Studio Shoots – Girl in the Red Dress

I may not have mentioned it in a while, but I am still steadily working on my own various concepts and working my way through the Awake Photoshop Artistry course, I can honestly say I have grown; emotionally, personally, creatively and artistically. If you asked me 12 months ago, where I saw myself now……it would not be here, I may have hoped to be somewhere near here, but I think in the back of my mind I didn’t really believe it. And that is part of the course, to drag us kicking and screaming and to begin to believe in ourselves as artists, sure we learn fascinating techniques and grow artistically and creatively, but we honestly grow spiritually and emotionally as well. He encourages us and pushes us to constantly work just outside our comfort zone, and thus the line keeps getting re drawn. Sure I have moved out of my comfort zone with others, but that is OK too…….everyone works to their own schedule.

I used to wish I could create art like others………I can’t – I am not them, I am me! That took a while to learn, silly but true. I can be inspired by other artists, but in the end, I must use my own voice. Hence I must make my own art. and lately I have made a very big step from creating with what I had on hand to purposefully & creatively  designing my own shoots, working with actual models and directing the whole shoot, not with other photographers, just me in the studio with a model and creating my vision.

My next big step was asking for what I want, I wanted another model to work with so I asked, I joined a for FTFP (Free time for photos)Model groups and sought a model who had the ‘look’ I was after and I simply asked. Funny how small the world gets, as it turns out she knows my model Rachelle and loved the stuff I did with her. This was also helpful as she understood the kinds of images I shoot…… fashion photographer here! Anyway after a few messages back and forth we set up a time and date and I started planning in earnest my next shoot, unfortunately it all fell through at the last minute, and my daughter stepped in, again! Don’t get me wrong I love working with my daughters, but I want to mix things up and not use the same person in all of my photos………But we work with what we are given; so here is Girl in the Red Dress. 

Red Dress

The Girl in the Red Dress

Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night

Puppy Love

Puppy Love

The Original concept for this shoot was part Brooke Shaden’s Storm to move Mountains piece, but also a little bit Alice in Wonderland, with a nod to Van Gogh thrown in as well. Of course her dog, Buddy just had to get in on the action as well

~ Julz



Tuesday’s Textures

Another quick one for today this piece was also heavily inspired by Brooke Shaden, as was last week’s image. Both feature one of my daughters as the model. I am going through a real fantasy stage with my art right now, and find myself looking back at more and more of Brooke Shaden’s work, not to copy, I could never hope to do that, but I must confess to being heavily inspired!

Moon Dreaming

Moon Dreaming

I have also noticed I have been doing a lot of squares in the image shape and sizing, must also be a touch of Brooke sneaking through……..this one however I wanted more height.

Til next time, happy snapping and have a great week…

~ Julz

Before We Were Kings

I adore this poem………..amazing stuff from Leslie Noyes

Praying for Eyebrowz

Photographic Art by Julie Powell

“Before We Were Kings”

by Leslie Noyes

Before we were kings, we slept half the day rising at noon for our breakfast.

Before we wore robes, we frolicked like fools behaving as if it would all last

We snuggled and snuffled, snorted and sang, trumpeting our joy to the masses

And no one chastised us lest we succumb to a crippling, pachyderm sadness.

Oh! It was roll, roll, tumble and flow until the grand day of our crowning

Now we sit tall, on thrones one and all solemnly judging and scowling.

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Monday’s Musings

Welcome back for another fun filled week! Spring officially starts off this week, yay! I love Spring, warmer weather, flowers, pops of colour, and it means Summer is only a few short months away. This year Winter has been cold, wet and grey. Sure we went out a few times and got lucky, but other times it was miserable. I must admit running workshops in the Studio over Winter has kept us very busy and out of the weather.

JuliePowell_Hands-1We just finished another Still Life/ Product workshop on Saturday, yet another group of creatives, who spent the day taking lots of photos of flowers and cakes and miniatures and loads of stuff. I was so busy with this group I did not get many pics.

I am contemplating opening the studio doors to the public for workshops, but I am a tad concerned about insurance, legals issues, strangers coming to my house and the like. I wish I could run them away from the house. If there was a space that could be hired or I could have access to that does not involve strangers coming to my house I think I would feel better. All the workshops so far have been within my Photography Group; so even if I have never met them, someone I know usually has. I suppose it really isn’t much different, but still there is a few concerns.

