Imagecraft Bootcamp – Introspective

Mitch asks us to attempt to run our own Introspective Gallery on photos posted this last 12 months. This both daunting and frustrating, I have posted so many photos, but my favourite is always the one I just took.

So here is my gallery, the very first is my latest artistic shot – Angel, I spent several hours in the studio experimenting with lighting and minimal props. I love the moody, dramatic low key lighting. The rest of the shots I found in my media library, I picked the images that spoke to me, and still do. One thing I have noticed over the last twelve months is my sense of the dramatic. There is colour but I still tend to favour a more dramatic light; especially with people and animals. Perhaps my style is starting to emerge?

til next time, happy new year for 2016, travel safe and happy snapping


Imagecraft Bootcamp – Christmas Lights

This week Mitch brought us images of what Christmas looks like in his area. I did a post on the local street lights, but if you really want to see some pretty lights head into the city. No time this year, but here are a few from last year.

Here is wishing you all a very Merry Christmas,


Photorehab Cover Maker Over – Challenge 20

Yay! Lucile & DJ are back and so is the Cover Makeover. Challenge 20 is the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben; I have heard of it, but not read it.

“The Happiness Project is one of the most thoughtful works on happiness to have emerged from the recent explosion of interest in the subject. Rubin weaves together philosophy, scientific research, history, analysis, and real-life experiences as she explains what worked for her—and what didn’t. Her conclusions are sometimes counter-intuitive – for example, she finds that money can buy happiness, when spent correctly – but they resonate with readers of all backgrounds.”

More info on this book can be found here.

So firstly, I thought about what would make me happy (not having read the book) and I figured about having no time constraints, Being out with nature and being in control of my life (like that REALLY happens).

  • So I started with an urban concrete / dirty marble background
  • I added a clock face and removed the hands
  • I added a butterfly instead of the clock hands, and then…
  • I thought hands! So put it all in the palm of my hand!
  • I then added the Title using a new font called Betty Noir from 1001Fonts.
  • I was not totally happy with how the bottom text looked on it’s own, so I added a banner underneath.
  • I then added some drop shadows and did a Poster edge Filter for an edgier more cartoonish feel.

The Happiness Project

I feel happy just looking at the cover now, I might have to get myself a copy to read over Summer. Can’t wait for next week, glad to have you back ladies!!


Photorehab101 Imagecraft Bootcamp – My First Image

First Photos-5This week in Imagecraft Bootcamp, Mitch ask us to show, explore and reminisce about our early forays into photography. This is cool for some and I have already enjoyed reading other’s tales, however mine will be a little different. Sure we had a camera growing up, it was mostly my Mum who took the photos, I don’t really ever remember getting on the other side until I was much older. The first photos I remember taking were of my pets (My cat Tammy to the left is the earliest photo I actually remember taking), sometimes of friends……….it wasn’t til I was in my late teens that I really took any interest, I took Media at school and this covered photography, mostly B&W………there are some photos somewhere, but I am not sure where. I even saved up and bought a second hand Olympus SLR (I still have it). Photography was horribly expensive and I did not have much available money back then, I didn’t have access to a dark room once I left school; so it kind of slid out of existence. In my early twenties I was young and more into partying and I rarely took any photos, I would go on a binge every now and then on holidays, but that was about it.

Even when my kids were born, sure we took photos on a cheap crappy instant camera, my SLR gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. I was taken with the tiny world on instant cameras, even had a polaroid at one stage. I took photos, got them developed, sighed at how blah they really were and shoved them in a box in the cupboard……….I didn’t even really put any in albums! If I wanted nice photos of the kids, I took them to a photographer! (Oh the irony)

Then the digital age began, I bought a digital camera………….took a few snaps, nothing overly exciting, got another camera and took a few more snaps on holidays and what have you, used a camera at work for various product shots, again nothing really exciting.The camera was just something you used to take a few holiday snaps, it was not an art form (Boy was I wrong).

