Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve, it’s 9am and I have just finished the last of the fruit and veg….the shopping centre is becoming bedlam, and I am about to start preparations for tomorrows lunch. It’s going to be a balmy 36C here tomorrow, so a cold lunch is on the cards. Still turkey and ham, but cold with salads, followed by a big BBQ of Bacon and Eggs……..Moth’s favourite; it is his birthday after all.

We went up to the local shopping centre last night and did a bit of personal shopping; it actually wasn’t too bad, car parking was a breeze and not to crammed with people. Picked up a few pre Xmas bargains, got a free cupcake (Vegan for me, Gluten Free for Moth) – Yummo. We then came home and wandered up the street, every year our neighbours go crazy with Christmas Lights, theses ones here are from last year. I didn’t take the camera and tripod out this year……..apparently our little street is famous this season and the cars, people and dogs everywhere, it is quite ridiculous………way too dangerous to set up a tripod.

So we just wandered along, chatting to neighbours and enjoying the sights. It was a lovely balmy summer evening, perfect for wandering the streets. One neighbour has set up a snow machine this year, which was a delight for all the kids.

Christmas Eve for us used to be a very big tradition, before kids it was always a huge raging party at our place, with bodies everywhere Christmas morning. Then once we had the kids it was staying up late (late changed as the kids got older) and watched Children’s Movies…..Disney and Pixar classics. My Children now both work long hours in retail in the weeks leading up until Christmas and always work Christmas Eve……Moth and I will either wander the streets with the neighbours or if it rains (40% chance of it) we will sit at home and watch movies anyway.

For those of you in Colder Climates, this sums up the Aussie & NZ Christmas perfectly

From my family to your family I wish you all the Merriest of Days, what ever you do. Don’t forget to hugs your loved ones and fur babies.

Merry Christmas………Julz, xo

Cover Make Over Week 4 – Re Cap

This week’s Cover Make Over challenge was the 1998 Music CD Cover by Cher, Believe.

Sarah from First Night Design, really goes the extra mile with added information on the subject at hand, makes this challenge even more interesting.

I seem to have continued my penchant for black following my cover for Simon Jones’ film, Moon, although this was mainly dictated by the black & white photograph of Cher from Wikipedia that I’ve used. Since this photo dates from 1989 and the album was released in 1998, I’d guess she had a rib or two removed between the two dates! The font is an interesting one called Heartstrings Regular, which I’ve not used before.

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 4 Believe - #Cher

#photorehabcovermakeover Week 4 Believe – #Cher

Trev from SIlly Old Sod reckoned I stumped him on this boring old cover, but I think as per usual, his was very creative.

Anyway, I’ve used a photograph I had taken from the Rockefeller Center in New York and then through the wizardry of Photoshop, I have added the graphic of the young guy with the balloons heading off over Central Park. It’s his belief that he can fly.

believe2And lastly my version on Believe by Cher……….


That’s it for another week, I hope you have enjoyed our small sampling. Please feel free to join Sarah, Trev and Myself for the next Cover challenge.


Reliving my Youth

KISS_2Way back in the past… a misbegotten youth I was in the Army, not just any Army, but the KISS Army! Remember KISS – The GREATEST Band in the world? Well KISS is touring again, unbelievably doing a 40th Anniversary World Tour! These guys are currently in their 60’s still jumping, flying, kicking and dancing around in their 7″ platform heels; they’re 20 years older than me and I could barely walk the stairs in the stadium!

I remember way back when, my first introduction was in the 70’s I vividly remember seeing them in a film about alternative glam rock in my music appreciation class in Primary School, I wasn’t even a teenager yet, but they still sparked something. Not long after a brother of a friend introduced me to some more of the music, I was hooked. I got hold of bootleg copies of all their stuff, which honestly wasn’t a lot back then, mostly live stuff with really bad audio. By 1979 the Dynasty Album hit Australia, this was their 7th album and suddenly, they were a hit, they were cool……..I already knew it!

I was completely obsessed, typical teenager, every inch of my room was covered in photos, articles, drawings. By the time Unmasked hit the Aussie shores, in 1980, the fans were in a complete frenzy, a tour was announced and I begged, pleaded, probably even threatened to throw myself off a bridge to convince my parents to a) let me go b)buy me a ticket. I got mine with friends through the KISS Army, we spent weeks painting our banner, we waited hours at the airport for them to arrive, we spent hours camped out at their hotel, we cued for hours to get into the area where the concert was held. Even the media were in a frenzy, nothing like KISS had hit our shores since the Beatles.

I had never seen anything like it…………believe me you will NEVER forget your first KISS Concert; the music, the theatrics, the pyrotechnics, the blood, gore, fire breathing, these guys KNOW HOW to put on a show!

I went and saw them on stage a few years back as well, Must have been the Kiss my arse tour in 1995; no theatrics (well not really), no costumes, no make-up, it was truly weird, 4 guys on stage in street clothes (Just like any normal rock band)……….but once they started playing, the still brought the house down!

KISSJump forward 35 years – these guys STILL know how to put on a show. Moth had never seen them live, I think at first he was shocked, not sure what to expect, it’s a circus atmosphere, it’s a spectacle, by the time the concert finished everyone was pumped. KISS covers all ages, we saw a lot of young kids (under 10) in full dress and make up, the KISS Army is still alive and thriving………….they were everywhere, 40 – 50 year olds (like us), some even much older, all in face paint, T-shirts and more……….there was even a baby (I kid you not, could not have been more than 6 months old, ear muffs on grinning and bouncing around on Mum’s knee).

Seriously I could not stop grinning, I had the time of my life, still am pumped listening to Dynasty as I write this 🙂 It’s funny, I posted a pics on Instagram and got comments from – “are they still around” to “WOW I wish I was they” and “They are the greatest band ever”. Love them or Hate them……….everyone knows WHO they are and that’s the best kind of publicity isn’t it? They truly are legends when it comes to marketing! I even got a hit from KISSARMYUSA on instagram lol!