The Wedding Stalker…

What is it about me and weddings? Am I all alone in this? Is it the woman in me, the hopeless romantic (I’m not really), or the photographer? Maybe I’m actually a voyeur? I can’t seem to help it, I am frequently found stalking a wedding party at various places of interest where we have been……..Craig’s Hut on top of Mount Stirling, in the city, various gardens and now the latest at Montsalvat. I also have a Wedding in Bali later this year………and yes there will be pics of that as well 🙂

So welcome to Olivia and Mitchel’s wedding  (well that was what was on the sign)

There were so many people buzzing around with cameras, including the THREE wedding photographers, I didn’t even hide, nor feel self conscious lol …such a lovely afternoon. I never got any of the ceremony, I thought that might be a bit too much!

~ Julz