A New Year and a New Look…

Last year I spent most of the year in the studio with portraits, I specifically worked with a slightly older age group 50+ and as much fun as I had and enjoyed meeting every single lady, and share their stories, there was something missing…

So after some soul searching and talking to one of my mentors I have decided for better or worse to make 2019 an Intentional year and do what I truly love, what I am truly passionate about – Still Life Photography and Educating/Mentoring other Photographers.

This slowly started back in October when I launched My Creative Journey online course and Facebook Group, this 12-week course is still doing great with over 20 photographers taking part, some of them from WordPress as well. you can check out all the info on the link below


I have entirely rebuilt the website, aimed totally at Still Life Photography, in all its Genres  (would love you to stop by for a visit and let me know what you think), and have created a virtual classroom over on Teachable.com

Website – https://www.juliepowellphoto.com/

Teachable – https://julie-powell-photography.teachable.com

I have created a few new Youtube videos, adverts if you will, for my new classes and online teaching platform

Wish me well on my new venture, I am hoping it will be a year of fun and inspiration.

~ Julz, xo