Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual

This week we are asked to post an unusual photo, something unusual to us or a technique, this is a hard call when my of my art is pretty unusual. But I do suppose this one from last Summer was one out of the box


I did this awesome Milk Bath Shoot with Rachelle James. We got a kiddie pool and laid a black sheet over it and then filled it with water and added almond milk. I then scattered these pretty carnations in. One of the problems I faced with this shot was getting in close enough with my then current tripod…..in the end, I donned a pair of shorts (also unusual for me) and got in too, it was the only way to get the shots I wanted, of course, Rachelle thought it was all hilarious. Fortunately, it was only me that got wet, camera all high and dry. The studio, on the other hand, got quite wet and trying to empty the pool……………well that’s a whole other story in itself!

I have also entered this shot in a recent competition, it would be wonderful if you could go and give me your vote!!! Hint Hint……….would be lovely


~ Julz


Weekly Photo Challenge – Collage

This week’s WPC calls for a collage, me being the Photoshop nerd and self-proclaimed guru, I went for a Photoshop collage of bits and pieces of old style ephemera.

shoot-for-the-moonmagic-hourold-fasionedJuliePowell_Lady WatercolourJuliePowell_Woman in Bluejuliepowell_renmantswhimsical-angel

I love working with these old style collage, a bit from her a bit from there, scanned in bits of old paper and digitally created a whole new piece; so much fun.

You can always check out more of my work on my website or my Facebook page.

~ Julz


Weekly Photo Challenge – Bridges

My Marvelous Melbourne is full of wonderful old bridges, as are some of the surrounding areas. From on top, under and from afar, metal, concrete and wonderful old timber trestle bridges, can bring a sense of nostalgia. Sure we have some big modern constructions too, but I like the older ones.

The last one is taking from Princes Street Bridge looking over the Yarra River in the twilight, such a pretty city is My Melbourne.

~ Julz

Weekly Photo Challenge – Delta & Transient

I confess to getting a bit confused with WPC, I missed last week’s Transient, but this week’s Delta seems almost the same thing, or were we supposed to include a picture of water? Capturing a Moment in time, I took photos a few week’s ago of people trying to capture the essence of Autumn, the colours were amazing; gold, orange and red against the green and yellow.DSC_1648DSC_1654DSC_1590

These moments are as fleeting as clouds on a breeze and a fond memory of slightly warmer weather. The passage of Season’s from one to another, soon Spring will be here with all it’s verdant growth and bright colours. And I will again be ready with my camera.

~ Julz


Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus

I must admit I am actually finding it difficult to focus on anything at the moment. You know when something BIG is about to happen, the suspense is building and you find that you can’t sit still? That is my plight at the moment, so much is just about to happen and I’m currently chained to my day job – frustrating and annoying.

Back to the main point of this Week’s Photo Challenge – Focus, So scrolling through my archives I had lots to choose from, but these two caught my eye. Both are intensely soft focused, with just enough detail in the subject to catch the eye. The Helmeted Honeyeater in the flowers has his eye and beak in sharp focus, the rest of his body soft and the background is intensely out of focus, the blossoms are just focused enough to tell what they are. (This piece is also digitally painted over the top adding to the soft feel)

Julie Powell_Helmeted Honeyeater-1DSC_1659

This second one is a really high F/stop possible F/2.8 – F/3.5 sorry, I do not have the Exif data on the image. I often work with a high F/Stop, giving a lovely dreamy background to my images.

~ Julz


Weekly Photo Challenge – Order

I used to hate chaos and demanded complete order and control, and cleanliness, and then I had children! Things might have seemed messy to some, but there was still an order to it. Once I had kids, my reins slackened a little (for my own sanity) and now I actually find it all quite funny……….what was I worried about, a little bit of mess never hurt anyone. My motto these days is… “I would rather be out shooting!”

But for those who still crave a bit of order, here are some shots for this Week’s Photo Challenge;

Have a wonderful day…….in order or chaos…

~ Julz


Weekly Photo Challenge – Friends

Over the years I had a few fur babies and constant companions, mostly four legged and mostly cat or dog, a few horses and birds thrown in, I also now have turtles. As far as friends go, personally I don’t think you can beat a dog…..faithful, loyal and unquestioning, unconditional ALWAYS by your side, and extremely emphatic; they just know when something is wrong or you are unwell. I know mine do, they become quiet and patient and just sit by your side (or on your lap). Cats on the other hand, some care (when it suits them) others don’t care about anything but themselves 🙂

These are our current bunch of Furbabies……Chloe the Small white Pomeranian X Maltese, is my Baby…each animal has their own Human, but I am Mum to all.


Oh and yes! Ted does have one green eye and one blue, for those who picked up on it.

Chloe is the Matriarch of the boys, and all were born within a eight month period, From June 2006 – Feb 2007; Buddy is the Baby. Each friend leaves an indelible mark on your heart, but these group have touched my heart in extra special ways.

What do you Friends mean to you? This week’s WPC

~ Julz

Weekly Photo Challenge – Evanescent

ev·a·nes·cent [evəˈnes(ə)nt]
1. Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.

This week’s WPC theme is evanescent.  So many things can be thought of as fleeting; even life if you think about it. But today I am using a seasonal sort of fleeting, the quickly fading colour of Autumn leaves as they turn and then fall to the ground. To be picked up on vagrant winds and tossed around, or children picking up handfuls and throwing them into the air with glee, or the new buds blooming in the last rays of Autumn sunshine, only to bloom and die in the harsh Wintery winds, all things change, as do the seasons.



As the last of the leaves fall, I am reminded that Winter is nearly upon us and to enjoy the last sunny days while we can. But soon, Spring will be back with new growth and sunny days, fresh green grass and brightly coloured blooms; and I will be there with my camera to capture it all.

~ Julz


Weekly Photo Challenge – Heritage

I have visited many places of late that could be considered Heritage, many of them are Heritage listed. But I thought for this week WPC – Heritage, I would focus on Coal Creek Historical Village in Korumburra in Victoria, it is a whole village focusing on the Black Coal Rush Heritage of Victoria in the 1880s. The whole region was coal focused until the 1960’s.

I guess that’s part of my heritage as a Victorian, so I figured it would be great for this week’s challenge. It’s a great spot to spend a day, especially as a family.

~ Julz

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflecting

This week’s WPC is Reflecting, I often seem to miss the great reflections found in puddles after a storm (probably because I am still hiding inside where it’s nice and warm and cozy!), but great reflections can be found elsewhere…..or if you have a crystal ball handy, make your own! This sunrise made me catch my breath in the pre dawn light, so calm and peaceful. That bridge in the distance is a major highway and shortly after I snapped this pic, it was already busy.


Some of my favourite reflections so far this year…….have a great week

~ Julz