Share your world – 18th August 2020

Last week we started a Harry Potter version of Share Your World, this week it’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, these questions have been such fun and a nice distraction from the current world happenings…

  1. Harry Potter can speak to snakes. If you were able to have conversations with any one animal, what animal would you like to speak to? What would be the topic of your first conversation? I would love to be able to converse with my dogs. I would love to know what they think and how they really feel. I honestly can’t figure out WHY they react to some things and not others. What is so special about pizza, bacon and yogurt? In particular I would like to understand Dexter’s obsession with ears and butts…I mean seriously what is all that about?
  2. The portraits in Hogwart’s dormitories can talk. If your graduation portrait could speak to people passing it by, what would it tell them? She showed so much promise in graphic arts, it just took her many years to figure out where her passions where. She should have listened to her instincts and not the nay-sayers who put her on a different path.
  3. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger use the Pollyjuice Potion for finding new clues for the happenings at Hogwarts. (The Pollyjuice Potion is a magic potion that allows your body to form into that of another and live their life for a few hours.) If you could transform into another being, who would you chose to be? What would you hope to learn? This one is so hard…I have no idea. Probably someone famous, get to see how they live, enjoy the fame and glory, the riches and fancy cars and clothes. Oooh and someone thin and fit and healthy, that would be nice if only for a little while.
  4. There was a flooding in the girl’s bathroom where Moaning Myrtle resides. What has been the most dangerous (or comical) ‘flooding’ where you reside? A year or so ago, I went to turn on the kitchen faucet and the whole thing came away in my hand, with water spurting forth and drowning me and the entire kitchen with water, before I could turn it back off. I stood there completely drenched and insanely giggling…it was like just out of a movie and so funny. My Husband and daughter just stood there laughing! They did however help clean it up and my hubby fixed the problem. I must confess every time I turn it on I worry if it will happen again!
a dainty cup for pollyjuice potion?