booked for Sunday, but was all organised for Saturday………of course I was elsewhere and couldn’t get there, Sunday was wet and cold and horrible and not good for a re shoot, so I missed out 😦  DAMN! Was so looking forward to it too. Oh well, there will be other times I guess. Really want to try out my new camera.

My other big ticket item to be put on the back burner is my eagerly awaited return trip to New Zealand. My Niece is getting married in Bali in October and it is pointless to go to Bali for two days, so we are now spending two weeks there. I have nothing against Bali it just never was on my do to list…………or so far down it never occurred to me. Bad things have happened to Australians in Bali, also Australians behave rather badly in certain areas in Bali; Kuta for instance. Well we are going no where near Kuta and are sticking mostly to Ubud and Gianyur. Temples, temples, temples and water temples are in my future. We are also spending some time at a Safari Park, as well as snorkelling and diving off one of the islands. But more on that later too.

So that is about it for now, I hope you have a brilliant week…

~ Julz