Rock n Roll workshop

Before we closed the studio for the year, we had two final creative portrait workshops, which had been postponed more times than I care to admit. But finally, it happened. So we had two fabulous sessions of our 1950’s Rock n Roll Workshop. We had some basic staging with some corny props, oversized records and ice-cream sodas, a microphone and Grease (The movie) inspired Pink Ladies jacket and glasses. Jess (our model) dolled up in her favourite rockabilly pinup outfits and had makeup done by Teighan from Teighan Lee HMUA. Both the morning and the afternoon sessions were sold out, and we had fabulous weather, which meant we could have the doors open as well (which makes for a bit more room). Cue the rock n roll music and we all had a ball.

So excited to finally get back to running workshops, I do enjoy it so much. Can’t wait to jump into 2022, already have planning underway.

~ Julz