Jump ahead to October 2014 (yes that recent), and for various reasons I wont bother to go into I started to write this blog. I started to connect with other bloggers, as you do and started seeing some amazing photos, I mean really seeing for the first time. It sparked my creativity, my imagination, I spent hours looking at some truly gob smacking imagery on the net. I started talking to these people and asking how they did it……….I was not immune to Photoshop, I used it with my job…………..but not like this. I then made the decision that I wanted to do this, I wanted to learn Photography, I mean really learn it.

So in November 2014 I bought my First Digital SLR camera, a Nikon D5300 and a kit lens. It stayed on Auto for awhile. I then joined some Photography groups and started to learn. I was obsessed when I took my first really good photos, and then learned how to process them properly. Then I started Photo101 and Blogging 101, and met more people learned more about photography, shot ALL THE TIME, then people started asking me to take their photo. I realised I was actually pretty good with portraits, so I started do more and more, eventually I started asking for money; just to cover costs more than anything. I set up a studio in the garage, bought and made rigging, lights, backdrops, props. Then people started asking me for newborn shots, kids, and I started doing Photoshop fantasy shots, combining my photography talent and my photoshop skills.

Jump ahead a few months and I meet yet more people who have taught me so much, about technique, composition, long exposures, astrophotography, light painting. I am trying it all. My passion and drive piqued something in my husband and now he is almost as obsessed as I am (although he does not like portraits), so we now spend our weekends travelling all over our local area, taking photos, meeting people, making friends. It is a whole new aspect of our life; we have never had so much fun!

So my journey in what I classify as real photography is barely 1 year old, but it has been one hell of a year, now the camera is a natural extension to myself, I feel naked, untethered, unnatural without it. Wow I have rambled on, haven’t I? I will leave you now with a gallery of some pics from the last few weeks.


Imagecraft Bootcamp – Making Lemonade

It seems I am running a little behind on this week’s challenge (so unlike me, I know), so this week Mitch is asking us to make lemonade for Imagecraft Bootcamp. I don’t have any ‘film’ photos which I can use, but I have plenty of   “whiskeytangoFOXTROT HAPPENED???  GAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh.” moments.

Original Image

Original Image

OK so not exactly over exposed film but still a WTF? I took some photos of this lovely couple (at a wedding I was working); so interesting to meet, talk to and explore their ink! I got home and this was the best one??????????? Oh dear! Not good, but I have tried to recover, maybe Mitch could do a better job, maybe it’s a hopeless cause?

Recovery B&W

Recovery B&W


Recovery V1

Still very grainy and her face has lost the depth and detail. The B&W is still grainy, but that’s OK, but there is still too much shadow on her face. Shame as I really like the photo, just not all the shadows.

We have spent the last few weeks on recovery, which I guess is fitting, as oft times that’s all we seem to be doing is fixing less than stellar images. I would however, really like to see some more on various other features in Lightroom as well.

Til next time………..happy snapping (and recovering)…….


PhotoRehab Cover Makeover – The Romantic Manifesto by Ayn Rand

Photorehab Cover Makeover this week is a book by Ayn Rand, the Romantic Manifesto, I must confess to not being familiar with this author, so I followed Lucile & Desley’s links for a little research. After some thought I decided that I wanted to base the book’s cover on an artistic journey of life and rebirth. I have done another piece recently called The Beauty Within, which I also featured a butterfly; there is something tangible and beautiful in a butterfly. However it is brief, a continual struggle for continuing survival. From Larvae, to caterpillar to butterfly and back again. Perhaps not necessarily what the book is entirely about, but I wanted to keep the simplicity. I did two versions, I am not sure which one I prefer, I kind of like the dirty grungy version, but the clean simple one is more like the original; so I put both!

Julie Powell_ Manifesto_1 Julie Powell_ Manifesto_2

Wow, I really got a bit arty farty all hippy on the text above, sometimes I look too deeply into something I am working on, sometimes I just play. I guess I got deep on this one!

Anyway, til next time………..Happy snapping, creating, blogging or what ever else takes your fancy!


Imagecraft Bootcamp – Creepy (Warning!)

This week for Mitch’s Bootcamp he decided to go with a Halloween Motive, here is my version…………….my Halloween this year has been pre occupied with Zombies, they have currently taken over Melbourne. Literally just running some filters, gradient and radial filters, as well as adjusting the colours.



So…………… it creepy enough?