Monday’s Musings…

Well, a bit of a mixed bag this week…first week of June and Winter has hit, grey, cold, windy and wet, the surrounding hills had snow not too far from us and it has been miserable (well I think so, I am NOT a Winter person).

Saturday I ran the first of my Light Painting workshops, I like to think it was a success, everyone had fun and were very excited about their images. It’s not overly complicated to learn, but there is a knack to it which is easier seen in person, telling someone to sit in the dark with a torch, doesn’t mean as much as why and how and it is a little difficult to explain.

Julie Powell_Fairytale
Waiting for a Fairytale?

I really didn’t shoot during the workshop, I grabbed a few images after everyone had left, such as the one above…although it did run late, everyone was having so much fun I didn’t have the heart to kick them out right on the hour πŸ™‚

By that stage it was getting cold and dark, my daughter came home from work with fish and chips (yummo) and then we curled up on the couch and binge watched a bit of Netflix. Eventually, we headed for bed, it had been a long tiring day…

Just dozing off and I could swear I could hear footsteps on the driveway, then Dexter (the pup) started growling, that really low rumble in his chest, scared but protective. Then I heard police sirens up the street, then IN our street and then out the front of my house, banging and crashing followed by yelling and screaming, by this stage we were up the dogs making an awful racket as well. Moth looked at the window and there was a person hiding in the front gardens just near the windows and someone hiding under my car. Police dragged them out and an awful lot of yelling. Then banging on the door, the police wanted to do a perimeter search to make sure no one was hiding in our backyard.

The police explained they had been chasing a group of teenagers who were causing drama and they decided our place was a good spot to hide…NOT. Then the text messages from neighbours wanted to know if we were OK and what on earth was going on. Needless to sat with all the commotion, we did not get back to sleep for a while!

As much as I wanted a sleep in on Sunday, young Dexter had other plans…I guess still feeling a touch unsettled? I eventually gave up and got some book work done…how boring right? Spent an afternoon cleaning up the gardens a little and then some furniture shopping, bought our kitchen set when we first bought our house (almost 20 years ago) to say it is dated is an understatement, to say it is in need of repair is a lie. We have tried to clean and repair it, but still a little wobbly. Finally, after several weeks of procrastination and a little foot-weary, I finally found what I wanted, only to hear it won’t be available until late July/ early August 😦 paid my deposit and now I wait. It’s always the way, isn’t it? well, it seems to be with me – find something I like after looking and looking and it’s not in stock!

All seems a bit boring after an exciting evening, but there you have it. Other things happening with work at the moment, but too early to say anything yet…soon.

I hope you all have an amazing week, wherever you are, stay cool or in my case keep warm!

~ Julz, xo