Out of the studio – Old School House

Yesterday I shared the images from Big Rock, where we shot our 1975 inspired Picnic at Hanging Rock images. Today we move onto a little building we found as we were leaving the National Park. We believe its an school house. OK, so not as impressive or commanding as the one from the actual movie, but it fit our purposes beautifully and that old tree and fallen branch…magic!

Did I mention that fallen tree? This has to be my favourite image from this shoot…the background, the foreground, the tree, the girls, that light…

Models on this shoot were Emily Reinhard (Irma/Marion) and Nicola Paige (Miranda). Second shooter for the day was David Reinhard (Em’s Dad) and our helper was Nicola’s Mum Lynne. It really was a fabulous day out. I was so please with the final images.

~ Julz