Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Industrial

Cee’s Fun Foto challenge this week features Industrial, as much as I love Urbex, I’m not really a big one for Industrial, unless it’s really old and falling apart.


So I guess I am going for more of an Urbex Industrial feel on these……..a burnt out truck from the Black Saturday bushfires and what remains of the Eldorado Gold Dredge near Beechworth, VIC.

~ Julz

WPC – Rare

OK, rare huh? How are these guys for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge? I was doing some urban exploration at an abandoned wool mill; that was popular to photographers, models, cosplayers, drone fliers, movie makers…….etc, etc, etc. I climbed up a ladder and a shadow loomed over me and in a deep booming voice asked “What are you doing here” I looked up and saw Batman………yep, Batman! My heart did a little flip, I mean seriously this is not what you expect on a random shoot!



There was another photographer, as well as Joker and Harlequin……….it was just so cool, and then they offered to pose for me too! How could I refuse?

Now THAT is a rare opportunity.


Hosier Lane Art Installation

A recent trip into Melbourne had me in Hosier Lane, I was fortunate to witness an Artist at work on a new installation. He used roller brushes, spray cans, brushes and spray bottles; it was all quite fascinating to watch, I wonder if they have a firm vision before they start or is it mapped out before hand…….or do they just wing it? and paint what ever feels right?


I did not however catch his name. Shame, but I bet by now it has been tagged or covered over, art in this alley for most is fleeting.



Autumn Outings – Little Ballerina Lost

A little while back I did a Fashion Photo Shoot in Melbourne’s iconic Hosier Lane or Graffiti Alley. It was a huge amount of fun, but while we were waiting for our models to show, we were witnessed to another shoot going on…….it was two girls working on a school media project. We were actually asked if we would join in and pose as paparazzi – no real stretch there. In which we could take as many photos as we wanted……….score.

The problem was I did not have my settings right and some of the images are blurry and indistinct………..it’s funny I love them. I treated most of them with harsh and dramatic filters, such as HDR and high contrast and saturation, as juxtaposed with the idea of a pretty ballerina. One was so blurry I gave it a Degas Dancer filter in Topaz. I think they are kind of cool.

One of the things I love about Melbourne, it is full of creative, energetic people; you NEVER know just what you will find around the next street corner.

Til Next time, travel safe and happy snapping…




Summer Outings – Pentridge Prison Ghost Tours

This is not your normal Summer Family Outing and it’s been a little while since we did one, but we love a good Ghost Tour, in fact I don’t think I have ever written a post about one. We did one of Melbourne CDB, which was mostly a walking history tour of the early days with some dismemberment thrown in, the whole Underbelly and Squizzy Taylor Days.We also did another of Beechworth Gaol and Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum (I am doing it again in September too). That was in a derelict mansion with screeching possums.Lots of fun.Anyway, with a group of friends (6 in total) we recently did a tour of the now closed HM Pentridge Prison, Coburg, Victoria.


wp-1456666654700.jpgHM Prison Pentridge was a prison built in 1850 in Coburg, Victoria. The first prisoners arrived in 1851. The original structure was made from wood, yep, that will keep criminals nicely locked away. Apparently fire, or even simply kicking down the door had not occurred to those in authority at the time. So a large Bluestone building was built.According to our Lantern Ghost Tour Guide, Ross, the first prisoners were women and they were all in one large dormitory style accommodation, apparently they thought THAT would be a GOOD IDEA at the time too………didn’t last long, and ended in a Coronial Inquiry into Gross Sexual Deviancy!

Pentridge Prison was often known by the nickname “The Bluestone College”, “Coburg College” or the “College of Knowledge”, as young criminals came out better prepared for a more profitable criminal career, than when they came in, learning from those on the inside what NOT to do to get caught.

The prison was split into many divisions, named using letters of the alphabet.

  • A – Short and long-term prisoners of good behaviour but during the late 1980s till its closure it became a scene of many monthly bashings, stabbings and bludgeonings.
  • B – Long-term prisoners with behaviour problems
  • C – Vagabonds and short term prisoners, where Ned Kelly was imprisoned (Demolished early 1970s)
  • D – Remand prisoners
  • E – A dormitory division housing short term prisoners
  • F – Remand and short-term
  • G – Psychiatric problems
  • H – High security, discipline and protection
  • J – Young Offenders Group- Later for long-term with record of good behaviour
  • Jika Jika – maximum security risk and for protection, later renamed K Division

We went into D Division, where the last prisoners executed in Australia (man and woman), were housed.Ronald Ryan was the last man executed at Pentridge Prison and in Australia. Ryan was hanged in “D” Division at 8.00 on 3 February 1967 after being convicted of the shooting death of a prison officer during a botched escape from the same prison. Later that day, Ryan’s body was buried in an unmarked grave within the “D” Division prison facility. The last person, a woman to be hanged was 16 years prior to this.D Division saw the likes of Peter Dupas, Mark ‘Chopper’ Reid, Squizzy Taylor, Julian Knight, and Christopher Dale Flannery amongst many, many others.

