Tuesdays Textures…

I honestly don’t really have anything much to share today, art wise, I am still working on the photos from our trip; let alone any art! But I thought I would share this from Instagram.


This is a new character we have just started working with, he doesn’t even have a name yet! DesleyJane suggested Baron Von Wolfenstein (lol), but I just call him WolfMan…….I am sure something will come eventually.

So a funny story, while we were shooting this at Garfield Water Wheel in North West Victorian Gold Mining area, hubby was attempting to climb up these rocks (quite difficult in these gloves and mask) when a family with small children happened on us……..I was expecting screams when they saw the wolf. They did stop in their tracks and looked very confused, the Mother burst our laughing and explained to the children it was OK, that the wolf was really just a costume. Moth proceeded to remove the wolf head and THAT is when the kid started screaming! Ha Ha Ha, so funny the look on that kids face……….has he NEVER seen someone take off a mask before? πŸ™‚

Anyway this is just a grainy B&W image from the smart phone, I will eventually create some art from the photos taken and will share on here soon.

~ Julz


Regular Random – My Journal

This week for Regular Random, Desley posted the most gorgeous pics of some of her stationery, she openly admits to being obsessed, love her to bits, but I can’t say I share this particular obsession; however it did spark my 5 minutes of randomness this week. I don’t care what pen I use and I often have scrap bits of paper stuffed into my journal, but my journal is my creative life line, my obsession if you will. I carry it pretty much everywhere I go.Every time I get an idea it goes in there, see a cool idea, learn a new technique, I write it down. Oh, and this isn’t the only one, since I started this journey 2+ years ago, I have filled several of this journals and I randomly go back to them from time to time.

And yes……..technically I did cheat a touch by opening the journal, but hey how else do you get to see inside. Looking at these images it appears that I may not have a stationery fetish……..but a Post-Iit fetish……….never really noticed before, but I have A LOT of spots marked, lol. And yes I must admit this was another rushed job, I had planned to do something more exciting…but I’ll leave that for another day.

~ Julz



Monday’s Musings…

A wonderful week last week, followed by a wonderful weekend…had my first stab at underwater shoot……….learnt, that there is a lot to learn πŸ™‚


There is plenty to love in my marvellous Melbourne at this time of year, good weather and the multitude of public holidays……we have another long weekend right now, today is Labour Day and this weekend has been the Moomba Festival. Now don’t get me wrong I am sure it is loads of fun, Melbourne festivals always are………..but so many people, so instead we hit the Western Port Bay; Lara, You Yangs and Leopold.

We drive this road all the time, we have relatives in Geelong, but we rarely deviate from it, so today we went on the discovery path, headed out to Little River and went to the YouYangs…….yep kind of a funny name, even by Australia’s standards, but a lovely day for a drive. Mountain Bikes everywhere and there are dozens of Bike tracks, as well as AWD tracks, a bit bumpy in spots; but great views of giant granite boulders.

Then taking the scenic route Β via Lara, found a tumbled down house or two, then off to stay at my Aunt’s in Leopold……..not much to say but we had a lovely catch up, went out to dinner with one of my Cousins and her daughters. Out plant was to get up early and shoot sunrise at Clifton Springs Jetty. Honestly what is it about me and sunrise? We went to bed relatively early and set the alarms for 5am……..woke up and all we could hear was rain…….YES! Rain! So we rolled over and went back to sleep. Slept in as it were and woke to crystal blue skies and high fluffy clouds……..by the time we got organised it was almost midday, not the best time for long exposure, but we took some anyway! Played with the crystal ball a bit and then off for more adventure…….we drove out to Lara again, this time to Pirra Homestead, but locked up tight, no trespassers allowed kind of thing 😦 damn!

This time we went off to Serendip Sanctuary…….lovely grasslands and bush lands and wet lands Sanctuary for Australian animals, saw some emus, a few lizards, lots of birds, a Tawny Frog Mouth owl and some wallabies. Took too many photos (what’s new?) and then finally decided to make the long drive back home. Yes Monday is another day off, but things to do and people to see……..literally I had a planning day arranged with fellow artist Tony Stephenson for an upcoming workshop…more on that later.

So that’s about it the rest of this long weekend will be spent in editing and doing boring household chores………..yukk! I hope everyone has a fantastic week. You know I’ll write posts about each stop eventually, until then happy snapping…

~ Julz


Regular Random – Yucca Carnival in bloom

Every year my yucca carnival blooms about this time, I adore it….so pretty. So I thought for this weeks regular random I would feature it (it’s not like I can move Β it). Also shot on my new smartphone….sooc no edits. I got the latest Samsung S7….camera us awesome!

