OWPC – Cold

owpc-logo-21This week’s OWPC is Cold. Jennifer Nichole Wells asks us to show images of what we feel depicts a certain kind of weather, or what we do in that weather, or what that word means to us. Colors were relatively easy in the last set of challenges, just find the color and shoot (ok so finding the right color was often the challenge). Weather is proofing a little more difficult.

12 Months ago, I tended to hibernate, just like a grumpy old bear. I did not leave the house unless I had to. Now, armed with my camera, new inspiration for life and photos. I figured after my trip to New Zealand earlier in the year, that cold does not necessarily kill you, in fact in some cases it can be exhilarating, I still do not particularly like snow, but on mountains it is very pretty. If sufficiently rugged up, early morning, evenings, stormy weather and extreme cold can be endured and often worth it.

And if it all gets too bad I can always shoot in the studio with a heater and a nice cup of coffee.

– Julz