One Photo Focus – November 2016

We’re back for another month of 1PF run by Stacy at Visual Venturing, featuring one of my Still Life images this month.


Monet Impression


Van Gough Sketch Impression

I wanted to keep it simple, something about this image made me think of the old Greats of the Impression era, something about it screamed Monet to me, I adore Claude Monet’s paintings. I ran both images through Topaz Impressions, cropped, added a texture and a tonal layer and that is it.


Original Image

Here is the original image, and don’t forget to head over to  Stacy at Visual Venturing to see everyone else’s edit.

~ Julz

One Photo Focus – October

Last month I forgot the One Photo Focus, first time in a very long time, but I wont forget this month, made sure I got it done early 🙂 . Be sure to visit Stacy’s page to see everyone’s else vision of this image. This month, Y. Prior of Priohouse has submitted a cell phone photo for us to play with. I still edited it in Lightroom, as quite frankly I hate editing on my smartphone, screen is too small. I did however give it an IG Square crop, but I wanted to give it an old school/old world feel, sort of Art Deco meets the Great Gatsby.


Then I just kept playing and ended up with 3 other versions


Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s vision for this great image.

Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz

One Photo Focus – July

Each month Stacy from Visual Venturing supplies us with an image to play with, the object is for as many of us that can, to dabble around in whatever Photo editor we prefer and come up with different edits. Each person will always see the same image with their own particular creative flair and it is fascinating to see what everyone comes up with.

This month image is of the London Eye by Robin Kent

London Eye Kent

I was not sure where to begin so I took it into PS and did a Twirl Effect

JuliePowell_London Eye Kent_2

Not overly enthused by this I then took it into Nik Analog and just played with all the settings until I got something I was happy with.

Julie Powell_London Eye_1

I then took the original into Nik Colour Efex Pro and played around some more

Julie Powell_London Eye Kent_4

Then I ran a Orton Effect Action to it…

Julie Powell_London Eye Kent_3

Dark, moody and overly dramatic…….just lovely!So me! lol

To see what everyone else did, pop on over to Stacy’s page at Visual Venturing. Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz

One Photo Focus – July

This month One Photo Focus image is by Bren Ryan, I found it had a lovely fairy-tale quality and as such I gave it the treatment. Brightened it all up and added a new sky, flipped the image for a cleaner reflections, liquefied the house a touch; making it saggy and ramshackle. Hand painted in some more flowers and added some birds and then gave it all painted effects in Topaz and PS Filters. Overall something not quite cartoon, but not quite right about it ~ perfect for Old Mother Hubbard, Mother Goose…….or perhaps a few others.

July 2016 One Photo Focus-1

Don’t forget to visit Stacy’s page for the rest of the submissions for this month. Here is the original, thanks Bren.

July 2016 One Photo Focus_Original

Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz

p.s. did you notice the mistake? I didn’t at first either. Go and have another look………reflection at waterline level; oops……..oh well lesson learned lol


One Photo Focus – June 2016

It’s that time again, for Stacy’s One Photo Focus. This month’s image is from David Croker, it reminded me of a soft painting and that is what I wanted to do with it.


Firstly I cleaned it up, removed power lines with the clone stamp and healing tools in Photoshop, then cropped to remove a few distractions on the sides.  Ran through a few layers to increase colour depth in some areas and bring back the shadows in others.

Then I ran through Topaz Restyle and used one of the Landscape settings (Sorry I can’t remember which one), then I ran through Topaz Watercolour and then dropped the opacity back in some areas…….especially on the boats. leaving the sky and water very much a watercolour painting. I then added this lovely little frame and my signature……obviously all Photo credit to David Croker, but all digital post is mine.Boats

Now THAT is a print I’d hang on my wall. Til next time, happy snapping…


One Photo Focus – May 2016

Stacy Fisher from Visual Venturing host this wonderful challenge every month, we are all offered up the same image and we all get to play around with it and there are some truly imaginative people in this group…..head over to Stacy’s page to check them out.

This month we are using one of my images again, taken down on Sorrento Back Beach a few months ago. It’s an OK Photo, but nothing too exciting…

Julie Powell_ May_1PF_Original

Original Image

So I took my image into Nik Analog……..I really adore this program, I gave it so many different treatments, I threw pretty much everything at it, wetplates, dust & Scratches, vignettes, frames, light leaks, focus blur………the lot. It gives it an old photo look, more in style with the age of this old building. Then I dropped the saturation right down.

