Everyday Inspiration: Day 16 – Gold Mine of Material

Today we are supposed to Mine from our Material, honestly, I feel like this prompts are taken from the joke jar. Or something. Perhaps it is meant more in the way of social commentary or journalism, not something I am greatly interested in, not in a writing sense at least. Rehashing a day in the life of…., dry and dusty and boring. If I wanted boring I would write my companies Monthly Sales Report!

I started this 20 Day Writing Challenge to feel inspired, but I cannot say that I am. I scroll through my feed day after day, and I am bombarded with images, not social commentary, not that I am complaining. I love living in my little artists’ world, surrounded by other amazing photographers and artists. I tend to hide from social news stories. I always find they are so depressing. As a Nation (and quite possibly the planet), I can’t help feeling a little lost and isolated, WHY do all these people think they need to hurt, kill and maim others? I mean, what is the point? When Mother Nature isn’t hitting us with atrocities, we are committing them ourselves.

Just watching 30 minutes of a news report, has me wondering what the hell we are all doing. I mean there was Hurricane Irma and a Mexican Earthquake, bad enough right? Sure there are loads of good natured people helping in the aftermath, as it should be. Then you hear about a Security Guard at a local girls school gets stabbed. Firstly, why does a girls school need a security guard? How on earth did he get stabbed by an intruder and why? Then there is the nasty (on both sides) debate in Australia about legalizing same sex marriage. Who cares? Let everyone love who the hell they want to love, as long as everyone gets along. It’s not like the LGBT community openly displays their sexual antics out in public any more than supposedly straight people. I think it is all a farce. If you don’t believe in it, don’t do it, but don’t stop someone else. All the crap, about it’s not good for children, ummm hello? So two loving, adoring parents (who may be the same sex) is no good for kids, but an alcoholic, abusive, iced up drug dealer for a parent is better? Two guys (or gals) cashed up and living in some lovely apartment, having cool (possibly creative jobs), being true to themselves and having a supportive environment is bad????? They can take me in today! OK, so not all of them are cashed up, but men earn more than women, right?

Then, there is North Korea, Trump, trade embargoes, refugees, famine, floods…where does it all end? See I am getting myself depressed and upset, and I am just writing about it all. Enough! I am going back to posting Unicorn photos and living in my creative and imaginative world.

~ Julz