See Differently…

During the month of October, Robyn at Captivate Me asked us to all join in with her wonderful See Differently Challenge. We all took 15 Photos challenging us to see the world around us in a new light……I personally really enjoyed the challenge and pushed myself to mainly use my Sony Smart Phone.Robyn then asked each of us to then come back on the 31st and share all our photos and which was our favourite and why.

What did I learn? Light it is beautiful, it is everywhere and it can make the most amazing pictures and lines and patterns. My Smart Phone is crap, sorry  Sony, but the Xperia has a horrible camera, nothing like the Samsung or Apple…….never getting one again, as a phone it’s fine but as a photographer; BLAH!!!!! The Lenka App in B&W can make it bearable. Nothing beats my Nikon DSLR.

So what were my favourite photos? Definitely the sparklers (Image 12), and yes it is a stage shot, but so much fun! I also love the old rabbit I found (Image 11), but my absolute favourite was the macro shoot I did with my Protea, check it out.


15 – Purple Flower


14 – Hail on window


13 – Spring Clouds


12 – Sparklers in glass jars


11 – Old Stuffed Rabbit


10 – Sunlight through front door


9- Sunlight through Leaf


8 – Sunlight on jewelled plant


7 – B&W Cobwebs on chair


6 – Post Its


5 – Promotional Material


4 – Protea in Macro


3 – Shadows on wicker furniture in B&W


2 – Roses hanging up to dry


1 – B&W Elephant statue in my Office

Head on over to Robyn’s Page for more info and check out the #seedifferently2016 to see everyone else’s amazing pics.

~ Julz


Monday Musings

Happy Halloween……..I was a tad early on my post yesterday, but when you’re having fun who cares, right? I am smack bang in the middle of a four day weekend. Yay, I love  this time of year. Can’t believe it’s November tomorrow. peacock

So Saturday dawned sunny and warm the first real weekend of summery weather in awhile, I had my Great Nephews Name Day and 1st Birthday, my the time has flown. His celebrations were held at Myuna Farm, sort of Children’s Farm for not quite inner city kids; chickens, cows, goats, pigs, horses, that sort of thing………..the stunning peacock above as well.


Happy 1st birthday Xavier

I then spent the afternoon playing with some natives blooms from the garden.


Sunday was quite warm and I met Desley for a day together for some Still Life, lunch and laughs. Wonderful lunch at a local cafe and then an afternoon of natives, roses and lights; it was a lot of fun and got some amazing shots. All too soon it was time to come home.

This morning will be a big sleep in, so this is scheduled! Not sure what today and tomorrow will hold……next weekend I have another Portrait session and then another adventure is planned for Sunday, weather permitting. I will post more on Myuna Farm (some many wonderful animals and of course some pretty’s from my shoot at Desley’s, but I have not had time to go through them all.


I hope you all have a brilliant week, Happy Halloween…

~ Julz


2nd Year Annivesary

I just had a message pop up in my notifications………It’s my 2nd Year anniversary on WP.

Woohoo, that’s amazing, I guess I just want to say thanks to everyone who has popped in, said, hello, liked my post and images and said some nice words of encouragement. I have made many friends on WP, a few I have actually met in real life………..a big hug to all of you. And to the people I follow………..thanks for the inspiration, words of wisdom, snippets of information, and most of all The Laughs.


Again thanks, and here is too many more years to come…

~ Julz

See Differently – Follow Up

I finished off my See differently challenge with this flower, just near the front door on my way in to work, I had never noticed it before and wondered why.


This morning I again stopped to admire this sweet little flower and only found this….


Hence why I probably never noticed it in the first place……you can just see the tips of the flower, but mostly it is closed up. Not sure if you can tell, but in the first image it was much sunnier that morning and the flower was open and why I noticed it among all the green. Today it is all closed up and again our skies are cloudy and grey. Hoping for some sun later.

