Tuesday’s Textures…

After my Outback Adventure this is the first piece of art I created…..more abstract than my usual art. I have recently discovered an artist Marcela Bolivar, wonderful stuff go check her out. But I did manage to download some of her creative backgrounds from her Deviantart page, which I have been using. The tree image is by Marko Rautavesi from my Awak Collaboration Group. There is also some Anna Aspnes stuff and my own bits and pieces too. I also employed a fair bit of Typography; also not my ‘thing’ but here I feel it works.

Julie Powell_Art is the Air I breathe

Art is the air I breathe

~ Julz

Tuesdays Textures…

I honestly don’t really have anything much to share today, art wise, I am still working on the photos from our trip; let alone any art! But I thought I would share this from Instagram.


This is a new character we have just started working with, he doesn’t even have a name yet! DesleyJane suggested Baron Von Wolfenstein (lol), but I just call him WolfMan…….I am sure something will come eventually.

So a funny story, while we were shooting this at Garfield Water Wheel in North West Victorian Gold Mining area, hubby was attempting to climb up these rocks (quite difficult in these gloves and mask) when a family with small children happened on us……..I was expecting screams when they saw the wolf. They did stop in their tracks and looked very confused, the Mother burst our laughing and explained to the children it was OK, that the wolf was really just a costume. Moth proceeded to remove the wolf head and THAT is when the kid started screaming! Ha Ha Ha, so funny the look on that kids face……….has he NEVER seen someone take off a mask before? 🙂

Anyway this is just a grainy B&W image from the smart phone, I will eventually create some art from the photos taken and will share on here soon.

~ Julz


Tuesday’s Textures – The Gabriel Collaboration

The Gabriel Collaboration was started by an Nigerian Artist by the name Gabriel Olude; I know him through Awake. He had this idea to share 50 photos of his models, he calls his Muses with 50 other artists. We in turn share with him 20 images of our photos with him, we have our own private Facebook Group and share our creations. Many of us have offered our images to others within the group as well. So what’s the point of all this? Nothing really, but to create some wonderful art with images we may otherwise would not have access to.

Julie Powell_Mother Nature

Mother Nature – Original Photo by Gabriel Olude


Doorway – Original Photo by Gabriel Olude

JuliePowell_Gabriel's Muse_1

Gabriel’s Muse #1 – Original Photo by Gabriel Olude


Roses – Original Photo by Gabriel Olude

JuliePowell_On Moonlit Wings

On Moonlit Wings – Original Photo by Anna Karina

I am still working my way through so many images, but it is fun…no time constraints, no clients, just pure creativity.

~ Julz

Kaizen Project – Project 7

The Kaizen Project worked on some very intense personal works last month, we each picked a cause or charity to work for, we each created a one or more pieces of art which we were going to donate to our chose charity for use as a fundraiser or images for website or brochures etc. Through Big Magic or Karma, Hayley entered my world and I was suddenly made aware of Domestic Violence……I knew it existed of course, but I was never faced with it, not did I know anyone who was a survivor….or so I thought. Though while I was correct in believing I knew nothing about it, I did actually find out many woman I knew through my art, came to art as a means of healing themselves after suffering domestic violence.

JuliePowell_Silence from within

Silence from Within

JuliePowell_Seeking Answers

Seeking Answers

Julie Powell_Quieting the storms from within

Quieting the storms from within



JuliePowell_Duplicity amongst us

Duplicity amongst Us

JuliePowell_Searching for other worlds

Searching for other worlds

Even though these images were originally sparked from for artwork by the likes of Brooke Shaden and various others, they took on a new life and meaning of their own after talking with Hayley. I wanted to bring her stories to life, her hopes and dreams, feelings of renewal, frustrations and learning to be herself again. These were not long, deep and meaningful conversations……I am sure these will come in time, but snippets of her life. So here is Hayley’s story and it sparked an idea for a new and exciting adventure, time for me to give back, but more on this later.

