Monday’s Musings…

Finally had our leash’s let out a little I can now travel up to 25km from home, still can’t visit friends, but we can meet somewhere and go for a walk. Now it’s just a matter of teeing something up with the weather. I didn’t really get out much between arranging Dad’s service and classes every night. Made for a long emotional week. Still, Dad’s service was nice enough I guess and the classes all went well. So it’s no such a bad week.

Spent the last few days just pottering. I was sent a new lens to trial, so we visited Frog Hollows reserve (about as far as I could go until midnight last night), and saw some cute birds, ducklings and such (It IS Spring here) in the wetlands. I also managed to capture some great shots of Rainbow Lorikeets in the front yard too.

Rainbow Lorikeet in Red Bottle Brush tree

I am hoping to get out to some more gardens this week, now we can travel a bit more. Maybe even with some friends, it might be nice. I am finding I am feeling a bit flat these days, need a kick up the butt to get me out of the house.

Just wish I could shoot some models in the studio, apparently professional photography outdoors can happen, but that probably doesn’t really mean the stuff I do and there is some confusion about whether the subject still needs to wear a mask?

Not much else to report really, it’s all a bit quiet…

Stay safe

~ Julz, xo