The prison officially closed on 1 May 1997. Since decommissioning, the prison has been partly demolished to make way for a housing development. We heard many stories of murder, intrigue and strange sightings, from within the prison walls, it was eerily dark and we were kept to a fairly confined area. Once the tour completed we were free to roam the halls of D Division for 20 minutes for photos etc.It was all really spooky and a lot of fun………..sadly no ghosts or strange goings on. Oh and the Pentagram on the cell floor? Apparently an inmate or two was into the dark arts, Eddie Leonski.

Anyway if you have never done a Lantern Ghost tour, check them out, I am sure someone will be doing one near you!


Fabulous Friday – Light Painting

Picnic DinnerI thought I’d follow this morning’s post on Deanne Holmer with some of my pics and exploits from the recent light painting workshop. Just a few months ago, we were standing around mid winter in very cold conditions, possibly considering set fire to our toes, just to keep warm lol. Moth and I had no real idea what we were doing and did not know anyone we were going to meet, in a strange place we had never been. Jump forward a few months………………it was a very warm, humid night full of summer like thunderstorms, we had now been to Bradmills a few times and knew where we were going and what we wanted to achieve, and of course we now knew our Hosts – Dee & Bill.

We arrived early and quickly made our rounds to check out the new artworks, amid the clutter, rubbish, car bodies and junk. There was a lot more debris this time, and it appears to have become a dumping ground as well as an artists collective of sorts. Managed to snap a few sunset shots, but not very impressive (the big storm came later).

Courtesy Melbourne Photography Excursions

Courtesy Melbourne Photography Excursions

We then had the ‘safety talk’, group photo and the first demonstrations, as it was getting dark. Just as Bill was getting right into the Flaming Fire orbs and such the big storm hit……..I have to confess to being a little torn, there was a lot of lightning outside, but Bill’s fire balls were still more impressive (as always!). After that we had another session in Graffiti light painting with Buster and then we split off into groups. It was great this time around, Moth and I were more confident and went from group to group trying various different items and then grabbed some tools and went off on our own. I really wanted to write our names, I tried and tried…….I just could not get it, Moth tried once! and got it first time, so then I made him do mine, his and the Girls. I would love to try with sparklers, but I forgot the bring them!

Anyway we had a lot of fun, I will leave it here for now with a gallery of some new images.


Tuesday’s Tales – Urban Exploration

Moth and I had so much fun at our Light Painting Workshop, the building was a fabulous abandoned old cotton mill and warehouses, we only had a little time to look around before our workshop started and we vowed to come back. We were both so excited about it, we were back sooner than we had anticipated. So we went on a cold, blustery Sunday afternoon and apparently, so did a lot of other people, this is no secret spot during the day!

We saw people shooting what appeared to be fashion shoots, cos play shoots, looked like a cop show drama being filmed, as well as a music video. There were people creating new street art on the walls, photographers all over the place, same as us, actually it was quite a busy spot, this fabulous old building is not quite so sinister in the daylight hours, however still quite dangerous in spots.

Apparently the whole area has been earmarked for a sub division and shopping mall, such a shame, as it is obvious a favorite spot for many people. It is still quite dangerous during the day, lots of broken glass from smashed windows and alcohol bottles, as well as holes and pits where machinery has been removed. There are tranches and platforms to catch unwary feet, debris everywhere, as well as plenty of pigeon poop!

All in all a fabulous place, we climbed into one building and I was traversing the stairwell when a dark shape loomed over me – Batman! Seriously, you do not expect to meet Batman, and The Joker and Harlequin in an abandoned building, outside of Gotham of course!

We wandered around the outside of the building, however most of the good stuff is on the inside, we had only seen a small section of the interior previously, so to wander around, looking at the street art, the small treasures amongst the debris, chatted to other photographers, and cos play actors /artists. It was like a big dance, everyone trying to keep out of everyone else’s way, there was lots of banter and jokes and such a fun atmosphere. I hope we get to come back before they bulldoze it. I will leave you now with a gallery of images. This was our first foray into urban exploration as such and my first time of really playing with the grunge factor; something very different for me, enjoy and be kind 🙂

P.S. we went in knowing the state of the area, with protective gear, sturdy clothes and very sturdy hiking boots. If you are doing any Urbex, please check it out carefully before entering as it can be very dangerous, some places have asbestos and don’t forget pigeon poop is actually quite dangerous…….where we were was all exposed, but in enclosed areas, masks would be a very good idea.

Happy snapping & play safe

– Julz