The Good Old Days?

Damn right, couldn’t agree more

Stuff my dog taught me

bubblegumAh… the glorious days of my youth.  How much better things were back in the good old days, when children knew their manners, schools taught math the right way, and you could eat a peanut butter sandwich in public without a swarm of helicopter parents swooping down as though you were the Uni-bomber.  So many memories…

  • Sunday drives with the family.  Curled up on the backseat with a pillow and a book (and no pesky seatbelt).  Window cracked open a bit so the smoke from my parents’ cigarettes wouldn’t make my eyes water.
  • Learning my ABCs and my 123s in the old-fashioned way, with spelling bees and times tables, and a sweet looking little old lady teacher who sat at a wooden desk.  With a wooden ruler which she might occasionally swat across a set of knuckles.
  • Dinner at home every evening.  Eaten on TV trays in front of the…

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So You Just Got Your First Camera

If there is anyone else out there just starting to play with their first SLR or even if they are just getting back into after a VERY long time (and can’t really remember it all) this blog is great……….really recomend it


Since I’m just starting this blog I’m going to make the assumption that you also just got your camera, so today I’m going to cover some tips and tricks for setting up and using your camera that I’ve noticed new photographers tend to overlook.

Focusing the Viewfinder

2014-09-25 21.45.37

One of the first things you should do with a new camera is make sure the viewfinder is properly focused for your eyes.  This is especially important if you’re like me and have fairly poor eyesight and ensures that what you’re seeing when composing your shot is also what your camera is seeing.  The focus adjustment is called the diopter and is generally located right next to the viewfinder as shown on my camera (Nikon D90) in the picture above.  One of the easiest ways to make sure the diopter on an optical viewfinder is properly focused is to turn the camera off, remove…

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I Hate You

I couldn’t agree more, Cancer is a Bitch!

Uniquely Koka

I recently stumbled upon 4 Times and Counting‘s post Am I Doing Breast Cancer Right? I admire her willingness to come right out for the world to read. I was grateful that someone was willing to offer that that cancer isn’t “the best thing that’s ever happened to us.”

Cancer sucks. Cancer can go suck it. Cancer needs to go away. I can’t say enough how much I hate cancer. One of my sisters had leukemia when she was little, going through chemo during kindergarten; she hated her wig so the kids teased her for being bald. Now she’s in her 40s and has three kids and one grandchild.

One of my sisters had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

One of my stepbrothers had leukemia and was cured; because he wouldn’t take care of himself, he has relapsed.

My mother-in-law had breast cancer two years ago and was cured. Now she has…

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A Touch

A Touch

We connect on so many different levels, a look, a word, a touch. It is our humanity we lose when there is no connection. The ultimate connection we make is to our Soul Mate. This is my Daughter’s wedding; a couple so young and sweet, it was a romantic and perfect day, they only had eyes for each other. This a very special photos I have taken and added a few filters to soften and highlight the vibrant colors of the flowers.

– Julz

How to eat local during the zombie apocalypse

Wow…I guess I never really thought about the food side….I figured I’d get got early on and eat everyone else!!!!


Admit it: You’ve been watching too many horror movies this week — which means you’ve probably also been planning your survival strategy for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Familiar questions include: ‘Hit the gun shop with all the other trigger-happy humans, or hunker down through the initial bloodbath to clean up on melee weapons like axes and golf clubs?’* ‘Gather a crew of cautiously loyal friends or go lone wolf?’* and the inevitable: ‘To boat or not to boat?’*

But while stockpiling ammo and antibiotics is all well and good, have you thought much about your menu? With probable months of blood-soaked terror ahead of you, you’re going to want to make sure you’re not facing the interpersonal and existential stresses of the apocalypse on beer nuts and Twinkies.

Just in time for these seasonal visions of hangry undead to set in, Modern Farmer’s Cathy Barrow comes to our rescue…

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