Only visiting in the Land of Confusion

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Land of Confusion.”

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!


MATHS & SCIENCE! Oh how I hated you, which is really strange, I use maths all the time these days (work and parts of photography require a mathematical element) and even back in the day of Darkrooms they required the whole science part. However I mostly believe it was really bad teachers! If I didn’t understand something I would ask for help – in the start. “Why is it done this way” and I was usually told it just is, just do it, no explanation of why various things are done a certain way. I remember being told that a + b = 100 so a being 40 b must be 60. So I could not understand if a + B = 265 and a is now 100 then b is still 60 isn’t it? That’s what the teacher said and if a is 40 then how can it suddenly be 100? again teacher said it just is!! Color me confused……..eventually I gave up asking for help and just sat in the back row scribbling and doodling in my notebook. Science was really no better, I set fire to the science lab one day, it was by accident, my teacher just accused me of wanting to get out of class.

I was a straight A student and never put a foot wrong…………until that first day of secondary school. We were all standing in rows, at assembly the head master would call our name out and welcome us to the school (it was a fairly small school). Everyone was given a beaming smile and warmly welcomed, until they got to me “Are you Blah Blah’s sister (you don’t need to know his name)” Yes I replied THAT was met with a fierce frown and a pointed finger “I’ll be keeping a special eye on you” My brother and his friends sniggered in the back ground. That started 4 years of hell, I was labeled a trouble maker all because of my brother! Eventually I made him look like an angel………….label me a trouble maker, then don’t be surprised when I become one. I think I even made the girls from St Trinians look like Angels!

Eventually I was asked to leave and found another school, one that did not label me, and more importantly they did not know my brother! I blossomed there, I found other creative spirits and I found myself. I never really found my peace with math and science until I met Moth, he patiently explained that A & B do not have set values…………wow that explained a lot! And he also explained in plain English varying different scientific principles. Now was THAT so hard teachers? I am still not a math or science aficionado, but I cant generally hold my end of the conversation and get a giggle while watching Big Bang Theory! Think of me kind of like Penny with Leonard, I’m not really dumb, just didn’t understand stuff, a little bit of patience and understanding and a whole new world has been opened up for me. I also watch and enjoy Star Wars, Star Trek and other geek stuff! (No I don’t speak klingon).

I guess eventually being married to a brainiac who is a geek and loves sci-fi………..something had to rub off on me.

– Julz