#Loyal # Passionate #Creative #Woman on a mission

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tagline.”

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

Everyone always tells me I am always on the go, juggling 10 things at once, I am like a woman possessed, a Woman on a Mission so I guess that would definitely have to be a tagline. I just can’t seem to sit still, my mind always has to be on ‘something’, usual several somethings at once.  I don’t think I am unorganized, I don’t think I really let much slip in the juggling act. Sure the house could be a little neater, a little cleaner………but the dust, dirt and mess always comes back anyway. OK so sometimes dinner is a little late, but everyone always gets fed…….and who said with 4 adults in the house I always have to cook? Dentists, Doctors and vet appointments are always met and I am usually on time. The kids were always at school, sport etc on time. My Mother always used to tell me to sit down, slow down I will burn out…..every now and then I guess I do burn down low, that’s when I need to take a few days to unwind, chill out and re charge. It’s just how I am.

Creative would be another Tagline. I am usually working away on my latest creative undertaking, this time round it is photography and blogging, back in the 90’s & 00’s it was Painting & Folk Art, then somewhere in there I kind of lost my self a little and was buried in work (also graphical in nature). I have also undertaking re design and re decorating my house and gardens. Gardening is another passion, I would also argue that it is creative. I love plants, especially structural ones, I do like flowers as well, but they come and go.  I have a passion for water plants and Australia Native Flora.


Loyal is probably another world, I am loyal to a fault, to my family to my friends, to my self & to my career, but do not ever cross me I am a True Virgo and I can hold a grudge, for years!!!

Passionate – I am passionate about love, travel, family and friends. I am passionate about my art and will lose myself in it, if I am not grounded. Moth is my rock, my grounding device, as much as I sometimes want to strangle him, he keeps me focused on what matters, while still encouraging me to chase my dreams. He sometimes needs a little push,  a little  encouragement to share my travel dreams, and sometimes I leave him behind and have my own adventures. We do not need to be together 24 hours a day. In fact that is sometimes a bad idea!