Share your world – 21st July 2020

It’s hard to believe that even July is nearly over. 2020 has to be the worst, weirdest, craziest year ever. Granted I’ve never lived through a plague before, not many of us have. Not that I am complaining, I don’t think we are doing it terribly hard. I am becoming a hermit, but socialising so much via internet. Where would we be without it. I can shop for anything I want and have it delivered to my house. I can talk to (almost) anyone I want via phone, text or zoom. I mean seriously I can waste so much time on Youtube with Tucker the dog and the Holderness family (or is that just me). And then there is Netflix and Disney and need I keep going? Then there is work stuff…I can’t figure out how people are bored. So let’s jump into this week’s questions


Where Do You Not Mind Waiting? The studio, I can wait for inspiration or ‘that’ shot. I adore waiting for sunset (or even occasionally sunrise) near the beach. If the weather is nice and there are friends with you, it can be quite enjoyable to wait. Sometimes, if it is sunrise, I prefer to be alone, the only person in the world, alone with my thoughts.

What Is In Your Fridge Right Now?  (you’re not required to give a comprehensive list) The usual suspects; milk, butter, cheese, fruit (this week pink lady apples and mandarins)and veg (mostly salad stuff). Nothing exciting or particularly naughty…so boring lol

If You Could Only Speak One Word Today, What Would It Be? Coffee? I had such a bad night. Honestly I kept having rather alarming and horrible dreams. Not nightmares as such and not that scary, just stuff I was obviously mulling over in my head. You know those worst case scenarios that never actually happen? I know it is just anxiety rearing its ugly head, but I can’t seem to control it when I’m asleep.

Would You Rather Be Trapped In An Elevator Full Of Men With BO Or Three Soaked Dogs?  (this is with the codicil that C-19 doesn’t exist) Dogs! Hands down. The men may want to talk and talking to strangers in a lift is always awkward (why is that?). I can handle wet dogs, assuming they are friendly dogs. Three soaked killers would NOT be fun, I see three wet Tucker dogs (golden retriever I think), big friendly fluff balls.


Gratitude? Well I guess this week it’s the internet, where on earth would we be without it? Even if a LOT of it is full of crap. I am grateful my family and friends are all safe and well. I am also grateful for coffee…

Superb blue Fairy Wren

Have a great week, stay safe…

~ Julz