Regular Random – Rainbow Lorikeets

On a recent trip to Healesville Sanctuary, about 40kms from Melbourne, I spent a good five minutes with these cheeky Rainbow Lorikeets, so much fun. It’s been so long since I did a #RegularRandom, I thought it was time. I basically stayed in the one spot and followed them, in the tree, on the ground,…

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A little blue

I recently found this gorgeous little Chinese Tea set in a vintage store…so sweet it called out to me to find it buried under a pile of other stuff and age-old dust. I honestly think it was hiding there just for me to spot it…such a treasure. Blue and cream are so IN at the…

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Working with chocolate — Photofocus – Feed

Nothing quite makes a dessert like chocolate. But when it comes to food photography, that one substance can be tricky to work with. Here are a few tips that might just save the day. 230 more words

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Taurus in black and white

These are also from the Taurus shoot I featured yesterday, however, we used an Edison Bulb only for lighting and well…Jess had so much gold paint in her she glowed…but gosh they look awesome in B&W ~ Julz

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Zodiac Signs – Taurus

I have not done a Conceptual Portrait shoot since December last year and although I think I was suffering from burn out, I did miss it. I did have a shoot back in February, but it ended up getting cancelled for a variety of reasons. Many people have been asking me when I will do…

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Share your world – 25th June 2019

Another week and another set of questions from Melanie, so let’s get to it… QUESTIONS: Are you more a thinker or a doer? I guess I am a thinker more, probably should change that to dreamer? However, thinking and dreaming are not doing, so I force myself to be a doer. No-one is waiting to do…

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Tuesdays of Texture – Firefly Magic

On Sunday I had a Conceptual Portrait shoot with Jess and Emma, this is just one of the many images taken, I gave it a little Photoshop Magic…it was shot with a slightly swaying Edison Bulb I created several pieces of digital art from this shoot, as well as some beautiful images of course. Will…

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Monday’s musings…

Why is it Monday’s seem to come around so quickly? Friday was spent putting the finishing touches on an online class, shooting, video, edit, repeat and then a bit of chilax, it had been a bit of an emotional week…nothing I really want to get into, but sometimes you just need some me time! Somethings…

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