~ Julz

52 Week Challenge – Week 43

Week 43 of this 52 week challenge is Candid/ Street Photography. Not really my thing as such, but I had to snap these guys. This was couple of unlikely heroes at a recent Medieval Festival, Sir Cyrus & A Country Fire Authority (CFA)volunteer. The festival was loads of fun for all in the Live Action Role Playing (LARP) genre, but also to raise much needed funds for the CFA, especially with bush fire season just around the corner.


Week 43 – Candid/ Street Photography

Til next time, I hope you have a great weekend…

~ Julz

Getting Crafty…

I have made two projects recently, mostly quick and easy to do, which adds so much to photos, and is cheap and easy to store.

Shabby Chic Table Top’. This is a great space saving, as well as money saving idea, as most of the items I had lying around the house, just need to buy the timber sheet, and not being an entire table it does not take up that much room. Mix and Match colours for different effects.

Materials –

  • 600 x 1200 x 3mm Marine Ply
  • Timber Stain, acrylic (colour of your choice, mine is Merbau)
  • A clean soft brush
  • Acrylic paint (I used soft white)
  • Newspaper
  • Sandpaper
  • Paper towel
  • Raw Umber (or Burnt Umber) acrylic paint
  • Paint retarder (not essential but rather handy)

Method –

  1. Wipe down board to remove dust and particles, then give one coat of timber stain with soft brush. Leave to dry minimum 2-3 hours. Wash and dry brush.
  2. Give 2-3 coats of white paint, leaving 2-3 hours between coats. Try wrapping brush in Glad Wrap (Cling wrap) between coats and leaving in the fridge, that way you don’t have to keep washing it.
  3. Once completely dry, leave overnight and then sand back the white paint revealing the stain below, sand in some areas more, like normal wear and tear along edges etc. I have a Black & Decker Mouse, electric sander which I have had for years, making a very quick job of this, but it can be done by hand as well.
  4. Then taking the umber acrylic paint, mix with the paint retarder and lightly brush over the table top, then rub in with paper towel, and then rub off excess with wet (with water) paper towel, work in sections and move thoroughly over the entire piece, until you are happy with the result.
  5. Again, leave to dry (overnight if possible) and then sand again until you are happy with the rustic result. Another option is to rub beeswax mixed with a patina like umber to give an aged effect.

‘Dark & Moody Blackboard Backdrop’ So my other project was a blackboard paint back drop, I picked up a piece of pre painted ply, so all I had to do was get it cut in half, but you could easily get some blackboard paint and paint an old canvas or timber. I then ran some black electrical tape (well I think that’s what they called it) and join the two pieces together.


The reason behind this is about the way different colours reflect and absorb light; white reflects and black absorbs, even more so flat matte like blackboard paint seems to suck up all the light.Very cool for dark and moody style of shoots.


~ Julz


See Differently 15 – 15

A few of us have been doing a challenge this month on seeing the world a little differently, looking with fresh eyes on the things we normally bypass. It’s been a great challenge and one I have enjoyed immensely. I have been trying to find something for my last image, hence why I have not posted as yet. This morning on my way in to work, past the weeds in the overgrown garden bed (must remember to arrange a gardener), I saw a pop of purple…….it was probably there yesterday and the day before, but I just never noticed it.


OK,  so not the world’s prettiest plant but look how it stands out against the grey and green surrounding it…….let’s face it not a very pretty garden to begin with, it’s just in the car park.


I have no idea what it is, just intrigued me that I could walk past this every day and never noticed it before. Take the colour away and it is still noticeable.



There are just some of the images I have displayed over the last few weeks, why not head over to Robyn at CaptivateMe’s page and see more about this, it check out the hashtag#seedifferently2016

Well that it’s for me for this challenge, it has been enjoyable and challenging, as I have pushed myself to mostly use my Sony Smart Phone camera, there were a few shots that I didn’t but for very specific reasons. I also used my Lenka B&W App a bit as well.

Til next time, happy snapping and remember to look, up, down, side to side, in front, behind and under everything…you just never know what surprise is in store for you.

~ Julz