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16/7/2015 – Update. This page used to be called Our Holidays, now I am just calling it Travel Features. I no longer see a visit to the local park as something boring, it is all travel and all wonderful, 5 mins or 5 days from home anything that gets me out enjoying the sights, the sounds and even sometimes the smells, along with my trusty camera is a good thing. I used to yearn for travel overseas, but I am currently learning to greatly enjoy the local sights as well. My own backyard has wonders that often surprise me. Join me and Moth (Man of the House) as we revisit our childhood haunts and visit other places that neither of us has been to before.

I love to travel, many say “who doesn’t?” well my MOTH is somewhat a reluctant traveler. He always seems to enjoy the actual holiday, but doesn’t like all the organising nor all the arranging, that’s fine……………..I am an organized freak and I live for that sort of stuff.

So I have put all the features I have written about our travels, here in one place, makes’ it easier to find;

Melbourne & Victoria


New Zealand

So I hope you have enjoyed our travels, stop by from time to time, as I gradually add to it

– Julz & Moth (Man of the House)

12 thoughts on “Travel Features & Archives

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  2. Finally got around to looking at your Blog, Julie. Oh WOW (in capitals no less). I have no idea why I haven’t been here before but that’s now history. Following from now on 🙂 Love this section and will be perursing it closely when Flair and I get down to Victoria, hopefully next year for the AWAKE catch up. You are way more organised than me and I will enjoy following to see where your adventures (both travel and creatively) lead.

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