Regular Random – Antique Keys

Last week’s Fob Watch post sparked the idea for this week’s post with the same set up and different subject; a set of replica antique keys. As it turns out there really isn’t a whole lot to photograph with a set of keys, so I got all artsy and out of focus, over exposed etc.


I think next week I need to go find some flowers 🙂

Don’t forget to visit Desley Jane’s page for all the details of Regular Random.  Til then, happy snapping…

~ Julz

Regular Random – The Fob Watch

As per usual I seem to be running behind on this challenge, but I have hopefully made good on something a little more interesting.

I needed some better images of my Fob Watch for an image I was working on…

JuliePowell_Alice, TickTock

Tick, Tock, Time Keeper

So I thought I might actually set up a little mini photo shoot, with my Fob Watch as the star. I have had this particular watch for nearly 30 years and there is a sad little story to go along with it, maybe one day I’ll go into details, but it was a whole other life ago. I dragged it out of hiding perhaps a little more than a year ago and it has sweet bitter memories, but now I am creating new memories, sweet, funny and creative memories. So I set myself up for 5 minutes, using one studio light and my Nifty Fifty.


Oh and they are not in B&W………just very little colour 🙂 silver watch, white cloth, grey stoneware bowl.

Want to join in on Regular Random? Visit Desley Jane’s BlogDesley Jane’s Blog, Robyn at Captivate Me has some stunning shots this week of pears as well

~ Julz


Regular Random

Every week Desley Jane host Regular Random, spend five minutes with the subject of your choice and go to town; up, down, over, under etc, etc…….Desley did her adorable dog GG this week, check it out.

I managed to get quite a bit done this weekend, one of the things I managed was to actually set up for this week’s Regular Random; some pretty dried flowers and hand dyed cheesecloth (as opposed to running around with a camera for 5 minutes after work one night trying to find something to shoot). My Five minutes of Regular Randomness actually yielded more photos, but I thought this was plenty to bore you with;

Oh…these are all shot with my 35mm Prime between F/1.8 and F/4.0 with natural light only, and edited with one of my new presets for Lightroom – Slightly Shadows (Still Life Preset Selection). This preset and other cool textures and preset sets are available free to download here.

~ Julz


Monday’s Musings…

Isn’t funny how things happen? I just finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic and she thinks that when karma, kismet or whatever it is happens, it’s Big Magic….and maybe she is right. When creativity, muse, divine intervention throws an idea at you, you need to be ready to catch and run with it, or it might just move onto someone else.

As you all know I am taking BRAVE-R to the edge this year, I also believe in trying not to say NO (Unless of course it is something that I really don’t want to do), so I got a message from a fellow photography asking me if I wanted to work with a new model……sure why not, if it’s free then I am interested. A few messages were exchanged and a date set for Saturday just gone.  I am still going through a real Brooke Shaden phase and many of the images I set up with fantasy, but dark, with hope and light on the edges, if that makes sense.

I had many ideas set up and notes taken, I had only seen a few photos of this girl. What I did not know about this girl…well woman actually, she is a survivor of domestic violence. I spent the morning with her, chatting away about stuff I honestly knew nothing about; it set fire to my creative soul……I wanted to bring beauty and fun and fantasy to her life.

My Kaizen Project group this month we are working with a charity, any charity…….can’t say much more about it yet, when I read this I cringed….really? A charity, who, The Lost Dog’s Home, Children’s Hospital, Red Cross………what could I possibly create for them that was inspiring and unique. Now don’t get me wrong, these are all good and worthy charities, but they didn’t excite me creatively; and then I met Hayley…….wow – KISMET!


Time to see what the future holds

So we had a wonderful few hours together, such a lovely, courageous young woman, who started modelling to build her confidence back up…………..WOW, kudos to her.

I am still editing those, but I did manage to sneak in a little Still Life, a Regular Random for this week, food shopping and cleaning, and even sat down and watched a movie – call me super woman! lol.


This weekend we are heading away for a few days, the weekend just gone Moth was on call, so we really cannot plan on anything, it is frustrating, but we are used to it after so many years. So the next few weeks we have loads planned, trying to fit is some Conceptual Portraits this month as next month is crazy.

Anyway I hope you have an amazing week, til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz


The Sweet Life – Cake Smash & Bombed Alaska

Desley Jane and I did a sweet life cupcake shoot, with some disastrously funny results, there were some great pics as well, and so many laughs… So when life gives you lemons…….you grab the vodka, right? Well we grabbed the vodka and a lighter and attempted to re flambe a bombed Alaska wp-1485229471699.jpg

Did I mention we were winging it here? Watch the video, seriously we have no idea what we are doing, but we have a lot of fun doing it!

Then, because the cupcakes were a mess anyway we decided to do a cake smash………..also notice the pretty white top I was wearing? BIG MISTAKE lol, seriously I should not be allowed to wear anything other than black!

In our defence, us creative types have often weird and quirky ideas, and it is usually strange things that keep us amused, we are seldom dangerous (often extremely clumsy, but seldom dangerous), our destructive tendencies are usually focused on the artistic influences in front of us ie; flowers, cookies, cupcakes etc….or maybe that is just Desley and I?

Oh and did you notice how BRAVE I am being, I am in not one, but two videos! Good gracious I’ve been corrupted! lol

~ Julz



When was the last time you looked at a Pomegranate? Or ate one? Me………..I honestly cannot remember the last time I had one, but they bring back fond memories of days in the sun in the Mediterranean. I actually cannot remember where, possibly Greece, I have the fondest memories of Greece, or it could have been Italy; sangria and eating cold pomegranates in the sun; I was a child – the where  was not important at the time, and I guess now it isn’t either.


I bought some today, as I thought they would A/ be fabulous for dark and Moody fruit, but B/ I want to taste them again, remember the sounds, the tastes, the smells of my childhood……….kind of silly I guess. I honestly cannot remember them being quite this messy………looks like a murder scene lol, and I seem to remember them having more ‘fruit’, oh but the taste, that taste completely transported me….oh how I remember that sweetness, I am no poet but it was like sunshine in my mouth (I hope that doesn’t sounds gross lol).


Isn’t that just decadent and luscious? Those colours, that texture……most of these images are SOOC, I didn’t have the hear to alter them, just so perfect.

To see even more of my Still Life photography, check out my Blog Still Life – Room to Breathe

~ Julz