Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth

With Earth day coming up on April 22, our theme for this week’s WPC is Earth. I have just spent eight days in the Australian Outback, where I had no signal, nor internet for at least three of those days and more often than not; little to none on the rest of those days. I can’t say I went without any tech; I had my car, my camera and my tunes…but I did spend a week getting back to nature.


Day Dream Mine

Autumn is a magical time of the year in the Outback, days are wonderful and the nights not too cold, tru Spring often has wild flowers, but there is something about this time of year…..the light: the sunrises, sunsets and the evening sky – all magic

~ Julz

Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise

Missed last week’s challenge, but I am back this week with the theme Surprise! How about some Light Painting in the desert? I think we surprised the local inhabitants……kangaroos, emus, donkeys and goats; no idea what they thought of our group (15 of us) hooting and hollering and lighting up the desert, just for art!


These were taken at the Living Desert Sculpture exhibit outside Broken Hill, NSW. Think Mad Max Territory……not a soul around for miles and miles and here we were Light Painting the desert……………..amazing. Now THAT is Surprising 🙂

Not enough? How about seeing this guy while you are out bush walking? Actually it is my Hubby, he scared the socks of a six year old when he took the mask OFF! Sure SURPRISED that kid hehehehehe.

Julie Powell_Wolf Man

Til next week, happy snapping……

~ Julz

WPC – Dense

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Dense. It seems many people had the same thought as I and immediately went for a dense forest. Mine is from a Light Painting gig we did in the Redwood Forest. It is cool and creepy at the same time. Midnight in a deserted dense redwood forest, in the middle of winter in freezing conditions? So what do you do on a Saturday night?


As a mad photographer and a digital artist, I will do just about anything for a really cool photo!

~ Julz

WPC – A Good Match

I missed last week, no excuse, just never quite got around to it…….so now it’s time for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – A Good Match

They always talk about “birds and bees”, shouldn’t it be bees and flowers? Glorious little worker bees, they do such a good job, without them no flowers (or fruit) and no honey..now there is A GOOD MATCHdsc_7109

Another good match……….a rare pic of me and hubby, I love this photo, it is real, it is us, no pretense, no fake smiles and that long suffering look (and smirk) at my smart arse comments is probably on hubby face more often than he realises!jr_s-balding

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, I know I plan on it!

~ Julz

Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitutde

This week’s WPC is solitude, something I rather enjoy. My life is mostly full of people, animals, work. Solitude is something I often explore in my art, not necessarily negative space, but solitary objects, or landscape with little or no people in them, it’s usually me being the solitary figure – just me and my camera. I hope you enjoy my gallery of Solitude.

juliepowell_flinders-bw-1Craigs Hutdsc_6322dsc_3916scarecrow_pano-2gone-fishing_24x24

~ Julz

Weekly Photo Challenge – Repurpose

For this week’s WPC the theme is re-purpose, and I suppose as a Still Life photography (amongst numerous other things) I re-purpose a LOT. Jam and pickle jars, old cooking pans and utensils, old crates, vases, tea cups and saucers people throw away; I spend hours at thrift stores re-purposing things all the time.


As a photographer, I capture moments in time, but I also get to create beauty with things other people considered rubbish………in the end I guess that really is re-purposing isn’t it?

~ Julz