The Wedding Stalker…

What is it about me and weddings? Am I all alone in this? Is it the woman in me, the hopeless romantic (I’m not really), or the photographer? Maybe I’m actually a voyeur? I can’t seem to help it, I am frequently found stalking a wedding party at various places of interest where we have been……..Craig’s Hut on top of Mount Stirling, in the city, various gardens and now the latest at Montsalvat. I also have a Wedding in Bali later this year………and yes there will be pics of that as well 🙂

So welcome to Olivia and Mitchel’s wedding  (well that was what was on the sign)

There were so many people buzzing around with cameras, including the THREE wedding photographers, I didn’t even hide, nor feel self conscious lol …such a lovely afternoon. I never got any of the ceremony, I thought that might be a bit too much!

~ Julz


3 thoughts on “The Wedding Stalker…

  1. Great photos! My mother is a wedding stalker. She doesn’t take photos; it’s all about seeing the bride. She likes to tell me about these weddings, so I do wonder if she’s trying to make up for never having been mother of the bride. One of my brothers did helpfully marry twice (three times actually but the first was an elopement) so she’s not totally starved of family weddings — just not her only daughter’s!

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