Fireside Chat

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fireside Chat.”

OK so this is probably a little left of field from the challenge, but I cannot make my head sit still and think much beyond my holiday at the moment…………so in light of that I would like to sit down with myself from 1 month into the future and find out all about my holiday……… spoilers as such, but the pitfalls and ‘should have done’s.

There are always a few, even on the most meticulously planned holiday (as mine always are!) Perhaps there is a meal at a restaurant I should not have ordered……….or one I really should have. Should have left 30 mins earlier for a scheduled trip to avoid last minute panic over being late, due to logging trucks, sheep on road etc. So and So was good, but apparently such and such is so much better……………go there instead. Take a spare set of dried clothes, as you are so clumsy and you get soaked at such and such (actually I will do that anyway, as it is true and I probably will fall in a river or lake – wont be the first time!). I think I get so pre occupied by scenery and taking photos I do not look where I put my feet………that’s why I take Moth – he stops me walking over cliffs!!

This is our first adventure overseas since we first got married and I must confess to being a little nervous………I know most of it is easy, they speak English, money is very similar, culture is sort of similar, I am sure that our neighbors from across the ‘trench’ will take great care with us………..but I am sure it is normal to be nervous and excited. SO I guess I just want to know that everything went smoothly and we had the time of lives and met some really interesting people.

– Julz

Going a Little Quiet

Hi Everyone,

I cannot believe it is almost here, back in October I mentioned about a trip to New Zealand. I will be going a little quiet during my trip away, and may not be able to post as I often as I normally would. For this I apologize,  however there will be an onslaught of posts, as soon as I return. I will attempt to post every now and then during our trip, when Wi-Fi access allows. And I have pre written a few items and photo challenges which are scheduled regularly while we are away on my photographic blog.

Hopefully there wont be any loud destructive parties, in my absence. I have told my (Adult) children I do not wish to turn on the TV in NZ (Doubtful too much to do) and see my house on the news.  To be honest, they are both good kids and will probably have the house clean and tidy and party free in my absence – such a disappointment to my parents I am sure! They are convinced that their Grandchildren should be giving us as much trouble and head aches as I caused them in my youth. Whenever my parents went away on holiday my house turned into party central!! Oh the good old days!

Until my return……………good life, good friends, good health and safe travels

– Julz

Do yourself a favor, B+

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “B+.”

In the words of Molly Meldrum “Do your self a favor”, go into the Dandenong Ranges on a Summer Weekend, pick any of the small country towns and stop for a few minutes (or hours); Belgrave, Olinda, Sassafras, Emerald just to name a few; my favorite would be Sassafras or Olinda. Stop and have a listen to some live country music, wander through the shops; craft shops, clothing shops, antique shops, bric a brac shops, nic naks of every sort, not to mention organic grocers and nurseries. There are weekend markets; craft and farmers markets. Go to Gran’ts Park and watch the tourist pay top dollar to feed Cockatoos and Rosella……….usually getting covered in bird poo and occasionally nipped, very entertaining. Stop in at any of the numerous coffee shops, bakeries, cafes for a coffee, lunch or quite bite to eat and of course there is always a Devon-shire Tea.

Tracks, wow there are so many great tracks on this Mountain. Hiking Tracks, Biking Tracks, Walking Tracks……..take your pick. Due the all the Forest it frequently seems cooler up there, talk a stroll through a dapple, shaded walking track to a creek, a waterfall, a lake……….you will never know what you will find. Don’t forget to take a comfy pair of shoes and a camera. There is also Puffing Billy and Sky High with amazing views across Melbourne (on a clear day) and apparently the view at night is pretty terrific too (I keep saying I will go up at night one day), however in saying that………….maybe give it a miss on New Year’s Eve! Trust me, not worth the effort, the City fire works are too far away to make viewing any good!

Definitely worth a day or two……………there are some lovely little B&B’s up that way too, but we live so close we just drive up. I give it a B+ or A

– Julz


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

What are the things you need to do within 30 minutes of waking up to ensure your day gets off on the right foot? What happened the last time you didn’t do one of these things?


