Cooking up a storm

I have been cooking up a storm recently and loving every minute of it, the other week it was cakes and desserts, this time totally tomato related; bruschetta, cherry tomato and chorizo penne, avocado on toast (with blistered tomatoes), and so much more. Did you know I post the recipes on my ‘other’ blog? If…

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In the Studio – with Chef Judy Pt1

No, not Judge Judy, but Chef Judy visited me in the studio the other week with some amazing home cooked treats, today I am sharing just one…Banana and Fig Bread, the smell was heavenly in the studio. We wanted to capture some simple country styling to emphasise the home-made country look and feel of this…

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The Family Cookbook

This post may seem a little random but bare with me. I have a cookbook, it’s quite old I think it was given to me when I first moved out of home, some 35 years ago. I have handwritten recipes in it, I used to cook ALL the time, cakes and slices and lasagna and…

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Regular Random – Macarons

It has been a while since I did some food photography, I shot some colourful macarons last year, these are vanilla ones, along with a fab new dish I just bought and some lovely soft linen, gave it the old Dark & Moody treatment… I used both the 50mm Prime lens and the 50mm Macro…

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Food Photography – Pulled Chicken Sliders

Back with another recipe with the help of my slow cooker, this time slow cooked pulled BBQ Chicken. The Pulled Chicken was actually cooked the night before and served with rice. I suppose you could easily make it pork, for tradition pulled pork. So you could use this as a main meal or something yummy…

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Food Photography – Creamy Chicken and Bacon Carbonara Pasta

Yummy and versatile Lactose Free and Gluten Free Pasta recipe, cooked in a Slow Cooker.

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Regular Random – Cupcake Reflections

I get a bit stir crazy on holidays and just start looking for random things to do, sad isn’t it, I mean what’s wrong with picking up a good book? I just cannot seem to do it when I get really, really bored. So I had this leftover cupcake and decided to play with some…

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Food Photography – Rustic Bruschetta

Last week I had a few days of total bliss; no work, just pottering around doing what I want, I slept in, tidied up in the studio, played around with Still Life, got a haircut. One particular day I decided as it was just me home for lunch, I would buy some fresh crusty bread…

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Danger

When I initially read the challenge topic this week, I kept thinking “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!” from the old 60’s Lots in Space……….or is that just my crazy mind? Anyway I kept looking for dangerous things or signs and then I came across these macaroons and the Hopetoun Tea Rooms and Doughnut times with all those…

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Family Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Food for the Soul (and the Stomach).”

Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?

We don’t really have a favorite family meal, maybe my spaghetti bolognese, it’s more about family time. My children are adults now, living adult lives, even if they are living mostly at my house. But they usually at Uni during the day and working evenings, so we do not eat together very often. However when we do, it does not really matter what we eat. Sure we have our favorites and if I know everyone will be home for dinner on a particular night I always ask what every one wants. We have a very stable favs which get brought out every now and then

  • Grilled Lamb Back strap and Fried Rice
  • Chicken Schnitzel and Caesar Salad
  • Chicken and Beef Tacos
  • Spaghetti – either Chicken and Bacon Cabonara or Bolognese

But it is more about bonding time, than eating. We usually discuss current events or joke about who is doing what. Normally it is a light hearted affair, with lots of jokes and laughter. And if you add in some extended family or friends, it becomes a impromptu party.

One another note, when my children were smaller it was always a chance to sit down and discuss what was going in in their day to day lives, school, friends, reminiscing about stories of our youth. That sort of thing….family bonding time.

– Julz