My Photography & Gear

I must admit that I used to be a very lazy photographer, I loved to take hundreds of photos at home, on holiday, birthdays and family events, but I rarely did anything with them, I didn’t even get them all developed, edited even; and quite frankly they were not very good. When I made the switch to digital at first it was just cheap instant type cameras. But, that has now all changed. I bought a new DSLR, I started learning,  I started doing challenges, to well, challenge myself, little did I know when I started this then, what a profound change it would all have on me and my photographic and editing skills.

Push yourself to go beyond your limitations and boundaries, you will surprise yourself. Here are some more recent images

My Gear

Togs (Photographers) are often very curious about what everyone else is using, there seems to be an ongoing rivalry between two particular brands, I do not really go into that sort of thing much, I brought my cameras based on reviews and my needs, but I do love them.

Original Gear

Then I slowly added

Current Gear (still have all of the above, but Moth uses it mostly)

It’s getting to be quite a lot to lug around, but anytime I leave something at home, I go looking for it!

Happy Snapping

– Julz

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