Apart from visiting the little girls room, I NEED COFFEE! I do not find the need to shower and do hair, makeup etc within 30 mins of getting up………in fact sometimes i’ll pad around in my PJs til lunch time (If given the opportunity), but the sad fact is I am usually rushing around getting ready for work in the first 30 minutes!

But the one constant remaining thing that must be done is a fresh cup of coffee, please do not even attempt to talk to me before I have had at least 1 cup, do not even ask me if I want a coffee, just assume the answer is yes and make one anyway! Strong, White and a little sugar (Sounds like Moth lol).

I can even live without breakfast for an hour or so, I do like to check my email, blog, various social media before I get up, but I can always live without it, but always do it with………..yep you guessed it, a coffee.

I can live without TV, I can live without Radio or Music……….(I’m starting to feel like Dr. Seuss), I can do without green eggs and ham! But I must have my coffee……….I can’t tell you about the last time I did not get a coffee………’s too painful, too ugly and you will need therapy (Just kidding……… almost never happens). I will even drink really bad coffee………..I will complain like hell while drinking it, but I will mostly probably drink most of it. I like instant coffee, peculated coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, iced coffee, (not a big fan of Irish coffee all that whiskey destroys the coffee), I will even drink coffee if it’s over 40 degrees C. I would write an ode to coffee, I am sure someone has done one or two……….but I can’t do poems (already established that fact).

Ode to Coffee

O! coffee, where art thou
When I need thee now?
In thy many flavored blends
A hot cup would be godsend.

I cannot keep awake
Without a short coffee-break.
With thy life-giving aroma
Save me from going into a coma.

Java, Colombian or French Roast
Thy every flavour, I will toast.
To the end thy loyal slave
Three cups a day I will always crave.
(source: Ranjit Nair)

I thought this one by Ranjit Nair was quite nice and seemed to some it up well. Now that this post is done…………..I think it’s time to celebrate with another coffee………………yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeessssssssss coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

– Julz

A Moment in Time

Today’s Daily Post is A Moment in Time – This is the last picture I took on my camera phone……….I was leaving for work the other morning and had just backed the car out of the garage. I realized I forgot something and dashed back inside to get it. As I walked to the front door a little furry head popped out from behind the drapes in the window……….he looked so cute I just had to snap a quick pic before he scampered off……..Our Tedd E Bear is a bit of a shy one.image

– Julz

Sailaway…………….into Bliss

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

Sailaway Cruise

Sailaway Cruise

A few years back, Moth and I went to Port Douglas in Far North Queensland. It was our first real holiday without the children and a chance to really get to know each other again. This was the most amazing place to visit, it is breathtakingly beautiful, the atmosphere is so relaxing. We did so many wonderful day trips up to Cape Tribulation, Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Croc Parks, Animal Sanctuaries, Crystal Clear (Croc free) waterholes & waterfalls, we went out to the Great Barrier Reef and swam with tropical fish and turtles and sat on white sandy beaches on deserted tropical islands.

Of all the amazing, relaxing and wonderful things we did, there is one that sticks in my mind…………it has become my Happy Place, we did an evening Sunset Cruise on the Sailaway. This gorgeous little yacht took us to paradise and back, we had the perfect staff, the perfect company, the perfect sunset after what had been a lovely, relaxing day (retail therapy at local craft market, followed by long lunch overlooking the passing traffic and then a long luxurious massage).  Just sitting in the nets which a glass of bubbly and quietly coasting through the waves, watching the wildlife at play and seeing the sun set, rejuvenated this tired old brain, like nothing else before or since. I had a spring in my step for weeks afterward. We often talk of going back, but I worry that evening could not be replicated………….perhaps it could. But for now I am happy to leave it perfect and untouched as my Happy Place to escape to when things in reality are driving me nuts.

If I close my eyes I can still feel the warm subtle sea breeze on my face, the dying rays of the tropical sun on my skin………….pure bliss. I highly recommend it.