On Sunday Moth and I had a leisurely Sunday to ourselves, before heading out to meet my model Teena Moffat for another concept shoot, this time at Glen Harrows……I visited there a few weeks ago and thought it would be an amazing spot for a shoot, so did Teena. Unsure about the weather we actually made a few different appointment dates, just in case we had to reschedule……..the weather fairies were good and it was dry and overcast, perfect for my next project; more on that later; here is a little sneak peak.


I have been going for more fantasy, more whimsy, a little less creepy in an effort to expand my craft.I am loving every minute of it, exploring a softer side to myself and my art.

Bird Houses_Small

Little Birdhouses

We are off on another adventure again on Friday! Not too far from home, but a place we have been before, before either of us knew how to work a camera properly. So three days with a bunch of other togs; there will be light painting, astro photography (there will be no moon and hopefully no clouds!), we have arranged a private tour in an abandoned asylum, Dapper Rabbit will be let out again, as well as possibly a new character or two. We have loads of surprises in store for the Togs coming with us this weekend. Oh My, can’t wait. Not to mention it is such a pretty area and I have never been in Spring……..Creeks, cascades & waterfalls, historic buildings, pretty landscapes, the possibility of some lovely sunrises and sunsets and hopefully (fingers crossed) some warmer weather up north! I am sure there will be quite a few posts from this weekend for you to look forward to.

Wow, what started out as a quickie post got quite lengthy………so I’ll leave it there. Til next time, safe travels and happy snapping…

~ Julz

Call and Response

another great poem by Leslie (with my image)

Praying for Eyebrowz

Photographic art by Julie Powell

Call and Response

words by Leslie Noyes

Time ceases to exist
When the old man speaks
Yet trembles when he listens.

Draw nearer, friend
Better for him to hear
Above the fray and frenzy.

Whisper loudly, for he is
Stone deaf and ancient
Beyond our reckoning

His tears flow like cold sap
Weighted with the detritus
Of aging arteries

But, flow they do in silent
Sympathy with all that has
Befallen man, and all that is to come.

No platitudes forthcoming
Today he listens only.
Tomorrow, he may speak in tongues.

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Daily Post – Obvious

Today’s Daily Post Prompts is Obviousand isn’t it obvious I am a little bored. Stuck at work on a Friday afternoon, when I should be out and about shooting? I guess I am feeling a little out of sorts, so much I wanted be out doing and yet here I sit in front of my heater in my office, reading and writing a Daily Post. I have not written one in awhile, I felt they were getting a bit boring and monotonous, as well as a bit blaise.

What should I be doing? I suppose if I really wanted to I could find something to do here, but it’s Friday and nothing is grabbing my attention.

What could I be doing? Jeesh so much, even the laundry waiting at home to be washed, dried and folded sounds good at the moment. I have a workshop on tomorrow I need to set up for, I have a shoot on Sunday I need to finish prepping for (picking up a costume I had prepared) packing the rest of the items I will need. I still have images from last weekend and the weekend before to finish editing. I could be setting up some pretty still life in the studio to shoot. I have backdrops that require steaming, I have floors that require vacuuming and steam cleaning as well, the dogs could do with a wash, as could the car. I could be at one of the local Friday markets, fresh flowers and nick naks are calling.

I could be making some pretty pictures……and perhaps after lunch I will; this is one I did yesterday, just a mish mash of images from Pixabay.

Bubbles of light_Small

I have checked my emails, Facebook, Instagram, 500px, Flickr and everything else probably more times than is necessary and still I am bored………anxious to finish off today and let the weekend begin.

So I guess…………….isn’t it OBVIOUS I’m bored?!

~ Julz



Another 52 Week Challenge – Week 3

Apparently I got myself all turned around with too many different 52 Week challenges……sorry for the confusion. It seems I am also running late on this one by The Girl that Dreams Awake…this week is actually Self Portraits and not Light.

This is a Self Portrait of sorts, I really do not like being in front of the camera, so I took this image of me (well really only my eyes left) and went to town, digital art wise.

Artistic SelfDSC_9658-Edit-Edit

This is probably the closest I have ever gotten to taking an actual self portrait.

~ Julz