Removing reflections in still life photography — Photofocus – Feed

Some of you may be familiar with using a circular polarizer (also known as CPL) when it comes to landscape photos. They’re great for shooting through water or glass without the annoying reflections. 231 more words

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Aussie Animal Encounter

I recently, with Hubby and a few photography friends, did an Aussie Animal Encounter, such wonderful fun (assuming you are not squeamish about reptiles and some insects), sadly my WordPress account is quickly running out of room and I am only showing just a few of the very best images I took, there are more…

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Workshops – The Potterage

A little while back I arranged a workshop with ten students at the iconic Potterage in the Victorian Dandenong Ranges.  A beautiful French Provincial and Tuscan Villa inspired house, full of vintage wares and antiques, from the floors, the French doors and windows to the furniture. A Lifestyle or still life photographers dream. It was…

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Share your world – 11th June 2019

I was writing the date for the headline of this post and had a brain fart, was it really June? OMG, this year is as bad as last year, the days disappearing, true I had a pretty slack weekend and vegged on the couch, or out to lunch or dinner with Hubby and friends or…

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Tuesday’s Textures

I took some simple cosmos blooms, almost finish and I created these two lovely floral pieces, mostly hand painted over the top of the original photo. I adore getting to play with flowers like this with the Mixer Brush in Photoshop, along with a texture from my Paper Daisy Collection pack and some smoke brushes…

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Mondays Musings & a Little Vintage

I am pleading off today with a very short post…we are celebrating the Queens birthday today and get the day off work…This is a scheduled post as I hope I am still snoozing when this goes live 🙂 We have had four days off and spent it at home, we just couldn’t seem to get…

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King White Protea

If you have been following me for a while, I am sure you will have seen my giant King White Protea before, well, it is in bloom again – how divine. The blooms on this plant when fully open are about dinner plate size, and a creamy white, I have also seen a pink version,…

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Using creative textures with still life photography — Photofocus – Feed

Where does blurring the line between straight photography and digital art happen? Is it in the styling, the shoot or the edit? I often teach creative techniques which can lend a painterly effect to photos, without the need to edit them in Photoshop; light painting or shooting through a piece fabric (like chiffon or cheesecloth)…Please…

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