– Julz

Pleased to Meat You – Big Bad Wolves Unite on the Dark side

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”


The Big Bad Wolf (aka BBW) was sitting on a log, waiting for the other Wolf (you know the one from Little Red Riding Hood) to pass by. You see when he had been trying to get the 3 little pigs, he overheard them talking on the phone to their friend Red about her plan to ambush the Wolf with her Grandmother. He hadn’t been waiting long when he heard someone coming through the brush.

“Hey Bro…….you got a minute?”asked BBW, the other Wolf eyed him skeptically, “Who are you?” he asked. BBW was a little taken aback, I mean he was BBW after all………didn’t everyone know him? He preened himself, just a little and stated “Big Bad Wolf”……..the other Wolf beamed at him and said “Hey Bro, yeah I heard of you..I’m Jack, Jack Wolf. What are you doing here scaring unsuspecting folks out for a walk”.  “Well Jack, it’s like this, I know you’re after Little Red Riding Hood, and as much as I know her and her Grandma have what’s coming to them, they are onto you and are planning to ambush you and hand you over to the woodcutter.”  Jack was a little startled “That’s harsh Man, cutting in on another wolf’s dinner, if you want her so bad, Man just take her.”

BBW “Hey Man, it’s not like that, see I was busting in on these 3 little pigs, who were talking to her on the phone and telling her and her Grandma to be careful, I overheard the whole thing. So I thought I’d help a Brother out, I’m still full from the 3 pigs and Red and her Grandma are pretty scrawny……….they’re all yours Jack.”

Jack was impressed, “OK so what’s the plan?” BBW gestured for Jack to sit next to him on a log in the sun “I reckon forget all the fancy stuff of sneaking in and dressing up like Grandma, Red will never go for it, I think we should follow her at a discreet distance, then once Red is inside Grandmas house…………set fire to it! That saves your arse and you meal is pre cooked! “Then when the Woodcutter turns up, and tries to put out the Fire we can jump out from our hiding spot and ham string him. Then we can have him for entree or toss him in the fire too!”

Jack said “Wow, thanks BBW…… may have just saved my hide.” They then went off to scout out Red so she could get her special surprise.

– Julz

Pens and Pencils

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”


There was a time before keyboards and mice? Wow, who would have thought!! I can type so much faster than I can write, I do not even bother, I even do much shopping lists on my Smart Phone and I cannot remember the last time I left someone a Note! I just send a text message!

My whole life is computerized, from my job (graphic designer / marketing) to my hobbies (Photography and painting). Even when I settle down to read a book it’s on an eReader. it’s possible that I may forget how to write!

In all seriousness though, I do use a computer, tablet, phone for just about everything, I may occasionally jot down a note on paper in a meeting, or doodle on a piece of paper while on the phone, but apart from that……….nothing. I have not kept a written journal or diary for so many years that I can’t remember; everything now a days is here on my blog.

Back in the day, remember always trying to find a pen, a pen that worked, or even something to write on? Pass! I am happy with technology and for the most past, technology seems to be happy with me.

So I don’t need no stinkin’ Pencils!

– Julz

Let’s just Disagree & leave it at that

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Agree to Disagree.”

Blood is thicker than water, You can pick your friends and not your family, Do unto others as you would have them do to you………these can be words to live by, but as is usually the case, occasionally to your own detriment. You usually pick your friends as they have similar interests and beliefs to yourself. Somebody once quoted that you only see people as intelligent if they agree with you, the rest are obviously idiots………not always the case. Over the years I have had many friends, many of which I have lost touch with for various reasons, lives have taken different paths, moved away, fallen out, but that is life, friends come and go. I have a few really good friends, whom I have had for many many years. Sure we have had our disagreements, but usually nothing major and have always bounced back to ‘Besties’.

Now, on the other hand you can always rely on family, right? I mean family is always supposed to have your back, right? What happens when your siblings’ DNA must have been hit by radioactive substance at some point after he left home? We didn’t always agree as kids, in fact we spent most of our time fighting. But we were fairly close, once. Now he knows everything, he is only looking out for himself, he thinks he is beyond the law, and life owes him everything just for being here. I don’t know what switch was pulled, but he needs to turn it off. I mean seriously you cannot go through life treating your own family with such contempt, when your own daughter refers to you as the ‘sperm donor’ and doesn’t invite you to her wedding, isn’t that giving you a hint?

