Regular Random, Five Minutes with some Cupcakes

I was actually a little spoiled for choice after my Sweet tooth workshop yesterday, after everyone left I was playing with what remained, we originally started with 6 beautiful cupcakes…


And yes I will admit to a little tampering, I did move them around, but hey I am creative like that LOL. I also was left with some macarons……..but that will be saved for next week.

For more info and to see Desley’s wonderful Pens she posted this week, visit her page

OH……….and no I did not eat any of them, aren’t I good?

~ Julz

Regular Random – 5 Minute Roses

I was at a loss as to what to shoot for this week’s Regular Random, hence why it is so late, but I was cleaning up the studio and just about to throw out these almost dead roses, and then the late afternoon sunlight hit them, I pulled one out and placed on the table, then grabbed my camera and went to work.

Something so pretty about this poor wilted blossom, I love the eucalypt leaves as well.

For more information, visit Desley Jane’s page, but for now I think I’m finally done for this week’s challenge 🙂

~ Julz

Regular Random – Last of the Hydrangeas

On a recent trip looking for awesome Autumn colour I came across this almost spent Hydrangea bush, refusing to give up on the last fragments of blooms, almost devoid of colour.

I spent at least five minutes and took way too many photos of this stunning plant, for it truly was with it’s subtle blues, pinks, mauve and cream set admit a riot of Autumn red, orange and yellow. You can see it just on the right of the below photo, it was quite large.


So I thought I would use this as my Five Minute Regular Random this week. Such a gorgeous spot in Mount Macedon, at The Gardens of Tieve Tara. I will post more images on these gardens soon.

For more information or to join us in Regular Random, check out Desley Jane’s page

~ Julz

Regular Random – Mother’s Day Flowers

Desley might be taking a break, but I decided I would continue on…….Poor girl is so busy. Anyway I finally got around to taking some photos of my Mother’s Day flowers from my daughter. I left the flowers where they were and moved myself and the blackboard I use to block unwanted light and as a backdrop. I decided to take the gerberas out and shot them on their own…..they were the stars 🙂

Oh this is the rest of the flowers, still so pretty, but I just was not sure WHAT to concentrate on.


Til next week, happy snapping…

~ Julz

Five Minutes @ The Block Arcade, Regular Random

This week’s regular random the object is a actually a place, so I moved around inside it, as opposed to around the outside of it. The Block Arcade in Melbourne’s inner city; I literally spent just five minutes in this interesting little arcade in Melbourne, famous for it’s lovely original vintage architecture and shops; Hopetoun Tea Rooms, KoKoBlack, Haig’s Chocolates just to mention a few………and yes I then went in and bought something yummy in Haigs’ Chocolates! I saw these macaroons and immediately thought of Desley, no I didn’t buy any, but aren’t they just so gorgeous.

This was all shot on my Olympus point and shoot, not too shabby. For me information on Regular Random, visit Desley Page and check it out.

~ Julz

Five Minutes @ Doughnut Time, Regular Random


This week’s regular random is quite special, well for me anyway. First I rarely do street photography, as most of you know, but this day it seemed fitting. Second, and most importantly I shot it with Desley. We had met up for lunch in Fitzroy and had just enjoyed a lovely lunch and wander through the Rose Street Artists Market, we started to wander the streets looking for graffiti and thought it might be fun to both shoot our regular random on the same subject; at the same time.

Desley used the Art setting on her camera and got some very cool effects…….don’t forget to check out her pics from her post. I felt that due to the area, the hipster vibe, the street art and the cliche doughnut shop, I really wanted to process as least some of them in over contrast B&W. I normally feel so self conscious shoot street photography, but with both of us together, it felt safe and comfortable.

It’s actually a cool spot for five minutes of random…….and as Desley just reminded me, NO doughnuts were consumed by us during the shoot! OMG what is wrong with us? lol


Well at least someone enjoyed them with a coffee. For more info on Regular Random, visit Desley’s Page; just shoot one object for five minutes and move only yourself and not the object.

~ Julz


Regular Random – Antique Keys

Last week’s Fob Watch post sparked the idea for this week’s post with the same set up and different subject; a set of replica antique keys. As it turns out there really isn’t a whole lot to photograph with a set of keys, so I got all artsy and out of focus, over exposed etc.


I think next week I need to go find some flowers 🙂

Don’t forget to visit Desley Jane’s page for all the details of Regular Random.  Til then, happy snapping…

~ Julz

Regular Random – The Fob Watch

As per usual I seem to be running behind on this challenge, but I have hopefully made good on something a little more interesting.

I needed some better images of my Fob Watch for an image I was working on…

JuliePowell_Alice, TickTock

Tick, Tock, Time Keeper

So I thought I might actually set up a little mini photo shoot, with my Fob Watch as the star. I have had this particular watch for nearly 30 years and there is a sad little story to go along with it, maybe one day I’ll go into details, but it was a whole other life ago. I dragged it out of hiding perhaps a little more than a year ago and it has sweet bitter memories, but now I am creating new memories, sweet, funny and creative memories. So I set myself up for 5 minutes, using one studio light and my Nifty Fifty.


Oh and they are not in B&W………just very little colour 🙂 silver watch, white cloth, grey stoneware bowl.

Want to join in on Regular Random? Visit Desley Jane’s BlogDesley Jane’s Blog, Robyn at Captivate Me has some stunning shots this week of pears as well

~ Julz


Regular Random – My Journal

This week for Regular Random, Desley posted the most gorgeous pics of some of her stationery, she openly admits to being obsessed, love her to bits, but I can’t say I share this particular obsession; however it did spark my 5 minutes of randomness this week. I don’t care what pen I use and I often have scrap bits of paper stuffed into my journal, but my journal is my creative life line, my obsession if you will. I carry it pretty much everywhere I go.Every time I get an idea it goes in there, see a cool idea, learn a new technique, I write it down. Oh, and this isn’t the only one, since I started this journey 2+ years ago, I have filled several of this journals and I randomly go back to them from time to time.

And yes……..technically I did cheat a touch by opening the journal, but hey how else do you get to see inside. Looking at these images it appears that I may not have a stationery fetish……..but a Post-Iit fetish……….never really noticed before, but I have A LOT of spots marked, lol. And yes I must admit this was another rushed job, I had planned to do something more exciting…but I’ll leave that for another day.

~ Julz



Regular Random – Yucca Carnival in bloom

Every year my yucca carnival blooms about this time, I adore it….so pretty. So I thought for this weeks regular random I would feature it (it’s not like I can move  it). Also shot on my new smartphone….sooc no edits. I got the latest Samsung S7….camera us awesome!

Visit Desley’s Page for more info and to see her stunning silver pear, and join us for a touch of regular random; just 5 minutes and it’s fun!

– Julz