Share Your World – 28th November 2017

Another week another SYW from Cee, can you believe November is almost over? Would you prefer a reading nook or an art, craft, photography studio? I am very lucky, over the years I have done various arts and crafts and have always had a studio to work in, I have currently converted our garage into a…

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Introducing – Pixel Sisters Studio

I have been hinting at something big being afoot again lately and now I can finally let you in it…..Drum Roll please; Desley (Desley Jane Pictures – and I have started a new business venture together, creating fun photography workshops for Melbourne based photographers. They say you should go big or go home, right? So we…

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Tuesday’s Textures – Studies in Light and Form

I have a new gallery exhibit starting this week. If you are in Melbourne feel free to stop by for a look. Scugnizzo Ristorante in Little Bourke St, Melbourne until 9th July. I realise most of you cannot just stop by, so I thought I might show a few of the artwork on display, just…

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Fabulous Fridays…

Ahhh, Fridays……so much to offer, a wonderful weekend ahead and the signal of another working week over (well for me anyway). I had two more images published yesterday in the Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine So that is always exciting, honestly every month it just gets more and more amazing, grab a cuppa and…

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Monday Musings

Let me start out with it’s hot, really hot! OK Whinge over 🙂 I really do think I am going to have to change back to Manic Mondays, On Tuesday I went back to the 9-5 after nearly three weeks off, man that was hard! Go to work and come home and run around, Buddy…

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2nd Year Annivesary

I just had a message pop up in my notifications………It’s my 2nd Year anniversary on WP. Woohoo, that’s amazing, I guess I just want to say thanks to everyone who has popped in, said, hello, liked my post and images and said some nice words of encouragement. I have made many friends on WP, a…

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Mumma’s been a bad, bad girl…

In fact I have been very bad………..but in a good way, well Myself and the Studio think so, possibly not my credit card or Husband 😛 ! Mind you it’s all his fault anyway……but let me explain. One Saturday morning he suggested we go on a bit of a shopping expedition, he had found a…

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No Headlines today

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ripped from the Headlines.”

Click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.

Well this could be slightly embarrassing I guess, but I do not read newspapers, or even go online looking for the news. I will listen to the news on the radio, and occasionally watch the news headlines on TV, but apart from that I don’t bother. Yes occasionally you will find me transfixed on some travesty unveiling before our eyes on National or even Global TV, I am not completely cold. However I just find that the news is more like a horror show than a news and current affairs show. And most current affairs shows are about bad neighbors and the latest fat pill!

There is no good news anymore! Everything is so horrible, people and animals being killed in more gruesome ways than ever before, the murder and mayhem, ensuing in riots, natural disasters and plane crashes. I’m sorry it is just so depressing. I know when something happens, we need to be told about it, but over and over and over and over and over………it all gets a bit too much. And they all fight over who gets the more gruesome images.

Football stars and sporting ‘heroes’ are not super heroes (nor villains), they are just people. Don’t raise them so high on golden pedestals and then push them off. What about the REAL Heroes? Armed Forces, Police, Fire and Ambos……..these guys literally put their life on the line every day, we rarely hear a good news story about them! Who cares what football player supposedly took what drug and then lied about it. Give me a break!

And finance………….seriously before the GFC nobody really cared about anyone’s dollar (apart from Stock brokers and bankers I guess), now it takes up 1/4 news………….it goes a little bit up, a little bit down, round and round. In a week it really doesn’t change that much does it. In one ear and out the other, blah, blah, blah. Maybe I should pay more attention, but I just can’t.

OK so some Movie legend or old politician dies, that’s sad, and yes I would like to hear about it, but just once or twice, not constantly for weeks on end. Let them die in dignity and peace.

Honestly folks I am not heartless, in fact I think it is the opposite, I take too much on board. But I can only take so much on board and then I become depressed and morbid and no one wants to be around me then! So now I have had my rant……….here is some cute puppies (care of Google images) to brighten our day, honestly it is what I would rather look at!

tumblr_ndxpmdQX9C1rbibvmo1_1280 22-24_tn

– Julz