In the Studio – Medusa

This post has been a little while coming…a bit like the piece itself. We made so many of the props and costume for this shoot. I purchased the vivid green hair and short sword, but pretty much everything else we made. I wanted to capture a mythical and mystical Medusa but had no clear vision for exactly what beyond a few images.

Born of fire and killed in violence, Medusa could turn you to stone with a glance. A warrior, but still a woman.

I played with some creative and artistic effects with mirrors and lighting, I still have a few images, I want to eventually play with. For some reason when we got to the actual shoot I just wasn’t feeling it, I have no idea why, that is usually when my imagination and creativity take flight. I originally planned on cutting off her head, but in the end, I never did. In some versions, Medusa was killed by Perseus, half-mortal son of Zeus, and her head was placed in a sack, as it was said even in death looking into her eyes would turn you to stone.

So our model for the day was Jess and Hair and Makeup was the creative talent of Emma, Moth also joined us in the studio for the day…once Jess was ready. It’s funny this shoot was months in the planning, but it just didn’t quite come out as I expected. Not that there is anything wrong with the images…just not the original vision I had in mind, even though I directed every stage of it.

Oh well, there is always the next shoot…

~ Julz