Contemplation – Week 6

I find myself unable to sleep……..not exactly sure why, it just happens occasionally. So I thought I would start my contemplation for this week. Desley brings us a new one every week, check it out. {And then promptly forget to post it last night lol}

This week’s prompt:  What are you saving for?

I am not really saving for anything………shocking, I know. I do not really need anything, I have all I need, perhaps there are things I want; sure – but nothing I really need. I have money saved up for my retirement I guess, it’s not THAT far away these days. A few more holidays would be nice, I would love to go back to New Zealand again, some day very soon. There are a lot of other places I would like to visit as well. So I guess that is what I would spend my money on…

I have never been a really big saver, when the kids were young we lived week to week, we could never really afford much. We have spoke about buying an investment property, but having that massive mortgage hanging over our heads…….daunting. I am desperately trying not to be a procrastinator, honest I am, but something are so big, you need to take the time to dwell on whether you REALLY want to go down that path or not. besides I think I would rather an another holiday first!