Zodiac Signs – Taurus

I have not done a Conceptual Portrait shoot since December last year and although I think I was suffering from burn out, I did miss it. I did have a shoot back in February, but it ended up getting cancelled for a variety of reasons. Many people have been asking me when I will do another…so now I have started a Zodiac series, I am hoping to perhaps do all Zodiac signs and make a calendar? Who knows for now I have done Taurus, Jess is a typical Taurian so who better to model for me this day? Hair and Makeup by the talented Emma Marietta, the amazing Headpiece by Krissy Tee designs.

I wanted to create something mythical, but a little mystical, yet feminine. There is LOTS of gold paint all over Jess and so much brown and green contouring it barely looks like Jess from some angles!

I must admit, I was a bit lost to start with I have not done anything with actual people in so long, thankfully Jess is a pro and knows her stuff, eventually, I found my groove and we got some creativity happening. Loads of fun to get the group back together again. Have even planned something for next Month already, but not Zodiac…although I have one of those in planning stages too. I just want to go back to doing this for fun.

Julie Powell_Taurus-11