In the studio – Still Life

I really am enjoying the rich deep tones of my new door, and wanted to capture some more pretty still life. All of these captured with lovely soft afternoon natural side light (from camera left) ~ Julz

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Share your world – 22nd January 2020

Time for another Share Your World QUESTIONS: Where do you get your news? Mostly from Facebook, sounds bad I know, but if it’s important people are usually talking about it! But then sometimes it can become a bit too much and I need to switch off from that too. I rarely watch the news as it…

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Getting out of your comfort zone is great for creativity — Photofocus

Getting out of your comfort zone is great for creativity. It not only gets the heart pumping but can also get the brain thinking. I have been working with a new client, who is a fantastic creative herself and her brief was for ‘a riot of color’ for Mardi Gras costume pieces. 21 more words

via Getting out of your comfort zone is great for creativity — Photofocus

In the studio – new door

I have been on the lookout for some time for a few vintage props; tin tile, sash window pane and a door of a manageable size and all at a manageable price. I recently visited yet another renovators warehouse and hoped to find a few treasures to come home. While I did find some treasures,…

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Mondays Musings

I can pretty much say I am officially back from break lol…it’s been a super busy, but fun weekend. It’s hard to believe we have almost hit the end of January. The weather has been up and down, we had smoke clear and return, we had rain come and go, yesterday some parts of Melbourne…

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Share your world – 15th Jan 2020

Another week and Australia is still on fire, and I do mean Australia, I believe every state now has its own problems. Although quieter and not so extreme for the last few days. The heat and winds are picking up again, Summer storms are on their way this afternoon for us here in Victoria. Let’s…

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In the studio – Rainbow Brite

In between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, we snuck in the very last photoshoot for 2019, boy was it a doozy. I must admit at first I was a tad uncomfortable with the session brief, but the more I thought about it, the more excited I actually become. Using REAL paint and throwing it…

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Lotus blossom buds study two

Yesterday I posted images from my natural light studio shoot with my newly acquired lotus buds. This is the next session, still natural light, but this time much darker and more subdued, coming back to my dark and moody. So, so pretty… ~ Julz

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