Autumn Outings – Berwick Classic Car & Bike Show

Putting up my 2nd post for today, trying to catch up on the back log 🙂 These ones go way, way back to Easter, I have been so busy I really haven’t had a chance to get to them. Moth and I went to the Berwick Classic Car & Bike Show on Good Friday. It’s been on for years, but we just never seem to get around to going. This year we finally did. A great morning out, lots of cars and Rock a Billy gear, another side to Life we have not really encountered before. Music, clothes, cars, these people all seemed to know each other, and as I understand it a yearly outing for all club members and their families, from all over Australia. We just wandered around the cars, took photos and enjoyed the sunshine. I’ll let the images speak for them selves, there are a lot, but only a fraction of what was there for the day!

These are a few of my favorites from the day;

I hope you enjoyed a walk on the wild side, we certainly did

– Julz