Julie Powell_ May_1PF

Version 1

Julie Powell_May 2016 One Photo Focus

Version 2 – Twirl

And then just because it is a fun fad at the moment I gave it the Twirl Treatment!

Well til next time, happy snapping……..of if you follow the Twirl link there is instructions on how to to it, I know I have already got a few people hooked!


One Photo Focus – April

Stacy at Visual Venturing has us all it it again for April’s One Photo Focus, where we all edit and post process the same image, but in different ways, means and styles. This month is an image by Cee Neuner. A fabulous barn, which I decided needed a little bit of old world charm and drama.

Julie Powell_April 2016 One Photo Focus

My Version

So I replaced the sky with something far more dramatic, then I removed all the modern day bits; car, houses, telephone pole and wires. So I gave it a little fake HDR Treatment in Topaz adjust, increased the saturation, put in lots of dust, some lens aberration, wet lens effects in Nik Analog efex, added a frame and I thought it needed a pentagram, I am not sure why? There was one in the original which got a bit lost, in my edit. And there you have it.

April 2016 One Photo Focus-3

Cee Neuner’s Original version

This is Cee’s original version, I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

Til next time, happy snapping…


One Photo Focus – March

I love OPF Challenge for one main reason (apart from the fact it’s a lot of fun) is that it really pushes me. We never know what the image is going to be, Stacy surprises us each month with something new. And every month I dutifully download the image and quite often think “Where do I start with this”, occasionally it’s like Bingo! I KNOW exactly what to do with this and sometimes I just have to leave it on my desktop for a few days. I keep looking at it and then an idea or two emerge. Sometimes I give up, open it in PS and start dragging in textures, overlays, make several copies and run through Topaz Impressions, Adjust or Re Style, or even some Nik Efex, blend it all in together, scratch it and start again. That is how this months photo was. I have nicknamed it A Moment in Time, which is what all photos really are.Julie Powell_March_OPF

The original image was taken and submitted by Nancy Merrill, if you look really, really hard, you can still see  remnants of it.


So basically I took it into Photoshop, ran an abstract Topaz Impressions filter, and then added heaps of textures, extractions, then I started thinking about fractured moments in time and added the clock parts, then ran the hands through the liquefy filter. So many other things, adjustment layers, gradient filters and more. If you want to check out all of the other entries, please visit Stacy’s page.

Til next time, happy snapping…


One Photo Focus – February

Hi Folks, I can’t believe I almost forgot this month OPF Challenge. I missed my spot on Stacy’s wall, but I will still do my post. If you want to check out everyone else’s amazing image, please check them out here. I wanted to give it an old world feel; so I treated it with a charcoal and pencil effects in Topaz Impressions and then dropped a texture or two over it and converted to B&W. I also put a lovely big white frame around it, but it doesn’t really show up on a white page :-(..silly me.

Julie Powell_OPF_Feb16

This is the original image by Stacey from lensaddiction

OPF Image for Feb Full Size RAW

Well that’s it for this month, I will try to be more organised next month.


One Photo Focus -January, Laura Macky

January 2016……..amazing huh? I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Great New Year’s Eve. Another month and another One Photo Focus, this time from Laura Macky. I adore  Laura’s images so I really wanted to do justice to this one.

January OPF_5

  1. First I masked out the sky (not enough drama), and added in a new cloudy, stormy sky.
  2. Then in Topaz Adjust and ran a HDR Filter over it
  3. Then I added a peeling painted texture to the boat, as well as a rust texture on a separate layer, masking out all other areas
  4. Intensified the hue and saturation
  5. Added a abstract layer to give some additional colour and texture, especially to the grassy areas on the bottom and left, but masking out the boat, I wanted to keep the peeling paint and rust
  6. I then added the map as an over lay and masked out various areas I thought I didn’t need it
  7. I then applied a colour burn layer and brushed in additional colour to the image, more mauve in the sky, more yellow and red in the foreground
  8. Using special cloud brushes I added in more storm clouds
  9. Painted in additional colour and depth in the clouds
  10. Then ran it through Topaz Restyle and gave it a moody, stormy feel.
  11. Finally ran a frame around it

I did a few other versions as well (Painting and B&W, and Laura’s Original are below)…………but I was really happy with this one. Don’t forget to visit Stacy’s page to see all the other version

Til next time, happy snapping………