Share Your World – 23rd April 2019

Just coming off a long weekend, and about to head into another…sometimes life is good like that. Here is another set of questions from Melanie for SYW This Week’s Questions: Was the last thing you read digital or print? It really depends on the definition of READ, I mean I read this SYW post, I read…

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Tuesday’s Textures – Watercolour

Yes, a shameless piece of self-promotion here 🙂 I created this piece from a flower shot from Hamilton Gardens in NZ and my brand new Soft Water Colours Collection of Digital Creative Textures and Backgrounds. I am getting quite a collection now on my website – go check it out Have a fabulous week… ~Julz,…

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Monday’s Musings…

I am four days into the Easter long weekend, then back to work for two days and then another four day weekend, the weather has been glorious…life is good 😁 Friday I spent a quiet afternoon in the studio tinkering with stuff, plus some Netflix bingeing. Saturday I had a friend come over, she is…

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Happy Easter…or whatever

Not exactly Regular Random for your Sunday viewing, but for those who may be around, I wish you a safe and happy Easter…or whatever. Non-chocolate simpleness…words to live by LIVE…LOVE…LAUGH… Peace ~ Julz, xo

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Fabulous Friday…My OLY OM1

While it’s true I really only got into digital photography about four years ago, my roots into the art go way, way back. Back in the 1980’s I did photography at school, only Black and White, but I loved it, especially the darkroom we could access pretty much anytime we wanted to. I had access…

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In the Studio – Playing with Light

I had a friend Lisa, pop over to the studio for a ‘play date’, it’s really just an afternoon of trial and error and playing with stuff, plus some yummy food, a cuppa or two and lots of laughs. If you are invited to one of my ‘play dates’ you need to bring a good…

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In the Studio – Dark and Moody Workshop

Every year I host this workshop at least 2-3 times, it never seems to fail. I have other new ventures and offerings this year, but I thought I would start off with the same old D&M Workshop. I set everything up pretty much the same, but I like to offer different subjects and change things…

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Share Your World – 16th April 2019

Here are this week’s questions from Melanie for SYW, weird timing in some ways with the state of our world currently. Generally, I try not to hold strong views on political issues, but there are some hot button topics this week. Beware and be warned rants coming… Guns?   Are you pro or con?  Explain your…

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Light Painting – Banksia

I recently featured some Light Painted Images, it was so satisfying to get back into this form of photography, it has been sooooooooooo long. But it also made me realise that to get the details I really wanted I need to get a smaller LED torch and see what I could achieve with that. So…

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Looking at still life settings — Photofocus – Feed

(Editor’s note: This guest article is by Julie Powell who lives in Narre Warren, Victoria, Australia. She is an award-winning still life photographer who loves to share her passion for this genre with others. 358 more words

via Looking at still life settings — Photofocus – Feed