Visit Desley’s Page for more info and to see her stunning silver pear, and join us for a touch of regular random; just 5 minutes and it’s fun!

– Julz

Tech Review – CamFi

I asked for some very specific gifts for Christmas, and I was lucky enough to get most of them πŸ™‚


The first cab off the rank is Camfi, it is essentially a Wi-Fi adaptor for your camera, but is is so much more. I first saw it on a Studio session with Kim Klassen and it allows you to take complete control over your camera, remotely. You can adjust the EV, aperture, shutter speed, bracketing, focus point, ISO……..etc, etc, etc. It is quick and easy to set up and use.


  • It small and light weight, not much bigger than a smartphone (but it is a little thicker)
  • Quick to connect and set up
  • not much more in cost than a traditional wi-fi adapter for say Nikon D7100 (AUD$135.00)
  • works with lots of different brands and models
  • connects via you tether cable (the one to connect to PC to grab photos)
  • you can see live view on larger screen
  • focus is far superior (especially for macro) as you can zoom right in and focus and see better on larger screen
  • once set up there is no need to touch your camera, therefore NO Camera shake
  • allows you to put your camera in really awkward spaces and not yourself
  • Works with great App IOS and Android…….nice interface and easy to use
  • Look, share and work on images directly from the camera


  • due to being lightweight and small, occasionally blows around and the hot shoe does not fit the D7100, so I hang it from my tripod; it comes with a lanyard.
  • EV took a bit to figure out, you still need to eyeball it
  • A bit glitchy with my old Samsung Note 1.0 tablet…….possibly due to the older software on the tablet?
  • Occasionally freezes on Sony Smartphone as well, especially if trying to arrange a bracketed shot.
  • When freezes sometimes locks the whole camera up.
  • I found that sometimes my Home Wi-Fi kicked me off the Camfi…….but that could just be my system and not the camfi
  • User manual pretty useless
  • Not much technical help available if required

Camfi dangling from tripod, interface on tablet to the right, me sitting BTS taking it easy πŸ™‚

It is possible that the glitches are App based and may be fixed in time, but in general they are a small annoyance outweighed by the sheer freedom this device allows you, not just in the studio. I can’t wait to really get out and about with it. This below Sunset shot was taken with Camfi as well. No more aching back for me πŸ™‚



So is it worth the AUD$135.00? I say yes. I have used other apps, like the Nikon but it was clunking and glitched ALL the time and didn’t do half the stuff the Camfi can do. Sure it can be a little annoying, but in general it is a valuable tool, for someone with mobility problems, like me. I cannot sit or lay on the ground, but I can put the camera on the ground and use either my tablet or smartphone for my live view, and change all the settings without using my camera.

You can view photos on your tablet etc too and send, share and receive as well, all via the App.

Cheers, til next time happy snapping…

~ Julz

Monday Musings

Let me start out with it’s hot, really hot! OK Whinge over πŸ™‚

I really do think I am going to have to change back to Manic Mondays, On Tuesday I went back to the 9-5 after nearly three weeks off, man that was hard! Go to work and come home and run around, Buddy had a follow up at the vet……….he is doing really, really well. Hopefully this week they will give us the go ahead to let him have little walks…..baby steps. Then I spent Thursday after work racing around trying to find bits and pieces for a concept shoot arranged for Saturday, Friday setting up for said shoot, then pulling down as we ended up cancelling due to extreme heat 😦 rescheduled for next month.

So Saturday we went for a drive to Balnarring and Flinders, a friend of mine had the opening of an art exhibit, I wanted to see some more of his amazing work up close, support him and pick his brain. As I have just been offered my first gallery exhibit too! Not a solo exhibit, but we all have to start somewhere right? Scary as hell and I am madly trying to put everything together. How amazing is that it is in a gallery the city, so hopefully some good foot traffic to bring in some sales.

I also started Brooke Shaden’s 20 Day Portfolio Challenge…………that has been an eye opener and I have realised more than ever my stuff is just all over the place. Need to separate my Digital Art and my Photography I think. Man, I just got my website looking good too lol.

Sunday I had another shoot, this time for a special concept, would love to tell you but it is currently on the Do Not Disclose list; here is a BTS shot


You will get to see it in the next few weeks. What else have I been up too? Played around with my new Camfi adaptor, have been taking photos on my phone and editing them in PS Mobile, not overly happy with my phone camera still.


I spent a wonderful afternoon with a friend, fellow photographer and WP Blogger Suzanne and had a chat, lots of laughs and some photography fun. This is me taking a shot of her taking a shot of me………oh dear, what can one say. It was fun, I can’t wait to see her pics.


P.S. I am now completely over my ear infection (Hopefully for good), I just want to say thank you for everyone who wished me a speedy recovery, thank you. It’s nice to know so many people care πŸ™‚

I hope you all have an amazing week, I have a few things up my sleeve, but more on that later.

