Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual

This week we are asked to post an unusual photo, something unusual to us or a technique, this is a hard call when my of my art is pretty unusual. But I do suppose this one from last Summer was one out of the box


I did this awesome Milk Bath Shoot with Rachelle James. We got a kiddie pool and laid a black sheet over it and then filled it with water and added almond milk. I then scattered these pretty carnations in. One of the problems I faced with this shot was getting in close enough with my then current tripod…..in the end, I donned a pair of shorts (also unusual for me) and got in too, it was the only way to get the shots I wanted, of course, Rachelle thought it was all hilarious. Fortunately, it was only me that got wet, camera all high and dry. The studio, on the other hand, got quite wet and trying to empty the pool……………well that’s a whole other story in itself!

I have also entered this shot in a recent competition, it would be wonderful if you could go and give me your vote!!! Hint Hint……….would be lovely


~ Julz