Smiths Gully – Summer day trips

I had a rare day off (we came out of lockdown at the start of November and I really didn’t stop), and we had good weather. A minor miracle in itself the weather has been very weird of late. Anyway, Hubby and decided to go for a drive, just to recharge our batteries. I took nothing but my Lensbaby Sweet 80 and Velvet56, just to play. We drove out to Smiths Gully… a gorgeous spot, I have never been to before. The is an old cemetery, no longer in use I had heard about and wanted to see it.

There are also some walks, not far down the road is St Andrews where we had a yummy lunch at a cafe “A Boy named Sue such a funny name, but great food and live music…a VERY popular spot.

We went for a drive and some walks and just generally enjoyed a nice quiet day together in the sun.