Each month the Kaizen Project, made up of 500 dedicated artist worldwide, work collectively and individually on a set project, often this is for a good cause and our time and art are offered for free. Want to learn more about becoming a digital artist, learn amazing techniques, be part of a group of like minded people who support and inspire you every step of the way, and be inspired by a world class Mentor? Check out Photoshop Artistry, hands down the best online Photoshop Course out there…….oh and if you think you KNOW Photoshop? LOL I thought I did too, seriously this course has taught me so much, from there I then enrolled in AWAKE and I have never looked back, I have learnt from the course and from people I have met everything from image creation to photography, to staging, lighting and conceptual art.

~ Julz

Tuesday’s Textures…The Tarot

I know I wrote last week about the new series I have started based loosely on the Rider Waite Tarot Card deck, and I am pretty sure I wrote a post about the actual deck of cards, somewhere in the deep murky past; I just can’t find it. No Matter Google to the rescue more info here. So…….back on topic I came up with the start of an idea when I found the cards again, but had so much stuff on the go I put it on the backburner for 2017. Slowly my images are dropping into my lap………I am not kidding; it’s like I have a genie or something. I needed to find sword, cup, wand and pentacle for the minor arcana and some of the major. I said one day I need to find a sword, nothing fancy just a plain medievale type broadsword…..but not so heavy. BAM! I walk into a store who were selling the perfect plastic sword, at 50% off! Then one of my models asked if I had anything in planning and I said yes you would be perfect, booked that weekd, BAM! Melissa is just perfect with her long red hair.



JuliePowell_Page of Swords

Page of Swords

JuliePowell_The Hierophant

The Hierophant


The Sun

Even the coins in The Sun were recently bough for another shoot.

The Cup happened in pretty much the same way, I was on eBay looking for something else and this randomly popped up, not to expensive and perfect Wiccan goblet for my needs. I had just booked my Date with Hayley (New Model), when my goblet turned up via courier from UK!…….so here is the start of the Cup cards


Page of Cups


Ace of Cups

Models, props, ideas are flowing freely on this one, so many ideas and not enough time to shoot! Already have another shoot lined up soon and now need to find Pentacles (Perhaps I will find something perfect or make it) and a Wand or Staff. Perhaps they will suddenly turn up now, as I have need for them soon.

As you can see most of the images are square cropped, but once a top and tail are added, they can be used to perhaps make a deck of cards. I will post more as they get done, a sneak peek.

~ Julz


Tuesday’s Textures…

Last month’s Kaizen Group Challenge was inspired by the amazing Artist Brooke Shaden, now she does not do Steampunk (well I don’t think so), but it is her methods and use of textures, objects and story creation that in part inspired this piece.



Now I have not really done much Steampunk before either but I bought some Steampunk kits from Mischief Circus and I really wanted to play. My Model Luke again. I actually did quite a few images using Luke, we did a shoot months ago, and we did some strange stuff in hopes I would someday use them……..and now I have 🙂 .



This is another piece using Model – Lizzy D photo by Caroline Julia Moore, titled “Portal” what if you could step through one door and be transported to another world? Frankly I was just playing around and loved how it turned out, so did Ms Lizzy D who contacted me and thanked me and asked to put it on her Facebook page………how cool is that?

~ Julz


Tuesday’s Textures…

Today’s image is a collection or composite of several different photos, a collection from February’s ShiftArt.com challenge. I had this spark of inspiration while looking at the cup, I often day dream over my morning coffee, I love the symbolism of the sun breaking through the clouds…how I feel when the caffeine kicks in lol.


Morning Coffee

The birds on the spoon idea came from no where……just decided it would look cool and they do, then figured I need birds flying out of the clouds and past the steam rising from the cup. The colours didn’t quite gel so I turned it into a high contrast B&W.

I have even created a YouTube clip on how I created it……here

~ Julz

New Inspiration…

I love a great collage image and over the last few months I have on and off, played around with a few varying different style. I have recently just found a new source of inspiration in Maggie Taylor, Oh My, where has this woman been hiding? So much love for her work, truly amazing.


The Magic Hour

Thus inspired, I started playing with a few bits and pieces from ItKupilli. Her images are so fantastical and full of whimsy; her Almost Alice series are breath takingly beautiful and haunting, actually all her images are.

~ Julz