~ Julz




Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 21

This week’s challenge from The Girl who Dreams Awake is Peacefull, seems fitting. Not that my Christmas or NYE was hectic or stressful in any way, in fact it was fairly quiet and relaxing actually. But we did have quite a few people over for a BBQ yesterday and have now cleaned up and put everything back in order, my backyard paradise is now back the way it normally is, well mostly anyway πŸ™‚

I have even done a rarity and shared a pic from my phone.


Here is also a short video, I hope it works OK

Happy New Year Everyone……..may 2017 bring you much joy and happiness

~ Julz, xo



Spring Outings – Yarra Glen

On the Saturday we had torrential downpours, hail and in some places even snow -(OK, Melbourne you’ve had your joke, only 5 weeks til Summer, get your act together!), so we thought visiting Alowyn Gardens on the Sunday was a brilliant idea.

I completely missed out a few weeks back as I was ill and I really wanted to visit them again this Spring, this was my only real opportunity for quite a while, so we just did it, I took a couple of friends with us who had never been before, shame they missed the garden in ALL their glory, but it was still a beautiful morning out, albeit a bit cold still. But rugged up in all our Winter Woollies, we drive to Yarra Glen, grabbed a coffee and wandered around the beautiful French inspired gardens, they were setting up for a wedding that afternoon and there was also a wedding shoot going on while we were there, so I snuck a few pics of the bride and groom and even the cake! Unfortunately I missed the wisteria again, and many of the water Iris were badly damaged and faded,Β not a patch on last year. As we have been before, Moth decided to practice with the Macro lens only and I was focusing on still life aspects and flowers only. My friends were shooting anything and everything and oohing and aahing at every corner…..they really need to come back and see it in all it’s glory (and so do we).

We then went next door to the Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery, where we bought some lovely Gluten and Dairy Free yummies and then also had lunch on the heated deck overlooking the valley……….such a fabulous lunch, good friends and a great view.

We then headed over to Yellingbo, where Camelot Castle receptions was hosting a Medieval Festival. I have been past this place many times and also yearned to see what was inside, as it is usually by appointment or functions only. Due to lingering (and waiting) far too long over our lunch we only had 45 minutes here, but it was plenty of time, the actual reception venue itself was not really all that exciting, nor castle like as such, not like Kryal Kastle. However, the people in costume were wondrous and varied, mostly from the Gippsland Sword Play Group. I struck up a conversation with Daniel from the group and promptly a few picks and managed to get myself (and Hubby) invited to photograph a session……….more on that later. So we snapped a few pics of various people and the wonderful Yellingbo CFA (Country Fire Authority) Volunteers, made a charitable donation to such a worthy cause and then headed onto our next location.

As it really was not that far away I wanted to head back to Mount Burnett, I knew the Observatory would be closed, but I really love the view of the valley from up there.With all the rain we have had it was so impossibly green, that will change as soon as Summer gets here.


It was then time to head home, but it had been a delightful day out with some good friends, we even got a bit of sunshine on our way home.

Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz

See Differently…

During the month of October, Robyn at Captivate Me asked us to all join in with her wonderful See Differently Challenge. We all took 15 Photos challenging us to see the world around us in a new light……I personally really enjoyed the challenge and pushed myself to mainly use my Sony Smart Phone.Robyn then asked each of us to then come back on the 31st and share all our photos and which was our favourite and why.

What did I learn? Light it is beautiful, it is everywhere and it can make the most amazing pictures and lines and patterns. My Smart Phone is crap, sorryΒ  Sony,Β but the Xperia has a horrible camera, nothing like the Samsung or Apple…….never getting one again, as a phone it’s fine but as a photographer; BLAH!!!!! The Lenka App in B&W can make it bearable. Nothing beats my Nikon DSLR.

So what were my favourite photos? Definitely the sparklers (Image 12), and yes it is a stage shot, but so much fun! I also love the old rabbit I found (Image 11), but my absolute favourite was the macro shoot I did with my Protea, check it out.


15 – Purple Flower


14 – Hail on window


13 – Spring Clouds


12 – Sparklers in glass jars


11 – Old Stuffed Rabbit


10 – Sunlight through front door


9- Sunlight through Leaf


8 – Sunlight on jewelled plant


7 – B&W Cobwebs on chair


6 – Post Its


5 – Promotional Material


4 – Protea in Macro


3 – Shadows on wicker furniture in B&W


2 – Roses hanging up to dry


1 – B&W Elephant statue in my Office

Head on over to Robyn’s Page for more info and check out the #seedifferently2016 to see everyone else’s amazing pics.

~ Julz