Monday Musings

I have two bucket lists; one is for big ticket items and one is for smaller things. The big ticket items are often travel related and require time, money, other people etc. Then there is the other bucket list; stuff I would like to do, no hurry, just stuff I need to get out and do. I managed to tick two things off that list this weekend. Montsalvat and Twilight at the Old Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

I have been offered a solo exhibit at Montsalvat (fairly big deal for me) for my Dapper Rabbit series for 2018 (so long time to get ready and finish this series lol). I was invited down there for a look, so we decided to bite the bullet and just do it. Such a lovely place, the exhibition space is perfect for my Rabbit, small and intimate, with lots of foot traffic.

Isn’t it just dreamy and wonderful? I will do a post later with more images. There was even a wedding party to stalk and some peacocks. The weather was just beautiful as well.

We then headed out into the city later Saturday Evening for a twilight shoot at the old exhibition buildings in Melbourne; just the outside, not the inside.

So that’s two off the bucket list. Unfortunately one of the other items was an underwater photoshoot, which I thought was booked for Sunday, but was all organised for Saturday………of course I was elsewhere and couldn’t get there, Sunday was wet and cold and horrible and not good for a re shoot, so I missed out 😦  DAMN! Was so looking forward to it too. Oh well, there will be other times I guess. Really want to try out my new camera.

My other big ticket item to be put on the back burner is my eagerly awaited return trip to New Zealand. My Niece is getting married in Bali in October and it is pointless to go to Bali for two days, so we are now spending two weeks there. I have nothing against Bali it just never was on my do to list…………or so far down it never occurred to me. Bad things have happened to Australians in Bali, also Australians behave rather badly in certain areas in Bali; Kuta for instance. Well we are going no where near Kuta and are sticking mostly to Ubud and Gianyur. Temples, temples, temples and water temples are in my future. We are also spending some time at a Safari Park, as well as snorkelling and diving off one of the islands. But more on that later too.

So that is about it for now, I hope you have a brilliant week…

~ Julz