The Lonely Man – Quiet Reflections of the Inner Mind

The quiet reflections of the Inner mind, when we can quell the storms that buffet us from here and there, we can find the quiet solitude to seek shelter from the storm. We can lull the senses and seek that inner voice to quieten all without and within. A safe harbour where we can seek…

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitutde

This week’s WPC is solitude, something I rather enjoy. My life is mostly full of people, animals, work. Solitude is something I often explore in my art, not necessarily negative space, but solitary objects, or landscape with little or no people in them, it’s usually me being the solitary figure – just me and my…

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Daily Post – Solitude

I don’t often write a Daily Post anymore, but every now and again I go look at the topic and decide if I feeling like writing one, today I obviously did. I rarely get solitude these days, I have been a wife and mother for 25 years, and peace and quiet and solitude is a…

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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude

This week’s challenge from Hugh’s Views and News is Solitude

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Stuff & Nonsense from an ex Smoker

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Weaving the Threads.”

Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part.

I will start where I normally start, I will just write and see what ramblings I come up with! I have recently had commented that I have taken to Blogging with great enthusiasm and gusto, I thought they were just ramblings from a deranged mind. You see I  think I do have a slightly deranged mind, driven that way by endless frustrations from a job I can’t seem to leave behind and a future I cannot seem to see as my crystal ball is broken and no one will fix it for me! See I am deranged. I used to smoke…………..and I took up blogging about the time I quit. When things or people at work would drive me to distraction I would just walk out and have a cigarette………oh how I crave the peace and quiet, the ME TIME. Everyone knew to leave me alone when I was having a smoke. Now instead of a smoke I write something, usually nonsensical on my blog. I started writing for myself, but hey people seem to associate with my mad ramblings; who am I to judge? This is my stress relief instead of a smoke, I just write. As a result some days I write more than others. I am happy to go through my day with only a quickly penned note and others I really need to rant – today (again) will be one of those rants.

I used to smoke, have done for a very long time, I was not a particularly heavy smoker, 10-15 per day. I had quit several times, but usually when something stressful came up I would pick up that fateful cigarette and start again – stupid I know. The funny thing is, the nicorette cravings you get over very quickly (sorry smokers, but it’s true). Even the doing something with my hands I got over relatively quickly (although I still stuff food I do no really need in my mouth! But I also did that when I was smoking?). it’s the ME TIME I really miss. I could go for hours without one, if I had my mind on other things. I didn’t live for smoking as such, but I did need that ME TIME when I was close to strangling someone. Don’t get me wrong I still feel like strangling people and I sometimes still go outside for 5 mins to calm my mind. But there was something about that Smoke Break which eased my mind and cleared my head. You see for some reason, I seem to be surrounded by Men who are all little boys, who cannot seem to think for themselves and always come to me to solve their problem! I am not their Mother.

I guess this brings me to part three. I am for some reason, seen as the Intelligent one, the problem solver. Sure I can multi task, and I am damn good at organizing things, but I am not the solver of everyone’s problems. I can barely solve my own at times. Also I do not think I am that smart……..sure I can string more than 2 words together to make a sentence, I can take photographs and paint pretty pictures, but maths and science are pretty much beyond me. I get the whole spatial awareness thing, but even when it comes to word puzzles………actually puzzles of any kind I am hopeless! Sure I like to read a lot and I love blogging, I am very happy when my mind is completely focused on something I like doing ie: editing photos, or taking photos, or even looking at some else’s work, but I do not think that makes me super smart. So why does everyone assume I am some great intellect? That is Moth and my Children, not me. So for a household full of smart people (and supposedly a company at work full of smart people) why do they always seem to do such dumb stupid shit? Which I guess brings me back to wanting to strangle someone!!!!!!!!! It’s nothing in particular, just things I think are obvious…………pick up the rubbish, put your dirty dishes in the dish washes, if you’re not sure – read the instructions, I have to tell someone more than 3 times to do something, or even how to do something simple…………… frustrates the hell out of me. I cannot tolerate idiocy. Don’t get me wrong if they had a learning difficulty or some medical reason that I could cope with and treat differently, but supposedly SMART people who just don’t THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I need a cigarette!

– Julz

P.S. No I did not have a smoke I just stood out side for a few minutes meditating.

Photo101 – Solitude

Today’s Topic is Solitude and Rule of Thirds (Composition), the next 3 images are all of solitary images, the moon, a scarecrow and a surfer, none of them are isolated even if the a in solitude. Solitude can be good for the soul, where as I do not think isolation is good for mine (perhaps…

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I thought I would try something a little different today. This is pretty much how my coffee mug appears to me by 3pm on a Friday afternoon. I took this shot in my office using my Samsung S4 camera phone, I turned the grid pattern on,  under settings and made sure that the mug was…

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