It has been this way for years now, I usually don’t rant about it, in fact I rarely admit I have a brother these days. I don’t agree with most of his life choices, so I simply stay away from him. I do not communicate with him, and only bump into him at family weddings & funerals. Not Christmas, Not Mother or Fathers Day (that’s if he even turns up for those), and if I get a text, phone call or card for my birthday; I think I would pass out from the shock. So I guess we have decided to just part ways and an unofficial………..let’s agree to disagree………and lets just leave it at that.

– Julz

Brain Power

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

Ummmmm…….did anyone see that movie Lucy? Not sure if I want to unlock the remaining 90% if I am just going to disappear into nothing, or did she ascend to a higher level of consciousness? It was weird and freaky and she was hunted down like an animal, all because she was different. Gee that sounds familiar doesn’t it. But let us step away from the wondrous silver screen for a minute, are there other possibilities out there?

Would unlocking more of our higher cognitive functions give us more or less to work with? If we are currently at 10%, what would we have at;

20% – Better memory – the ability to retain more information and not get muddled up by it all. That is something I could cope with. Instead of losing my car keys, mobile phone, glasses – I will instantly know where I left them!

30% – Better muscle retention? I could tell my muscles and internal organs what they should be doing, as opposed to the other way round? That could be cool, so instead of an over weight 40+ lazy graphic designer, I could tell my body it really is actually 20+ gorgeous super model? I could work with that.

40% – Telekinesis? Now this could be used for good or ill. I would love to tell the vacuum to run over the floors without lifting a finger, or make the dishes do themselves. I could help out at car accidents or even prevent them; that could be a great help. But then scaring people by throwing things at them, would be uncool. Then there is the whole Carrie burning down the school thing……….that would definitely be UNCOOL!

50% – Sonar? Echo Location? I guess if it stops me walking into things it would be a help. I mean, I see things, but don’t really notice them……would it really help? I know some people who are visually impaired kind of work on something similar to this, so it would help them out surely, as well as other people who are visually impaired.

60% – Mind Control? “These are not the droids you are looking for” Jedi Mind Powers? I’m not sure about that one. In some situations it would be handy, like trying to sneak past Storm Troopers, and convincing Telemarkers not to call, before they actually call (Not sure how that one would work – but I like the idea). Convincing children to clean bedrooms, take out garbage, stack dishwasher – that could work. Convincing the dog not to bark at every noise outside – that could work too. Convincing people to give me all their money? Not cool. Convincing people to like me, even if they don’t know me? No – you would never know WHO your real friends are.

70 – 90%  – Wow, now we are getting into the realm of really freaky. Invisibility? or the ability to communicate directly with Computers and the Internet (AKA the Matrix). The ability to enter the internet? I can’t really even imagine what would happen at this level (and I cannot remember what happened at this point in Lucy), the ability to predict and forever change the future? Travel backwards and forwards across the space time continuum? The mind boggles at the endless possibilities.

100% – According the the writer of Lucy at 100% we disappear. So what would that mean? Do we leave our bodies and take on a form of higher consciousness? Do we ascend to a higher plain of existence? Does our mind implode and we simply die? Do we realize that it was all a lie and we vanish – simply not exist? Have you ever filled a glass right to the top and try to carry it? Almost impossible, you always spill a little…… would 100% brain function be the same, it’s so full that things start spilling out? We become emotionless, mindless, zombies who cannot function in society? This is not something I would like to take on, apart from the fear of the unknown……….at 100% surely there would be no unknown? Now where is the fun in that? I like to learn, and I like to teach, I think it is something very human, we all do it from the day we are born, we are always learning and in turn teaching others.

So I guess I could cope with a little topping up, but not too much. And who knows, I’m possibly so far from the mark of what would really happen anyway. Or scarily close to it?


These are not the Droids you are looking for

– Julz