Charity Starts at Home

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Think Global, Act Local.”

“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

There are so many issues globally; Ebola, starvation, war, famine, AIDS, homelessness, natural disasters (local and abroad), the very depths of humane depravity in some places. Where do you start, where does anyone start? However so many of these funds are not getting the money to people or hand over to save the poor, feed the homeless, rebuild houses, what ever. We send money over to some war torn country and the war lords take all the money, we send to some government so they can rebuild and they waste it. Someone out there is always trying to make me feel guilty for what I have, WHY? I have not always had an easy life either, OK so I am not starving, I am not under threat of death or war, but is it really my responsibility to continuously hand over money? Then I would have none and MY children would starve!

I am a good person, I help out where I can, but Charity Starts at home and I have my own bills and mortgage to pay, I have 2 children going through University. I am honest and hard working, I will help a friend in need. Is my Karma really dependent on how many charities I give money to? I know there are people out there who do more, who physically go to these ravaged and war torn countries and help out – they are to be admired for their generosity, but that is not for me.

I pay my taxes, and my government gives donations to help out countries in need. If there is a local disaster I donate clothes, blankets etc. I donate to the Red Cross and I donate to the Christmas CFA collection for the poor every year. I know this possibly makes me sound selfish, but with an every growing plant being over run with too many people and too many problems, why do I have to be made to feel guilty for not doing enough, or not doing more? I feel for some of these people, really I do, but when is enough, enough?

– Julz