Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge – Week 20 Review & Practice

This week, Cee’s CYC is about Review for the past 19 weeks (Has it really been that long?) and review and practice. Here are the topics we have covered.

I must admit that my photography has taken on a new life since I started this challenge, way back when. Not only because of this very helpful and insightful challenge, but because I everything else I have been doing as well. In fact if I look back on some very early photos from 2014 (When I first got a DSLR) to now, it’s hard to believe they were taken by the same person.

I find I am more mindful of my compositions as well as my subject matter. I often know what I am trying to convey in a photo, as opposed to taking 100s of photos hoping I GOT something.

The other thing I am finding, is projects that interest me. When I first picked up my camera I wanted to learn to take nice photos for a holiday we were going on, and I did get nice photos………not brilliant, but nice. And then I spent a year or so learning different techniques, different styles, immersing myself into different areas of photography and digital art. So now I have some personal projects I am working on, just for me, and no-one else, it’s fun and creative and exciting.

I know Cee wants us to display various images old and new never before seen, I know I wont be getting a gold star for this week, as I am venturing away from the topic, slightly. This is my latest piece of art; I am quite proud of it, it uses rule of thirds, leading, diagonal lines, symmetry and perspective, colours and 1/3 and everything else a good composition should have.Midnight Madness

And this is a photo I took in December 2014, sure it’s a lovely photo, but there is no real depth, no story, no texture and detail, just a hum drum holiday pic. No real rule of thirds, no leading lines, there is contrasting colours, but they are a little washed out.Highlights in top corner too much, not enough blacks..the list goes on.

Grants Park
Grant’s Park

Even my signature has changed! So what have I learned? The rules of Photography and when and how to break them, post processing is a journey and can take a so-so photo and improve it, but it can take a really good photo into a whole new realm of digital art. I have learned depth, colour, composition and sharp focus are all essential; and how to obtain them. I have also discovered my journey is just starting and I still have a long way to go.

Remember….it’s the journey travelled and not the destination that matters.